You Steal,I Kill
General information
Season 8
City Lindordia
District New Fillends
Case # 4
Initial release date 29.11.2018
Partner(s) Diego del Lobo
Case chronology
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Dead on Tracks In the Act of Nature

You Steal,I Kill is a case featured in Criminal Case Back to Past.It takes place in New Fillends and it's 4th case of New Fillends,also 4th case of the game.


In previous murder investigation,Chief Baldwin told the team that they should keep an eye on cowboy Clay Westwood and Irish Gang because somebody has hijacked a train,burned a bank, and manipulated Erica Dupri into killing Madam Xiang for unknown reasons.Diego and player went on local marketplace to buy some food before going to investigate Irish Gang.When they arrived,they saw a body of street hustler Georgia Ward with her head bashed in.

Mid-investigation,Aila Shropshire was spotted throwing food at Justice Corps Justin Lawson for accidently stepping on her new dress.Later runaway teenager Clay Bagner was spotted stealing food.The team then found enough evidence to arrest general store owner Ethel Spencer for a murder.

Upon admitting to murder,Ethel revealed that Georgia was her childhood friend,but after some time,she started bullying her because she was fat.When they were older,Georgia stole Ethel's boyfriend and tricked her into giving her money,saying that it was for orphanage.When Ethel opened her store,she finally thought that it was over with Georgia and that she will never meet her again,but she did and this time,Georgia started stealing stuff from her shop and she sold them on marketplace.Ethel thought that this was the final straw so she confronted Georgia about this and bashed her head with a rock.Judge Takakura sentenced her to 20 years in prison.

After the trial,team spoke to Clay Bagner after his name was found on weapon packages and Clay claimed that he was only a teen and that it's not his.Rose analyzed weapons and said that weapons belong to Clay Westwood,not Bagner.When team spoke to Westwood about this,he said that he needed them for his own protection and safety,not for robbing banks and hijacking trains.Team didn't believed him and decided that they will keep an eye on him.Later,Justin Lawson came to station and said that his officers found out something important.Whoever stole the money from a bank used it to buy corn from local farm.They bought corn from Irish farmer Colum O'Callaghan.Team went to interrogate Colum about this and to figure out why did someone needs corn so bad and who is behind all these crimes...



  • Georgia Ward (found dead with her head bashed on city marketplace)

Murder Weapons:

  • Bloody Rock



Crime Scenes

Marketplace-Food Stalls

Victim's house-Bed

Train Station-Train

Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats bananas.
  • The killer is right handed.
  • The killer chews wheat.
  • The killer wears yellow clothing.
  • The killer has a bruise.
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