Zombie Homeland
General information
Season 1
Setting The Walled City of Seattle, U.S.
No. of cases in season 56
Released 16th February 2020
Appears in Season 1
Criminal Case
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Zombie Homeland is the title of a solo season, featured as the first solo season of Criminal Case, that is set in the zombie-infected city of Seattle, also known as The Walled City.

The Walled City of Seattle

Main article: The Walled City

The events of Zombie Homeland is set in the city of Seattle, also called the Walled City. It is made up of twelve districts, and is home to a total of fifty-six cases. The Seattle Police Department is the featured law enforcement agency that serves the city.



  • This season is based off the American supernatural procedural crime drama television series, iZombie, loosely adapted from the comic book series of the same name.
    • This season will have several references to characters, episodes and moments from the television show, as well from other instances of multimedia.
  • While this may be the first of a solo season series done by CoolCCMystery, this season is not connected to any of the other seasons in any way.


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