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Arrest the killer now!
Brooklyn Carpenter: Alright Edna, time to confess! We know you killed Aileen!
Edna Brown: I don't know what you're talking about! I didn't kill anyone!
Edna: I know I said I didn't like how the boss treated us employees but I wouldn't go THAT far!
Brooklyn: Well our evidence says otherwise. <RANK> <PLAYER> found some of your lens cleaning fluid on the sword sheath!
Enda: Hey I'm not the only one who uses that! If that's all the evidence you have then go arrest Mr. Keppler, he also wears glasses!
Brooklyn: I can see you sweating because you're getting nervous. Just give up already Edna, you can't lie anymore!
Edna: I wouldn't have had to kill her if she didn't want to fire me in the first place!
Edna: ...
Brooklyn: So you did do it! But wait, Aileen wanted to fire you?
Edna: I heard her talking on the phone, saying that because of the controversy I caused with one of my posts, she was planning on firing me...
Brooklyn: But why would you just kill her? Couldn't you have found another job?
Edna: You don't understand, this was my dream job ever since I was a kid! I used to play World of Witchcraft and Dorado with my friends every day, I thought it would be a dream come true to work for Tsunami!
Edna: I was so focused on not trying to lose my job, I confronted Aileen and begged her not to fire me.
Edna: Eventually, I just got too anxious and grabbed that sword from the weird knight statue...
Edna: But I didn't know that it was real! I thought it was just a prop sword, so I ran towards her with it to scare her...
Edna: Before I even realized what happened, Aileen was dead and I was guilty...
Brooklyn: No matter how much you loved your job, murder is never the solution. You're under arrest!

Judge Blade: Miss Edna Brown, today you are standing trial for the murder of your boss, CEO Aileen Brock, how do you plead?
Edna: Guilty your honor. I panicked and killed the person I've admired for so long just because I didn't want to lose my job...
Judge Blade: It must have been hard for your dreams to fade away when you learned that the victim was going to fire you, but your actions won't be forgiven so easily!
Judge Blade: Edna Brown, this court hereby sentences you to 16 years in prison for the murder of Aileen Brock!

Be the Envy of Success (2/6)

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