Come on Carmen! Where is your adventure spirit?
—Chief Zaira
Zaira Adaku
Full name Zaira Adaku
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birthday 1974
Death 2016
Nationality Democratic Republic of Congo
Residence Central Africa
Affiliation(s) World Police Elite


Position in the Agency Chief of the African Branch

Chief Zaira Adaku is the Chief of the African Branch of the World Police Elite in Police World Tour Edition. She was found beheaded in Unmask the Fox (Case #35 of PWT)


Zaira sports dark skin and black hair with a pink stripe that almost reaches her shoulders. She has a beige safari suit with he WPE Badge. Zaira also wears big circular glasses.

During Gentle Murder, instead of her safari outfit, she now wears a dark blue suit with a shirt underneath, with a darker tone. She sports a badge with the logo of Jassad in her suit and ditches her glasses.

During her second suspect appearance, she appears exactly as before, with the exception of that she wears her glasses again.

Height 5'6"
Age 42
Weight 124 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+


Zaira is very cheery with the player and the team and has a strong adventure spirit. Zaira likes extreme trips and hikes in deep africa and insists to her team to be the same. Zaira also knows when to stop being cheery and become determined on the player's success.

Notable Events of Police World Tour

Comeback in Far Orient

Despite having a pleased reencountering with the team, Zaira was found in trouble after she was found to be near the scene of their murder case. She revealed that she also joined the Jassad spy group, and she came to the village for a mission. It was later found that her mission involved The Kitsune, a codename agent of the criminal organization: The Oriental Badge. Zaira explained the details to the team, helping them once again, to gain information to catch the killer.

Suspected in Shanghai

Zaira was found suspected again after the team found her fingerprints in the mask of the Kitsune found in the cardroom. Zaira revealed to them that the mask was not the authentic one and she took it as evidence. Zaira also expressed her disagreement for what Jassad made to the player, but she made clear that she still trusts the player and hopes on his name getting cleaned.

Murder Details


  • She is one of the team members who were flagged as a suspect for pausible reasons

Case Appearances

As the chief of the African Branch of the WPE. Zaira only appears/is a main character in every case of the South Africa Region. She also made a return in Gentle Murder and Into Chinese Streets, as a suspect.

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