Zoe Dawson
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Biographical information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1988
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Family Chase Dawson(brother)
Game information
First appearance Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)
Zoe Dawson was a suspect in the murder investigation of homeless camp owner Sebastian Doofensmertz in Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)


Zoe is a 30-year-old woman. She wears a green sweater and a black shirt. She has black rimmed glasses and commonly holds a cigarette in her left hand. It is known that Zoe smokes, drinks moonshine, drinks Blast-off-Brew, and takes antidepressants

events of Criminal Case

Homeless Death

Zoe Dawson became a susupect after the team found a Quabbler article detailing Zoe's rivalry with Sebastian. Zoe said the Quabbler over-exaggerated like usual.

Zoe was interrogated again after the team found a restraining order on the victim from Zoe. Zoe said that Sebastian was hitting on her every day.

Zoe was found innocent when Seikoh wolf was found guilty of the slaughter.

Case Appearances

Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)


The fact that Homeless Death was released on the same day as head Case was no accident it was done purposefully so Zoe Dawson could appear. She actually was going to appear in case 7 of St Ronde. This was changed so when in canon Zoe Kasama died Zoe Dawson could appear in fanon.

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