Your killer knows how to go through flesh and not damage any organ. Even if it sounds strange, maybe he can teach butchers how to give a good portion of beef after their sentence.
—Xavier Hara

Xavier Hara is a main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case, serving as the New Cresthill Police Department's Ballistics Analyst.


Hailing from Shanghai, China, Xavier is the 32-year-old ballistics analyst of the New Cresthill Police Department. Xavier used to live with his mother and grandparents until he traveled to the U.S for living with his dad; there, he influenced him into enlisting in the army. His life changed abruptly after that, he spent years under psychological counseling and isolate himself in a San Diegan flat, which his parents were paying. During this period, he realized that he couldn't stay like that, so he changed his personality in order to live the rest of his life like his past was nonexistent. He traveled to New Cresthill because of his general's suggestion, he thought that Xavier could find his place there instead of staying alone the rest of his life or dying during his mad life.
He is a young man with gray hair shaved on the sides styled with a spiky pompadour and fair skin. He wears a white hoodie, underneath, he dons a black sleeveless T-shirt. He also has a scar in the right eye and a piercing in the left ear. 

Height 5'8
Age 32
Weight 100 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood B-

Notable Events

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Case Appearances

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