Zeynep Balik
Biographical information
Full name Zeynep Balik
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1985
Personal information
Nationality Turkish
Residence Ankara (formerly)

Laroy Bay

Profession(s) Film Director
Partner(s) Unnamed boyfriend
Game information
First appeared Case #28 Fishing the Fishman
Zeynep Balik was the suspect in the murder investigation of shark expert Amelia Goodwater in Fishing the Fishman (Case #28 of Laroy Bay)


Zeynep is 33-year-old film director from Turkey.She has long ginger hair and wears a hat.She wears grey jacket over pink shirt.

Age 33
Height 5'9''
Weight 165lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type 0-

Fishing the Fishman

Zeynep became a suspect after team found he wallet on a crime scene.She said that she came from Adrian Fishman's party and that she doesn't know the victim.

Zeynep was interrogated again after team found picture of her and her mother in Amelia's bag.She said that she is sorry because she lied to them.Amelia was her childhood friend,but after one big argument,they lost contact.

Zeynep was found innocent after team arrested Wendy Stokes for murder.

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