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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, we've got another case to solve. A dead body was found in the Queen Elizabeth Foundry, and it was burned in one of those ovens.
Alan Smith: The fires were put out so that you can investigate and not melt.
Evan: We've got it, Chief. Let's go, <Name>, we need to crack it now.

Chapter 1

Investigate Foundry
Evan: I don't really know how Daniel will manage to find something in this creepy corpse.
Evan: This box looks like the ones containing rings inside, and that liquid metal surely came from there. We'll take it to the lab, and also take a look at the serial number in the box.
Evan: And there's the witness who saw the body. He works here too, and his name is Norman Oldhead.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Well, I've got a few things for you. The killer put the victim in the oven when it was already off. There wasn't fire.
Daniel: What in fact killed him was the extremely hot liquid zirconium in the oven. The high temperature ended up with this man's death.
Daniel: I also found hair in the body, and that hair belonged to the murderer!
Daniel: It was so burnt I couldn't even deduce the colour, but I noticed some traces of hair dye.

Analyze Liquid metal
Sabrina: This metal was just copper with a yellow coat of paint. Fake jewelry, I guess.
Sabrina: But the surprising thing is that it matched perfectly the amount that would fit in the velvet box. The ring melted because of the heat.
Evan: So somebody brought a ring to the foundry.
Sabrina: Yes, but that's not all. I found incinerated skin cells, which weren't the victim's.
Sabrina: As they were the killer's skin cells, your killer must have burned skin.

Examine Velvet box
Evan: This serial number should tell us who bought this ring. Let's give it to Lindsey.

Analyze Serial number
Lindsey: Unfortunately, I couldn't find the serial anywhere. It must have been bought illegally.
Lindsey: But I could collect some fingerprints, and they belong to a certain Stephanie Queen.
Evan: Queen? I think I know her. Let's have a chat with her.

Ask Stephanie Queen about the ring
Stephanie: I don't remember anyone who works in a foundry.
Evan: Do you use rings?
Stephanie: No, I hate jewelry.
Evan: Have you ever been to a foundry?
Stephanie: No. Why would I?

Ask Norman Oldhead what he saw
Evan: Did you know the victim, Mr Oldhead?
Norman: Of course I did, we worked together. His name was Craig Mistem.
Norman: Do you know him?
Evan: Yes, but go on, Norman. How did you know who he was if he was unrecognisable?
Norman: He was in his working area, and all of the other workers were alive. I didn't need to think.
Evan: Do you know someone near to him?
Norman: He never talked too much about his personal life, but his sister often came here. Her name is Natasha.

Interrogate Natasha Dakes about the victim
Natasha: Is Craig dead? Really? This can't be true!
Evan: We're sorry. Did he use to tell you something about people who would kill him?
Natasha: No, I think no. He spent all his time here and at work.
Evan: Did he live here, with you?
Natasha: Yes. You can search this place if you want.

Investigate Natasha's apartment
Evan: This wallet looks like Craig's one. And his ID says the same.
Evan: Why don't we snoop around it?

Examine Wallet
Evan: And what did you find?
Evan: A receipt? Wait, look! This is a receipt of a ring. And in the back it says "Norman 700$".
Evan: Norman didn't tell us anything about owing or being owed money. Let's rub this in his face.

Ask Norman Oldhead about the cash receipt you found
Norman: Craig owed money to me. I'd lent him some because he wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend. He was going to pay me back... but he died.
Evan: Do you remember her name?
Norman: No, I don't know everyone in his life!

Evan: <Name>, do you think that woman might be Barbara Thacks? Is a ring worth 700$?
Evan: Anyway, she's not in this city anymore, and I don't think she could be useful.

Chapter 2

Gino: <Rank> <Name>, Stephanie Queen wants to talk to you. I didn't know you were working in a new case!
Evan: Yes, Gino, we are. Thanks for the info.
Evan: I'm sure I know that woman, <Name>, but I can't remember who she is!
Evan: And why don't we go back to the foundry? I want to take a look at the oven where Craig died.

Stephanie Queen wants to talk to you
Stephanie: I remembered I know a man who works in a foundry, Craig Mistem.
Stephanie: He was dating my grandaughter, Ashley Jamin.
Evan: Jamin? Again? We'll need to talk to that girl.

Quiz Ashley Jamin about the victim
Ashley: No, please, no! He can't be dead! I love him!
Evan: Calm down. You only have to co-operate. Everything you know about Craig, just tell us. We need your help.
Ashley: My family didn't like him. They said we were rich and wealthy, and that my blood would mix with his. He wasn't well-off, and that was the problem.
Ashley: I need to go out now, but my mother will stay here. She's in a bad mood because she's got burned skin.
Evan: Thanks. We'll look in your house too.

Talk to Wanda Jamin
Wanda: Yes, Ashley was dating that vagabond. And I'll cry over his death, but I'm glad he'll not mess with my daughter anymore.
Evan: You're cold as a cucumber, Mrs Jamin! Did you visit the foundry?
Wanda: No. All this time I've stayed in my house.
Evan: Do you get along with your mother?
Wanda: Yes. We usually have our hair dyed in the same hairdresser's shop. We like to go out together.

Investigate Jamin Residence
Evan: <Name>, this is Ashley's cellphone! Alex will see if there's something interesting in it.
Evan: And this agend is also Ashley's. It can have something in, see if it's got some love note inside.

Analyze Cellphone
Lindsey: Everything in this cellphone was mainly Ashley's photos and things with no importance.
Lindsey: But I took a look at her messages and there was one sent to Craig. It said, "Your sister is going too far! If you don't stop her, I will do!
Lindsey: And Craig's only sister is Natasha Dakes!
Evan: And what about the messages Ashley received?
Lindsey: It was more about the same, but Craig had sent her one saying, "I love you a lot, and I like your new hair color!".
Evan: Weird, I didn't notice any changes in her hair.

Ask Natasha about the text message
Natasha: I just told Craig to stop seeing Ashley. She was a Jamin, and those wealthies are not something for us. We're workers!
Evan: You are a hairdresser, right? Do you use hair dye?
Natasha: No, I don't. It completely ruins my hair, I hate it.
Natasha: I remember one of Craig's friends did, Norman. He uses hair dye, I dye his hair, in fact.
Evan: Anything else about Norman?
Natasha: I guess, a stupid thing. He got angry with me yesterday. I accidentally dropped hair dye over his burned skin.

Examine Agend
Evan: This note explains some things, <Name>! It's signed by Craig.
Evan: "I have a present for you, a golden ring! I hope you like it. Oh, and Natasha is getting better, her burned skin is getting fixed".
Evan: Golden ring? It was copper!

Investigate Foundry oven
Evan: Are you sure a coin will help us, <Name>?
Evan: You're right! If it didn't melt, it was put when the oven was off, maybe when Craig was put in here!

Examine Coin
Evan: This DNA is perfect, <Name>! I can't believe you do these things so perfectly, they look hard to me.
Evan: Can you handle this to Sabrina, please?

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: This DNA is a match with the skin cells <Name> had found. So I can tell you something more about your killer.
Sabrina: They have white skin and black eyes!

Chapter 3

Evan: I really can't believe this, <Name>. Norman Oldhead had a strong motive to kill Craig, and the fact that he works at the foundry doesn't help him.
Evan: But the Jamin really hated him, and we can't stop paying attention to them.
Evan: Why don't we search the mansion again? I guess we can find something new.

Investigate Stairs
Evan: <Name>, this cream is for burned skin! We should collect some fingerprints!

Examine Cream tube
Evan: Great! Let's see sho else has burned skin.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: No doubt! Those fingerprints belong to Stephanie Queen, they match the ones on the velvet box.
Evan: Thanks, Lindsey! Perfect as always.
Lindsey: You're welcome. Perfection has no price!
Evan: That's why you're paid for your job.
Evan: <Name>, we should go back to Craig's apartment. I bet he hid something in his things.

Investigate Craig's bedroom
Evan: Everything here is normal, nothing can seem to be a clue.
Evan: A laptop? Yay! <Name>, I hadn't seen it.
Evan: Gosh, it's locked. I just... hate so much when people lock things. It's harder for us. Can you hack it?

Examine Laptop
Evan: Wow, you did it faster than I'd do! Have you been a programmer?
Evan: Come, <Name>. Let's handle this to Lindsey for analysis.

Analyze Laptop
Lindsey: It looks like Craig really cared about the foundry. He had it under surveillance from his laptop.
Lindsey: I could rewind the video and look for the moment of the murder. The quality was really bad, but I managed to see the killer was wearing a dress. This leads you to the conclussion that it's a woman!
Evan: Ok, <Name>. Let's arrest the killer right away.

Arrest killer
Evan: Mrs Queen, we know killed Craig Mistem. You thought we wouldn't know it, right?
Evan: Why did you do it? Was he THAT bad for Ashley?
Stephanie: It wasn't just that, he was going to marry her! Some things are annoying and bad, but when you go past the limists, you deserve to have a lesson.
Stephanie: Both Craig and Ashley needed to understand. Rich and poor can't mix!
Evan: They were people, not sodas! I'm really shocked, I thought you wouldn't get to kill a man.

Esteban Gonzalez: It's sad to judge a murder just because of echonomical positions. That man did nothing wrong, and he had his life taken.
Stephanie: Oh, come on, your Honor! You know I'm right. And who will take care of me in jail?
Esteban Gonzalez: This Court of Law has already considered that point.
Esteban Gonzalez: You are sentenced to 20 years in home arrest, due to your health and age conditions.
Ashley: How could you, grandma? I will not forgive you for this!
Esteban Gonzalez: Calm down, Ms Jamin. Session is adjourned!

Evan: And, a weird case again. I would never have thought that old lady to do such a thing. Norman was definitely our prime suspect.
Wanda: You don't know who I am! What you did to my mother was despicable!
Evan: What SHE did was despicable!
Wanda: I'll sue you, I'll sink you!
Evan: We'll be waiting for you then.
Evan: Let's go have a burger, <Name>. This is definitely getting me out of my nerves.
Ashley: Thanks. What you did was a great job.
Wanda: How can you thank them???

Additional Investigation

Gino: <Rank> <Name>, Mrs Jamin called to talk to you. She was angry and sad at the same time. I think she's not right!
Gino: Mr Oldhead and Mrs Dakes want to talk to you too.
Evan: Oh, we've got a few things to keep up with. Let's go now, <Name>.

Assist Wanda Jamin
Wanda: A...A...Ashley! She's gone, she's not at home! Please help me!
Evan: Just calm down, and tell us. Did she leave any note, a letter, or anything?
Wanda: No, I just went to her bedroom, to ask her how she was coping with this situation. And... she wasn't there, neither in any other part of the house.
Wanda: You have to help me find Ashley!
Evan: Well, now you know how she's coping.
Evan: <Rank> <Name> and I will look in the house, see if she left a clue here.

Investigate Jamin Residence
Evan: <Name>, this is Ashley's purse! I'm sure, and this is her ID, which says I'm right.
Evan: We should search in it. It must have something telling us where she could go.

Examine Purse
Evan: This card seems to have numbers in it, but I can't see very well. Can you read this? Ashley's handwriting is terrible.

Examine Card
Evan: This is a cellphone number, <Name>. If we find its owner, we should ask them about Ashley.
Evan: I'm really worried about her. Just... send it to the lab, please.

Analyze Phone number
Lindsey: The number you gave me belongs to, drum roll, Sabrina Stone!
Evan: WHAT? And why does Ashley Jamin have Sabrina's number?
Sabrina: Well, she's my friend. I thought I'd told you.
Sabrina: Why do you ask?
Evan: She escaped from her house and her mother is looking for her desperately.
Sabrina: Oh, tell her to calm down. She's just staying in my house for a while.
Evan: I can't believe it, <Name>. We should have asked Sabrina before doing anything!

Inform Wanda Jamin about her daughter
Evan: You don't have to worry, Mrs Jamin. We know where your daughter is, and she's not in danger.
Wanda: Are you sure?
Evan: Pretty sure. We're not liars.
Evan: When you want to see her, tell us. No regrets, no worries.
Wanda: Thanks a lot, cops.

Norman Oldhead needs to talk to you
Norman: I can't find the check for my salary, officers! You have to find it!
Evan: Why do we have to look for it?
Norman: Oh, come on! I'm not a criminal. It must be here in the foundry. I hope it didn't melt...

Investigate Foundry
Evan: I didn't know the foundry had a safe! That check must be there.
Evan: You first, <Name>. Try to unlock it!

Examine Locked safe
Evan: Great art, <Name>! Safes are your best skill.
Evan: Wow, like every foundry worker must use this. It's full of things, and we only need a check. Good luck, <Name>!

Examine Open safe
Evan: This IS a check, <Name>. I just don't know how Norman would forget it in the safe.
Evan: Well, if he did. I mean, this might be another thing. Lindsey can trace it back to its owner, let's ask her.

Analyze Check
Lindsey: The check is legit, boys. Norman was right, it was his salary.
Evan: Well, we'll give it back to him as soon as we can, <Name>.
Evan: Oh, and I forgot. Thanks, Lindsey.

Bring the check back to Norman
Norman: Did you find it?
Evan: Yes, yes, we did. This is your check, your salary is here, and that's all.
Evan: And don't say thanks.
Norman: Wait, if you don't like me, just let me know ok? I'm sure <Rank> <Name> has no problem sharing a meal with me.

Natasha Dakes wants your help
Natasha: I think someone got in the apartment! I heard noises, and the door was open.
Evan: Oh, that's bad! Does this building have surveillance cameras? Did you see the thief? Is there anything missing?
Natasha: No, no and yes. I lost my hairspray. I work with it, and I can't do my job.
Evan: We'll take a look, don't worry. That spray must be somewhere in the apartment.

Investigate Natasha's apartment
Evan: This briefcase looks like the ones hairdressers have, or something like that. Can you see what's in it?

Examine Briefcase
Evan: <Name>, this absolutely looks like a spray. Well done!
Evan: But we have to make sure this is the hairspray Natasha wants. Let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Spray
Sabrina: What you gave me, boys, is just a sample of hairspray. And a good one, if you ask me.
Evan: Then I think this is what Natasha was looking for.
Evan: Well, it's time to give her the spray back.

Give Natasha her hairspray back
Natasha: Boys, I hear you.
Evan: If a thief came in, they didn't take your hairspray. We've got it here!
Evan: And you don't have to pay, if you were going to.
Natasha: Oh, amazing! They are so expensive, buying another would be a waste of money.
Natasha: If you don't mind, I can use it on you. A free haircut!

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