World of Hazards
General information
Primary LEA The Underground Unit <br
Key city figures Nicola Astruc (Mayor)
Dionisio Quantum (TUU Supervisor)
No. of districts in season 6
Appears in Criminal Case
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A World Without Danger
(Act I)
The Secrets Unrevealed
August 3rd 2060... You were just an ordinary police officer sent to work on the case of the strange explosion inside the World Science Research Center in the heart of USA... But you never knew that what will happen will change your life... from roots. You looked for clues but then you saw your answer to all questions... The explosion caused a purple trans-dimensional portal to open and you being too close to it got pulled you and, now, you are thrown inside the locked city of Selium... But this USA, this world and everything.... it's not your home. You are stuck in the parallel universe, parallel planet Earth. Here violence is the currency and where air is so polluted that you need a gas mask to breath... Then a small group of underground police members captures you ad you need to prove yourself by fighting on their side against the secret evil that made this city to look like a post-apocalyptic junkyard. Your got explanation why but will they believe how you got there? This is an one life opportunity. Your skills proved on your world, but this world see you as a potential threat, even your team sees you like that... Are you ready to be their target... To put your fragile health on a dice in this post apocalyptic city and risk your life and existence in the original universe to save this one that no one knows that exist? If you are, then Detective, welcome to World of Hazards!
—Official Teaser

World of Hazards is a title of a the first season of the Book of Secrets created by Inspector Diaz.

Set in the city of Selium, a former capital city of state of Nebraskus, Neo-Americas in parallel Earth, the season follows your sudden land in the middle of the post-apocalyptic city that slowly reborn. Your team don't trust you and then think that you are the one who work with the people who caused all the chaos. You job is to find your way back to your dimension but also to save this city!


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The events of World of Hazards are set int he city of Selium, a former capital of the state of Nebraskus in Neo-Americas who made of of five districts and one special operated zone that spread with 26 cases through the journey. As the main law enforcement agency is deeply corrupted, a group of small individuals formed The Underground Unit, a semi-law enforcement agency who also acts as a resistance force against the regime of the new government.


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