Zachary Miller
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 2000
Death 2020
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, U.S
Family Glen Miller(father)

Connor Miller(brother) William Ronde(distant ancestor)

Game information
First appearance A neighborly murder

Zachary Miller was a suspect in the murder investigations of three people in St Ronde He was then revealed to be the killer of Escaped convict, Neveda Sharma in Bit Off More Than You Can Chew (case 12 of St Ronde) he also had a Quasi-Suspect appearance in Learning To Murder (Case 15 of St ronde) He was then murdered in Back to Gaol (Case 56 of St Ronde)


Zachary is the 18-year-old son of the victim. he wears a black vest with a green undershirt. he wears a watch, has cuff links, and has a stubble. It is known that Zachary knows how to hack, drinks orange juice, and can shoot a gun.

In his second suspect appearance he wears a purple suit with a bow tie and diamond earrings. It is known that he has chemistry knowledge, drinks coffee, and is right handed

In his third suspect appearance he is seen with three pure gold bracelets and a scratch on his face. It is discovered that Zachary eats walnuts and knows american history

Events of Criminal Case

Zachary became a suspect when he called in the murder. Zachary said that glen was the best father a man could have and didn't know who would've killed him.

Zachary was questioned again about the receipt he got from buying orange juice and a gun Zachary said he almost forgot his father was dead. Zachary said that glen controlled his life from what friends he made to what type of cars he could drive

Zachary was ultimately found innocent when Rupert gleason was found guilty of murder

Silent death

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Case Appearances

A neighborly murder(case 2 of St Ronde)

In the line of Duty(case 6 of St Ronde; mentioned)

Silent Death(case 7 of St Ronde)

Casting Death(Case 8 of St Ronde;mentioned)

Train Wreck(case 9 of St Ronde;mentioned)

Constructing The Tower Of Murder(Case 10 of St Ronde;mentioned)

Off To Ride The Bus(Case 11 of St Ronde)

Bit Off More Than You Can Chew (case 12 of St ronde) Learning To Murder (Case 15 of St ronde)

Back to Gaol (Case 56 of St Ronde)

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