Season 4 -- The Advent of the Moon
Location(s) Astodia PD
Case # 5
Release date 18th August 2018
Partner(s) Brad Zacklin
Preceded by Succeeded by
Last One He'd Suspect String of Crimes
#WifeHacks is a case featured in Advent of the Moon as well as the fifth case of Benjamin Jameson's second series. It is also the fifth case to take place in Astodia PD.


They're not lonely anymore, they're dead! Who butchered this entire club?

Major Events

  • Brad discovers the building caved in
  • He enters to find no less than 9 butchered corpses
  • He realises that there are 3 pieces of the Poltis Altiare, exactly where he was told to collect them, making 5/15
  • Hector Fortune is discovered to have invested in the club
  • Riley is mentioned when during Hector's chat, Brad dismisses this as she is assumed to be enquiring about the Poltis Altiare
  • Stephanie Fortune and Mark Collins are caught fornicating in the closet, they seem shocked when the bodies are mentioned
  • Dani Brooke is revealed to be a friend of Riley's, she went to the club regularly to get gossip on the locals
  • Brad and Riley share a moment in the barn before he gathers clues to make an arrest
  • With Riley's help he works out that...

Break Down My Walls (5/12)

Coming Soon!



  • All 9 members of the club (Including Galina Kuznetsova)

Humans (Suspects)

  • Hector Fortune
  • Riley Jameson
  • Stephanie Fortune
  • Mark Collins
  • Dani Brooke


  • None


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