Yvette Neilson
Full name Yvette Neilson
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1993
Nationality British
Residence East Kensington, Kensington Heights, England
Profession Beautician
Affiliation(s) East Kensington Salon
Appearance(s) Open the Gates (mentioned)
Something in the Water
Yvette Neilson was a suspect in the investigation of Wallace Starch in Something in the Water (Case #10 of Kensington Heights).


Yvette was a 23 year old beautician along with Charcie Leopar. She has blonde (which is not natural) curly hair, she wears a silver jacket, a black top and a golden necklace along with golden hoop earrings.

In her first appearance, it is known she drinks wine and smokes.

Height 5'8"
Age 23
Weight 132 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB-

Role in Case(s)

Something in the Water

Charice Leopar and Yvette were brought into the police station after having a fight in the middle of the street. Charice claimed that Yvette had slept with her boyfriend, Craig. Yvette and Charice then had an argument and were put into two separate rooms. Yvette was questioned if she knew anything about a man named Wallace Starch. Yvette said the name meant nothing to her and left.

Later, a text was found on Yvette's phone sent to Wallace, telling him to pay her £30,000 or she will tell his secret. When Yvette was asked what the secret was, Yvette revealed that she knew that Wallace had an illegitimate child with Daisy Clank. Having an illegitimate child was frowned upon in Belfriar, where Wallace was aiming to live. When asked what she needed the £30,000 for, Yvette said she needed it for "general stuff."

Yvette was found innocent despite the evidence she found on him.

After the investigation, Charice Leopar asked for a restraining order from Yvette as she was now really infuriating Charice. Madame Carne agreed with Charice that it might be better for the two if they stayed apart. They had the forms signed and as of now Charice and Yvette were not to be within 20 feet of each other.


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