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Widow's Kiss
City Cortonith Island
Case Number Bonus Case 3
Date of Release TBA
You will play as... Ruma LeBlanc
Preceded by Succeeded by
False Promise
(Bonus Case #2)
Dirty Deeds
(Bonus Case #4)

 Widow's Kiss (Bonus Case #3) is the bonus case to take on the Cortonith Island, which was created by Erikah. However, to unlock it, one must have to deal all of the Ishtaria City's cases, which they should have silver medals, and Propane Nightmares should have a gold medal.

Sneak Peek

This case will be from 15 years ago, just some days after the rampage. It is all about Rodrigo Mizanin's wretched past, when he suddenly realized that the one whom he dated for seven months, was just killed at Maizono's Hideout. This suddenly made Shiro Maizono a prime suspect, yet Maizono explained that it is someone else. The death of Kyla Sinque just made Mizanin a big scar to his own memories, which it did change his fate. What would be Mizanin's fate after Kyla's death?


  • Kyla Sinque (slashed into death)

Murder Weapon


  • Not Yet Arrested




  • The killer... nah, TBA.

File:ErikahMabayo BC3Evidence.png

Crime Scenes

Chief's Office Mike's Desk Chief's Office Bonus
Streets Brutal Way Streets Bonus
Olivia's Cliff Maizono's Hideout Olivia's Cliff Bonus


Before you could even investigate, you immediately had Kyla Sinque's body, and Kyla Sinque as the victim. Shiro Maizono and Rodrigo Mizanin were both marked as suspects as well.

The Final Kiss (Chapter 1)

Backstabbing Friends (Chapter 2)

Unlucky Retribution (Chapter 3)

Morrigan's Origins (AI)


  • The name of this case was formerly Twist of Fate which it is inspired from The Hardy Boyz' individual finisher in WWE.
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