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Craig Mistem - Died in a foundry oven, in contact with liquid metals.
Identified during: Chapter 1 - (Ask Norman Oldhead what he saw)

Murder Weapon

Liquid zirconium
Identified during: Chapter 1 - (after autopsying the victim's body)

Forensic Examining

  • Collect: Coin (1 clue)
  • Decode: Velvet box, laptop, card, safe (4 clues)
  • Reveal: Cream tube (1 clue)
  • Find: Wallet, agenda, purse, open safe, briefcase (5 clues)

Forensic Analysis

Killer's profile

Profile Identified by
The killer uses hair dye. Autopsy result
The killer has burnt skin. Forensic analysis (liquid metal)
The killer has white skin. Forensic analysis (DNA)
The killer has black eyes. Forensic analysis (DNA)
The killer is a woman. Technical analysis (Laptop)

Suspect interrogations

Murder investigation:

Additional investigation:

Killer's arrest

Hair dye Burnt skin White skin Black eyes Woman
Norman Oldhead Yes Yes Yes Yes No Innocent
Natasha Dakes No Yes Yes No Yes Innocent
Stephanie Queen Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Guilty
Ashley Jamin Yes No Yes No Yes Innocent
Wanda Jamin Yes Yes No No Yes Innocent
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