You Will Regret This
Season 1
City St Ronde
District Prison
Case Number 54
Partner(s) Nicole Merz (Chapter 1)

Jean Richardson (Chapters 2 and 3)

Delaney Chapman (It's the End 4\9)

Preceded by Succeeded by
Prison Life A Killer Among the Team
You Will Regret This is the 54th case in St Ronde and the 54th case overall, it is the fourth case in the Prison district.


The team rushed to the location Simon Von Keith said Manfred Von Keith and Rupert Gleason were at.

When the team got there, they found Manfred's body, stapled to a wall and with a large gash in his abdomen. The team added Simon to the suspect list

Later, the team found the machine Manfred was to use to activate the volcano, there they added Saundra Sanders and Eugene Merz to the suspect list.

Later on, the team heard a gunshot in a nearby dump. When Nicole and the player rushed there, they found Rachel machearth and Rupert holding each other at gunpoint, Rupert then shot Nicole in the shoulder and made his escape.

Jean Richardson decided that she'd take over the investigation as Nicole was shot, and investigated the dumpster while adding Agent Macherth and Zane Zauber too the suspect list, while speaking with Simon. Who said that he confronted Manfred himself to talk his father out of his crazy plans, he failed, as Manfred threatened to kill Simon. Simon did hear that Manfred was going to meet with the Law leaders and their Supreme Leader

The team then investigated the machine room, where they learned both Eugene and Saundra were experimented on, they explained that they got kidnapped a year ago, and experimented on. They didn't know much, ony that it'd change their DNA to allow for 'Enhanced abilities'

the team then investigated the dumpster again, and spoke to Rachel again, who revealed that she was sent into The Law to spy, as she was the most skilled one to do so. But after helping take down Manfred, her position was risky. Especially after Manfred escaped. The team also spoke to Zane, who told them that he was on a special kind of list. A 'Must Kill' list. When Zane snuck into Kane cartwright's office. With the enforcer of the list being Manfred. And since he killed a Agent, and had a huge part to play in Kane's arrest. He was at the top of the list

At the end of the investigation, the team arrested Eugene Merz for the murder. Eugene denied it, but then admitted it, before laughing. Eugene said how fun it was tricking the team. The team questionned what he meant and Eugene revealed he was one of the leaders of The Law, and he kill d Manfred because he had served his purpose. He begun Project Delta and built the machine. Plus, he had lost his position as CIA Director, he was useless now. He told Rupert to leave Manfred alone as he would cut open Manfred's abdomen and stable him to a wall before leaving the scene

Eugene then chuckled, he said he would not be arrested, after all, something was occuring at the machine just now, Jean then got a call from Govis, who said that Rupert came by the machine and overpowered Rachel and Simon and was in the machine room, Eugene heard this and for a moment looked shocked and even horrified before saying everything was going according to plan and escaped.

Jean and the player decided that they'd have to catch Eugene later and rushed to the machine, where they toynd Rupert, who laughed, and told the team they were too lat, the machine was about to be activated, and there's nothing they can do. Jean said they could arrest him, which Rupert denied, as he hand his hand on the button, no matter what they'd do, they'd lose. Then Rupert pushed the button activating the machine and reviving the volcano Jean was horrified as Rupert ran in the opposite direction if the team.

After that, Jean checked up on Simon and Rachel, Rachel was fine, but Simon was in a near-fatal condition, which is when a ex-doctor who escaped from prison jumped out of the bushes. It was a former doctor named Liza Nash, who said that Simon probably wouldn't make it if you sent him to a hospital, she said she could heal him, or at least patch him up enough to get him to a hospital safe and sound.

Jean didn't like the idea, but admitted that the Doctor had a point, and told Grayson to head on down here. Liza and Grayson informed the team that they needed a certain plant to stabilize Simon's condition. Delaney and the Player then searched for this plant and brought it to the two. Liza thanked the team and managed to stabalize his condition before offering herself up for arrest. Which was a new think to Delaney and cuffed the helpful doctor turned prisoner

the team then looked for Eugene or Rupert and found a pile of documents which they sent to Simon who said that Eugene was a liar. When Delaney asked what he meant, Simon explained that Eugene indeed was a Law Leader, but recently Eugene had been undermining the Law's operations, and turned traitor, which caused the Supreme Leader to put a death bounty on his head

Which meant, Eugene was no longer a Law leader, and killed Manfred for some other reason, Jean mentioned that when Eugene heard about the machine, he looked almost horrified, which Jean realized in hindsight that Eugene was also horrified Rupert got past the defenses, which meant Eugene was on their side.

During this, a sound was heard outside the station and when the Player and Nicole walked out there..they found one of their own dead


Victim: Manfred von Kieth

Murder Weapon: Sickle

Killer: Eugene Merz


Simon Von Keith

"FBI Agent"

Height 5'8
Age 24
Weight 176lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type O+

the suspect drinks coffee

The suspect eats steak

Suspect's appearance

The suspect is male

The suspect has a bruise

Saundra Sanders


Height 5'6
Age 29
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type 0+

the suspect drinks coffee

The suspect eats steak

The suspect uses a jumprope

Suspect's appearance

The suspect has a bruise

Eugene Merz


Height 6'0
Age 19
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+

The suspect drinks coffee

The suspect eats steak

The suspect uses a jump rope

Suspect's appearance

The supect has a bruise

The suspect is male

Rachel Machearth

"GIA Agent"

Height 5'6
Age 25
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A+

the suspect drinks coffee

The suspect drinks steak

Suspect's appearance

The suspect has a bruise

Zane Zauber


Height 5'8
Age 21
Weight 210lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type B-

The suspect drinks coffee

The suspect eats steak

The suspect uses a jumprope

Suspect's appearance

The suspect is male


Liza Nash


Height 6'5
Age 20
Weight 137lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type AB+

Killer's Profile

The Killer drinks coffee

The Killer eats steak

The Killer uses a jump rope

The Killer has a bruise

The Killer is male


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

It's the End 4\9

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