Wilfred Ebony was a suspect in Crime Does Pay (Case #1).


Wilfred is a 40-year-old bald African-American man. He is a guard at the bank where Bruce Munny was murdered in. He normally sports a guard uniform with a rifle at his back. He also has a walkie-talkie on his breast pocket. It is known that he handles guns.

Height 6'3"
Age 40
Weight 210 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Role in Case(s)

Wilfred was first talked to about the murder investigation of Bruce Munny, the bank manager, by the team about the day before the murder. He said that it was quiet and nothing happened much. He also tells nothing strange happened. Before going home, Wilfred still doesn't notice anything abnormal. He tells the team that the murder might have happened after he went home since he was the only guard there and everybody else had left except Bruce. Wilfred was talked to again about a blood-stained paper knife he found while on duty. He quickly gave the knife to the team which they examined and analyzed it to find out that the blood belongs to the killer, giving them the final piece of the puzzle.

At the climax of the investigation, it was found out that one of Bruce's employees, Seville Ruff, slaughtered his employer. Seville had killed his employer because he never bothered to pay him his salary. He hated Bruce because he always overwork him but never gives him a raise nor even his salary while he gives it to the other employees. What Seville didn't know was that Bruce wanted to give him a really big surprise, a reward of almost 1 million dollars for his hard work but Seville wasn't patient. One day, Seville decided to take action. He grabbed a pistol from the emergency cabinet, lured Bruce into the safe when no one was there and shot him through the eye. After ruthlessly killing him, he shut the safe door while looting some cash that tallies his salary

In the Additional Investigation, he called for the team to help him find his lost walkman. He said that it keeps him from being bored. The team found it and analyzed it's serial number before giving it back to him.

Case Appearances

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