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C01-07 Suspect Lorelei
Oh, this page contains cusses that possibly could make you a violent person. Since this is a fanfic wiki, don't take it personally~
Lorelei Cortonith

Martha: Ah.
Martha: The training days.
Martha: It's been times I've been stronger each day, thanks to him.
Martha: I dedicated myself to the demonic path, so there's no turning back, I believe.
Martha: Oh, it's going stronger here, too.
Martha: It's been days without the Witherwood Clan taking care of me.
Martha: (thinking) I guess it's good to see new people, but it's a legendary thing to face people powerful than I do.
Martha: I wonder what's going on to the other side...


Mizanin: ...
Mizanin: Kyla...
Kyla: I love you.
Mizanin: I love you to--


Mizanin: (shocked) Kyla!
Kyla: (bloodied) S-Sorry... but I believe this woman didn't do it... it was...
Mizanin: ...
Kyla: ...someone else...
Kyla: I am also sorry for distrusting you... at first...
Mizanin: (little tears; shocked) Kyla?!
Mizanin: (shouted) KYLA!!!
Maizono: (shocked) What in the world is g--
Martha: Don't.
Mizanin: (cries) ...
Maizono: (curious) What's this? Are you going to investigate it yourself?
Martha: I'll try.
Maizono: If you need help, then there's Yumiko Fujiwara to help you.
Maizono: Good luck now.
Wisteria: (smiles) Hey there!
Martha: (determined) (I need to finish this mess myself.)
Martha: (curious) Ah. Ruma LeBlanc.

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