Yukiteru Onama Is a player of 16 For War.

Yukiteru Onama
Biographical information
Full name Yukiteru Onama
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 12 January, 2002
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Japan.png Japanese
Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Notable relationships
Family Ryuki Onama (father)

Ginchiyo Onama (mother)

Partner(s) Alwyn Halmy
16 For WAR
Game information
Appears in 16 For War
First appearance The Beginning of the End


Hailing from Kanagawa, Japan Yuki is a 14 year old boy, he was happy and calm always observing the situation and not doing anything. But when he joined 16 For War, his life has changed a lot, a quiet guy will a person who cries a lot and scared, he just managed to survive because of Alwyn Halmy. Although we always try not to kill anyone he ended up killing four people, he wore a long-sleeved shirt, stained in brown, in addition he had a track above it and a brown cap with black also he wore two gloves.

Yuki always cried when something is going wrong but, despite his effort not to commit suicide he won the game, his girlfriend is Alwyn Halmy, who said he would help for a while until she decides to win the game, he agreed saying he wanted to leave from there.

After the events of The Needle Pit, he stopped being so dependent on Alwyn, became more serious and stronger.


The Beginning 

It appears the all the others, he asked the agents, if people do not want to kill the agents who said they did not want to kill would be killed.


  • He is the winner of 16 For War.
    • He tried to commit suicide in Contained and Detained
    • She was one of five finalists.
    • She was one of three finalists.
    • He is the only who killed 4 people.
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