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Your History Curved in the Stone
General Information
Season 2
City West Ridge
District Old Paradise
Case # 6
Initial release date 15. VI 2021.
Partner(s) Lucifer Coltrane (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
One Dart for the Heart
(in Suburbian Hills)
With Boston running away you are sent to Old Paradise in hope that history will reveal itself but as soon you arrived inside the prestige museum you are meet with a body that was cemented to look like ancient statue. Its time to get the chisel and sculpture the justice, detective!

Your History Curved in the Stone is a case featured in Season 2 of Criminal Case as a 6th case of the season and 32nd case overall. It is the first one to take place in Old Paradise, a district of West Ridge.


Following a discovery of the mysterious group of people who conspire against a city the player and Lucifer were sent by Chief Lazúli to visit the old museum in Old Paradise, a historical district of West Ridge, and see if any documents had a notice of that group and how secret they are. A duo was welcomed by the staff as they began to look around. A director of the museum even telling them what is the best location to star looking. After hours of searching they were unable to find anything and where they were about to call it quits, a local tourist screamed that one statue is dripping blood. Answering the signal, a duo closed the area and began the investigation, soon discovering that the bleeding figure was murdered and cemented museum curator from Suburbian Hills and Linda Markswood's killer Boston Davidson.

Lucifer packed the body in the bed and sent if to Katerina as the team then interrogated the tourist who screamed who told her name is Krystyna Bourgeois who came her to see her mother over the summer and never expected to witness a cemented body, let a lone dead. They then discovered clues to suspect the victim's appreciate Solomon Constantin and a model Nikita Durpe. Katerina then said how the victim was killed with the bust of William Shakespeare as they can clearly see the blunt depression on the victim's head that matched the hair and head formation of the bust before saying that they were cemented afterwards probably to hide the body. However she then also said that the victim's body was also taxidermed to avoid rotting and smell, further said that the killer must be a fan of it as she said that they should keep eyes for his organs.

Lucifer then laughed and said how Boston got hit by a karma and that is a bummer that they need to find his killer as the player said that they need to recap the case. Lucifer sighed and laid back in his chair as they recapped the suspect list before Luciana came to the player and said that some weird people started to group over the old main square of the district and she hates them all. Lucifer sighed and said that is time to see what those people want. As they arrived to the old main square they saw bunch of people shouting how Boston was killed by illuminati and that is the wise Boston would've died then everyone can. Lucifer shouted for them to stop being imbeciles and buy themselves a brain, but also to move away from the crime scenes. Not amused by this, the crowd moved away as the team started to investigate eventually discovered to suspect the animal caretaker Ark Blazefur and a cabaret dancer Lara Stadler. They soon discovered how Boston hated Nikita's perfumes smelling the museum rooms but also how the victim poorly treated his apprentice.

Soon they started to recap the case again as they were alerted by Ian that the snake is scaring the people on the streets. The team then returned to the streets where they found the runaway snake and returned it to ark who thanked the team and said that Boston never liked those things and would mistreat his animals when we would visit before kissing snake's head. They also discovered how Lara lots a gambling night against the victim and how she knew he cheated, saying how she would hut him for a revenge before finding out how the victim body-shamed Krystyna.

Fianlly with all evidence found the team was ready to arrest Solomon. Lucifer asked him why would he kill Boston in such a manner as Solomon sweated and looked around him, saying that he killed no one and needs to run. Lucifer told him that there is no need for that and they want to help him. Solomon shook his head and panicked before charging himself against the player, only to be stopped by Lucifer who pushed him down on the ground and said that he probably wants harder way. Solomon pleaded for them to let him go as they have no use of him. Lucifer and the player looked at each other as they told Solomon that they will protect him. Solomon sighed and said that he was tasked to. Solomon said that he received a e-mail threatening him and his husband if he doesn't obey. He said how he though it's just spam so he deleted it and shortly afterwards received another mail saying that he should not delete those things as they know their locations with pictures of their houses attached to it. Filled with fear for his and his husband's safety he agreed to kill his mentor the same way they wanted him to but hat he never understood why. Lucifer sighed and that the the police knows why as he helped him stand up and cuffed with hands with regret as they went to the court. There, Judge Hyundai tapped her chin while looking at the report, deciding to give Solomon 15 years with parole in 5 years, explaining that he would be safer in prison until the mess is dealt with. Before officers took him away he approached the team and asked to make sure that his husband, a solider named Jethro DiNozzo on what the player said that they will.

Exiting the courthouse, Lucifer looked behind as Bianca approached a due, saying that the case with Solomon was sad but that she needs the player to search the museum again because there should be a reason why they choose Solomon as Lucifer then said that then they can go and find Jethro. Bianca and the player then search museum room once again, eventually finding a secret camera hiding inside one of the busts that recorded a murder. They sent it to Ian who discovered that the IPs used for cameras were pinged in two separate locations with one coming from the victim's home and another from Lara's laptop. A duo quested a socialite who expressed confusing on why would some camera be connected to her home laptop as the team said that they should have it for an inspection. Lara then said she would gladly give it but that she lost it in the poker match against the victim. Snapping her finger, Bianca said that they probably used her computer she lost in the match to cover up tracks as they returned to the victim's workplace where after digging though boxes discovered a red laptop they sent to Ian who with help of Walter discovered the layers of security flaws in this laptop and that it was used for the purpose of this mysterious organization long before it was lost in the poker match. Walter explained how the laptop was originally Harold's by the most oldest snapshot before it was sold. He also said how Ian and him have managed to recover a very old AOL message chain between Harold and Nikita as both members of some organization they paid attention not to call by the name coming from 10 years ago while Harold was still a police detective. Before the due left, Ian also mentioned how Solomon was threatened from this very laptop. A duo then went to the hotel room to talk to Nikita about it. Nikita looked at them with a laugh as she put her hand on her chest and looked at them compassionately, saying that a goddess like her could never be in some conspiracy organization, let alone with the old hag what Harold was. She then turned around and shut her door as Bianca whispered to the player that they will pay close attention to her activities.

Meanwhile, Lucifer took the player to the West Ridge military base where he used to be in the military to find Jethro. Lucifer stood by the commander and asked his solider DiNozzo. Soon after the commander appeared with him as Jethro asked if there is any problem only fro the team to inform him about what happened with Solomon and how he got arrested. Jethro covered his mouth and said that Solomon never spoke to him about that and expressed that if he knew about this he would stop him. With a sigh he said that he would like to pay him a visit and if the team wants to help him to get him something. They then visited the city where they discovered a broken little cage. After repairing it they found that it's a pet rat cage that belongs to Ark. Jethro then said how Solomon loved rats which gave the team idea about the prison rat pet. They asked Ark to help them choose on what Ark agreed with a smile. After getting him a gift, a trio went to Solomon and gave him a gift where Solomon and Jethro kissed.

Returning to the station, the team set back in the chair as they quickly run the search of Nikita and her schedule. Chief Lazuli, noticing all that approached closer and asked them why they all got a hot spot for Nikita only for Bianca to reply that they found how she is suspected member of the organization they try to find. With a smirk she said how you can't trust famous and wished them good luck with a search. After reading a bit of articles, Bianca finally clapped her hand and said that she discovered something. Everyone gathered around her as she pointed on the article about the comic night snow and photoshoot session at the local theater. A group looked at each other and said that is time to get vintage and visit the boomer hangout place while searching for Nikita to ask her more questions.

Some months later Inside his prison cell Solomon was walking in circles, the anxiety within him became stronger as he awaited a call from the player of his husband. Months has been passed since his arrest and things changed for better or worse. He looked outside at the dark prison hall through his bars and then through the window, seeing a bright moon in the summer night. With a silent smile he commented how even if things are bad for him now he still have love to hang on. He then heard steps becoming louder as only dimmed light became turned on. Thinking that is the player he rushed towards his bars but the player wasn't there, it was only a hooded figure who with a smirked pushed the bag inside his cell. Looking at the figure and then the bag Solomon opened it only to see a head of his husband. In the shock and pain he pushed himself towards the prison bars and turned to the figure who only had a deprived smirk on their faces as they slide a blade down their sleeves and slashed his throat before throwing it on the ground with a loud bang sound and leaving... Exiting the prison a mysterious person threw the robe in the trash case and lit it on fire alongside the prison facility...



  • Boston Davidson (Cemented into a sculpture)

Murder Weapon

  • William Shakespeare's Bust


  • Solomon Constantin



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer collects killer cards.
  • The Killer knows taxidermy.
  • The Killer uses mouthwash.
  • The Killer wears golden accessories.
  • The Killer is over 150 lbs.

Crime Scenes

Museum Exhibition Gold Statues Museum Exhibition Bonus
Victim's Office Stone Tables Victim's Office Bonus
Main Square National Monument Main Square Bonus