Winds of the Deceased
Season 1
City Flarehigh City
District Statenville
Case Number 3
Date of Release January 7, 2019
Partner(s) Morgan Skinner
Preceded by Succeeded by
Dead Incoming


After investigating the previous Case, the team managed to gain the information about the mysterious heist team Blackmask, who's responsible for stealing the diamond, They decided to go to the museum to learn more, Morgan and the player went to the front gate, but it was closed, and worse, they found a dead body of a young artist named Cheryl Baron, tied and beaten up.

After tough investigation, Morgan fell into a trap and fell unconscious, So the chief investigates with the player, until they found the killer was none other than the curator, Stefan Orlando.

At first, he denied the accusation, but soon after persuaded with evidence, He confessed to his crime, saying that the victim, was a spy for Blackmask, the team were shocked and confused at the same time, Stefan explained that a month ago, the heist started when he announces the expensive diamond, It kills several visitors, making the museum ranked the "least safest", He saw several members face, which he only renembers Cheryl being a part of it, so when he sees Cheryl in front of the museum drawing the building after being renovated, He had no choice but to kill her to keep her silence for the museum, He was protecting the museum, And soon arrested.

The Judge understands his motive was about to protect his job and the museum, but he explains that murder is not the solution, Then the judge sentences Stefan into 15 years imprisonment.



  • Cheryl Baron (Tied and beaten up on the museum front entrance)

Murder weapon

  • Stone Artifact


  • Stefan Orlando


Stefan Orlando

Museum Curator

Height 6'0"
Age 51
Weight 215 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB


  • Eats couscous
  • Uses skin lotion
  • Speaks French


  • Has a bruise

Killer's Profile

  • The killer uses skin lotion
  • The killer eats couscous
  • The killer speaks French
  • The killer weights >180lbs
  • The killer has a bruise

Crime Scenes

Museum Front Door {{{cscene1s}}}
Hallway {{{cscene2b}}} {{{cscene2s}}}
Secret Storage Pile of Boxes {{{cscene3s}}}



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