Zane Zauber
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1997
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Affiliation(s) Brancast
Game information
First appearance Checkmate

Zane Zauber Is a recurring character in S1 of Criminal Case. He was the killer of businessman Janah grims in Checkmate(case 3 of St Ronde) and a suspect in the murder investiagtion of six people in St Ronde As well as a quasi-suspect appearance in Welcome To The Brancast (Case 37 of St Ronde). In The Team's Arrest (Case 50 of St Ronde), he rescued the team from prison, before being a suspect in the murder investigation of Mayor Legis Atonas that very case. He was also a suspect in the murder investigation of former CIA Director Manfred Von Keith in You Will Regret This (Case 54 of St Ronde)


Zane is a 21-year-old brancast member. He wears a black suit along with yellow gloves and a brown tie. It is known Zane plays Chess, is left handed, and eats pineapples

In his second suspect appearance Zane has a necklace with the logo of the Brancast. It Is known that Zane plays Tennis, eats cactus, and goes fishing

In his third suspect appearance, Zane dons a black hat on his head

In his quasi-suspect appearance, Zane is seen without this necklace and hat

In his 4th suspect appearance, he is seen with a cut on his left cheek, as well as a white mask in his left hand. It is learned that Zane can make bombs, can fight, and is pro gun

In his fifth suspect appearance, Zane's cut has healed. It is found out that Zane knows his plants, speaks French, and eats Rac & Cheese

In his sixth suspect appearance, Zane has soot on his shoulder. It is revealed Zane is a Brancast member and owns a smartphone

In his seventh suspect appearance, Zane has a scar, and it is discovored Zane uses Ambrizon, is ambidextrous, and suffers from blood illnesses.

In his eighth suspect appearance, it is found out Zane drinks coffee, eats steak, and uses a jumprope

Events of Criminal case

Zane was first questioned when he was identified in a newspaper clipping that had the victim. Zane said that he was acquaintances with the victim and that he wasn't surprised the victim died saying there would be a lot of people who'd shoot a business man

Zane was questioned again about a argument he had with the victim. Zane said that he was furious that Janah was accusing the brancast of theft, murder, and criminal conspiracy

Zane was found guilty of the murder of Janah grims. initially denying involvement. Zane admitted he belived Janah. the other members of the brancast were talking about 'plans for the future' and Zane spied on them for Janah. However, once Janah revealed that he was gonna kill them Zane realized he'd been used and murdered Janah Judge Kane Cartwright sentenced him to 8 years in prison


The mask Zane is holding in Case 38 is a reference to Persona 5

case appearances

A neighborly murder(case 2 of st ronde:mentioned)

checkmate(case 3 of st ronde)

A Castworthy Murder (Case 23 of St ronde)

Heavyweight (Case 29 of St ronde)

Welcome To The Brancast (Case 37 of St Ronde)

Under Water (Case 38 of St Ronde)

Silence in the Library (Case 41 of St Ronde)

The Bombing of St Ronde (Case 45 of St Ronde)

The Team's Arrest (Case 50 of St Ronde)

You Will Regret This (Case 54 of St Ronde)

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