CCProfilePic Wisteria001
Full name Yumiko Fujiwara
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth June 1
Nationality Japanese - American
Residence Maizono's Hideout, Black Rose Park, Cortonith Island (current)
Profession Player's Assistant
Affiliation(s) Maizono's Hideout
Appearance(s) Starting Killer in the Church
"Time to help the Player and what's the whole procedures."

Yumiko Fujiwara, better known as Wisteria, is a retired racer. Yet Yumiko Fujiwara gains experience on how to do things in the lab, thanks to her boyfriend Shiro Maizono, and she is the first person to be hired by him to his hideout. She is now Player's Assistant after team building.


Yumiko Fujiwara is a cheerful and hardworking woman who decides to take part on Maizono's Hideout as she successfully caught someone speeding off the way, yet Wisteria risked her life getting one, the Chief gave her a Medal of Honor. The only one who managed to heal her life-threatening injury was Shiro Maizono, by the power of healing.

Height 5'3"
Age 30
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes pink
Blood B+


To be added.

Roles in Case(s)

Killer in the Church

C01-01 Suspect ReiTurney
Oh great?! Could you even wait before you even double-check, huh?
Rei Turney


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