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Yell Bloody Murder
Blue Coasts City Hall
Season 2
City Blue Coasts
District City Center
Case Number 21
Partner(s) Jerry Bryar
Preceded by Succeeded by
Cat Pursuit Land Of Milk And Vinegar (in New Lakeland)
A perfect plan, killing an old loner who lived in the woods. No neighbors, no family, no firends... No one to recognize the body. Just a John Doe in a morgue.
—Mayor Akiko Miyadai admitting to being one of the bosses of The Kitty Cats and revealing that she had killed the actual Sir Gregor.

Yell Bloody Murder is the twenty-first case in PetersCorporal's second season, Blue Coasts, as well as the seventh and final one in the City Center district.

Case Background

The player and Jerry Bryar headed towards the Town Square right across the City Hall, where Laila Myers was leading a protest with the rest of The Kitty Cats asking for state assistance now that 2 of their bosses were gone, since they had gotten reports of a dead body. Upon arriving, they saw that the victim was Laila herself and that the rest of the protestors had vanished. They interrogated Mayor Akiko Miyadai about the protest (which she did not care about), as well as fortune teller Sir Gregor (who had been a key witness in the case of the four prostitutes who were killed by Robert Steinberg) and local police officer Stella Gaultier (who was in charge of guarding the City Hall entrance).

After Renatta, the trained dog, found traces of Laila's blood by Sir Gregor's tent in the woods, the player found Laila's cellphone there. Thanks to it, they discovered that she had been contacting Francesco Caramello, a member of the Lavender Project staff so he could arrange to shelter the trans sex workers that would be left homeless. Apart from also adding Oscar Yeable to the list of suspects (who was now working as a security officer at the City Hall), the player found out something about the Mayor. She had received an economic report saying that the local economy was on the verge of entering a recession and any minor tip of the scale could lead to a crisis. However, instead of doing something about the situation, she dismissed the dossier saying it was just fake news meant to undermine the Socialist Coalition.

Back at headquarters, the player and Jerry ran into Nora MacMillon and her daughter Idaho, since Pierre had kicked her out of the house due to their upcoming divorce and she decided to take Idaho with her, knowing that Pierre doesn't care about her. Carrying on with the investigation, they found out that Oscar Yeable was supervising an investigation of his own police corruption. However, the more shocking discovery was Sir Gregor keeping a photo of Pierre MacMillon, having apparently stalked him. He said that a friend of his had told him how terrible of a person Pierre was, and that he was keeping that photo because he didn't want to forget the face of an enemy. After finding the final evidence necessary, the team proved that the killer was Francesco Caramello.

At first he denied being guilty and insisted that his only goal was to protect trans people at the Lavender Project, but after Jerry kept pressuring him, he finally gave in. He said that housing all of Laila's trans colleagues would mean that the amount of sheltered people would double in just one day and there was simply not enough money for a twice as big project. This meant that the people who were already sheltered, who Francesco considered to be like family, and whom he had worked so hard for, would have a lower life quality since they'd have to make room for the trans Kitty Cats. Judge Peggy Jasmine sentenced him to 50 years in jail with parole in 20, and announced that according to a statement released by the head of the Lavender Project, the organization would keep functioning and people would work hard to feed and shelter both Laila and Francesco's "families".

After the trial, George Nearnight was determined to find the last boss of The Kitty Cats who was also responsible for the Shokunin Grove fire that had taken someone's life 6 years before. He said that if there was some info about that case, it could be in the City Hall, so the player and Jerry investigated the Mayor's office and took some old documents with them. Within those old documents, Hans Rougel found papers related to the city's founding, which mentioned that the founder of Blue CoastsPetchara Metanee, had first been a refugee in the Kingdom of Frankland, where she saved the life of the princess. In compensation, the Royal Family gave her money to establish a settlement in the USA and a law was passed that made every Bluecoaster owe loyalty to the Kingdom. This explained why Reuben Thacks had been able to be charged for royal treason. Other than that, Hans found a restraining order from the Mayor against Eva Dominique from the day she became a Commander. This meant that Mayor Akiko Miyadai was the third leader of The Kitty Cats as well as the arsonist behind the Shokunin Grove fire.

Upon arresting the Mayor, she confessed that she had been the one who started the exploitation ring in order to launch her political career, and admitted that she had caused the Shokunin Grove fire to kill Sir Gregor since he was a key witness in the case of Robert Steinberg's quadruple murder, which worked well because he was a loner living in the woods with no neighbors, family or friends. This triggered an epiphany in Jerry, as he figured that if the real Sir Gregor was dead, the one they'd been talking to this whole time was another person in disguise. They couldn't find him in his tent, but they obtained his fingerprints from a crystal ball and found out that Sir Gregor was actually Bella Matthews. After hearing that Sir Gregor hated Pierre, Nora concluded that it was actually Bella in disguise and warned her that they could find her out. In a videocall, Bella told the player that now she would leave the City Center and go somewhere else, and also disguise as someone else, so she could keep investigating Reuben Thacks' cold case. One more time, she reminded the player that she was not a criminal.

Moreover, they learnt that with the Mayor in jail, the position would now be taken by the Deputy Mayor, Danniel Svykozsky. Jerry and the player talked to him to make sure he wasn't another corrupt politician, and Danniel promised (obviously) that he was not. He said he would help the victims of The Kitty Cats, but just like Akiko, he refused to acknowledge that there was an upcoming economic crisis, blaming it on political propaganda against his party and fearmongering.

With The Kitty Cats being a thing of the past, the whole team celebrated with both Annabelle Chashiroua and Eva Dominique thanking the player for putting an end to their years of crime. Eva said she would miss them all and said her goodbyes before wishing the team a good time in New Lakeland, the district they were relocating to, where Marthin Farren used to live.


  • Laila Myers (Shot in her upper chest during a protest.)

Murder Weapon

  • Gun


  • Francesco Caramello


Akiko Miyadai (Blue Coasts Mayor)

Age 56
Weight 191 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O-
Height 5'8"
Hair Brown

Suspect's profile: -

Suspect's appearance: -

Sir Gregor (Fortune teller)

Age 61
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A-
Height 5'7"
Hair Black

Suspect's profile: The suspect uses nasal spray - The suspect uses skin cream - The suspect has a cold

Suspect's appearance: The suspect has a helix piercing

Stella Gaultier (Local police officer)

Age 41
Weight 154 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood AB+
Height 6'00"
Hair Blonde

Suspect's profile: The suspect has a cold

Suspect's appearance: The suspect is wearing a blue police uniform - The suspect has an ear piercing

Francesco Caramello (Lavender Project coordinator)

Age 33
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O+
Height 6'2"
Hair Black

Suspect's profile: The suspect uses nasal spray - The suspect uses skin cream - The suspect has a cold

Suspect's appearance: The suspect is wearing a blue sweater - The suspect has a septum piercing

Oscar Yeable (Local police officer)

Age 41
Weight 163 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O+
Height 6'2"
Hair Black

Suspect's profile: The suspect uses nasal spray - The suspect uses skin cream - The suspect has a cold

Suspect's appearance: The suspect is wearing a blue police uniform


Danniel Svykozsky (New Mayor)

Age 40
Weight 178 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood O-
Height 5'9"
Hair Black

Suspect's profile: -

Suspect's appearance: The suspect is wearing a blue suit

Killer's profile

  • The killer uses nasal spray.
  • The killer uses skin cream.
  • The killer has a cold.
  • The killer is wearing blue clothes.
  • The killer has a piercing.

Crime Scenes

Town Square Park benches Town Square Bonus
City Hall Mayor's office City Hall Bonus
Evergreen Forest Sir Gregor's tent Evergreen Forest Bonus


Chapter 1: Sexual Revolution

  • Investigate Town Square (Clues: Victim's body, Protest signs, Torn page)
  • Autopsy the victim's body (18:00:00)
  • Examine Protest signs (Result: Bullet)
  • Analyze Bullet (5:30:00)
  • Examine Torn page (Result: Faded leaflet)
  • Examine Faded leaflet (Result: Sir Gregor leaflet)
  • Check Sir Gregor's presence at the murder scene
  • Ask Akiko Miyadai about the protest
  • Investigate City Hall (Clues: Folder)
  • Examine Stained papers (Result: Clean papers)
  • Examine Photograph (Result: Stella Gaultier's photograph)
  • See if Stella Gaultier knows anything about the protest
  • Go to Chapter 2 (No stars)

Chapter 2: Knocking on the Mayor's door

  • Investigate Evergreen Forest (Clues: Trash container)
  • Examine Locked container (Result: Open container)
  • Examine Trash container (Result: Cellphone)
  • Examine Cellphone (Result: Dirt sample)
  • Examine Dirt sample (Result: Dirt, skin cream, mucus and rhinovirus)
  • Analyze Cellphone (7:45:00)
  • Talk to Francesco Caramello about Laila's protest
  • Investigate Mayor's office (Clues: Nasal spray, Shredded paper, Tray)
  • Examine Nasal spray (Result: Mucus)
  • Analyze Mucus (9:00:00)
  • Interrogate Oscar Yeable about the case
  • Examine Shredded paper (Result: Dossier)
  • Make Akiko Miyadai explain the local economic situation
  • Examine Tray (Result: Memo)
  • Ask Stella Gaultier if she repressed the protest
  • Go to Chapter 3 (No stars)

Chapter 3: Protect your own

  • Investigate Sir Gregor's tent (Clues: Ripped leaflet, Photograph, Used tissue)
  • Examine Ripped leaflet (Result: Police investigation code)
  • Analyze Police investigation code (6:30:00)
  • Confront Oscar Yeable about his corruption scandal
  • Examine Photograph (Result: Photograph of Pierre MacMillon)
  • Confront Sir Gregor about the photograph of Pierre he was keeping
  • Examine Used tissue (Result: Rhinovirus and Francesco Caramello's DNA)
  • Ask Francesco Caramello why he went to the forest
  • Investigate Park benches (Clues: Flowerbed, Metal piece)
  • Examine Flowerbed (Result: Gun)
  • Analyze Gun (14:00:00)
  • Exammine Metal piece (Result: Bullet shell)
  • Analyze Bullet shell (9:00:00)
  • Take care of the killer now!

Street Runners: Dragon Lady

  • Investigate Mayor's office (Clues: Drawers)
  • Examine Locked drawer (Result: Drawer unlocked)
  • Analyze Old documents (10:30:00)
  • Arrest Akiko Miyadai for sexual exploitation and arson
  • Investigate Sir Gregor's tent (Clues: Crystal ball)
  • Examine Crystal ball (Result: Fingerprints)
  • Examine Fingerprints (Result: Bella Matthews' fingerprints)
  • Tell Sir Gregor you've found out his real identity (Reward: Fortune teller robe, Red turbant)
  • Ask Oscar Yeable how things are in the City Hall (Reward: Burger)
  • Investigate City Hall (Clues: Torn letter)
  • Examine Torn letter (Result: Letter for Danniel Svykozsky)
  • Analyze Letter (4:00:00)
  • Ask Danniel Svykozsky about his plans for his new position as Mayor (Reward: 7 cash)
  • Move on to the next case! (No stars)


  • The case name comes from the phrase "to yell bloody murder", which means to protest loudly and angrily.
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