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In the World Police Agency Headquarters; Athens, Greece

Chief Bourne (optimistic): Hello there, </noinclude>, Max. How are you? Good, I hope, because I have an important task for you two.
Chief Bourne: You've met the finance minister of Greece, Tanya Sachinidis, already. According to Ricky's reports, she was suspected in two of your murder investigations.
Chief Bourne: She claims that someone keeps sending her anonymous death threats and that she's petrified. She says she's in hiding here in Athens.
Chief Bourne (demanding): Max, </noinclude>, I want you to look around Athens for Tanya so we can bring her to protection.
Max Storm: Alright, Chief! Let's find Tanya. I bet we'll find her lickity-splat!

While sightseeing Athens

Max: Wow, Athens is truly is awesome! Sahir was right!
Max: What? You want to ruin our fun by investigating the Acropolis? I'm hoping by investigate, you mean visit!

Chapter 1

Investigate Acropolis

Max: What? There's nothing here asides some dumb corpse. Wait, what? You found a corpse! While sightseeing? I hate our job at times.
Max: You recognize that man! From one of your past investigations here! But not as a suspect.
Max: His name is Alder Hanzoulout? How do you even pronounce that?
Max: Oh, Alcander Hantzopoulous! Why didn't you say that in the first place?
Max: You're right. We might at least do our investigation properly. We should send the ambassador's corpse to Sahir for autopsy.
Max: Cool, you even found... broken pieces! Do you think that's useful? Oh well, whatever floats your boat!
Max: Weird. My phone is ringing! Hello?
Mako Speltz: Hey, it's me, Mako, your amazing digital analyst. So, the thing is tha-
Max (nervous): I wouldn't necessarily call you amazing, but cut to the case. We're... investigating!
Mako: With you, it's best not to give trust. Anyways, back in the murder of the German president, I performed analysis on Tanya's phone...
Mako: Breaching off from there, I found out her hiding location! Here's the address!
Max: Thanks so much, Mako!
Max: Anyways, </noinclude>, it reeks here. Let's leave. But before we go back to the HQ, decide what you want to do first!

Autopsy Victim's Body

Sahir (greenish): Hello, Max, </noinclude>. How's the *cough* investigation going?
Max: Sahir? You look... dead green.
Sahir: I'd suggest to get out of here now. Alcander was tranquilized with a poisonous gas.
Sahir (fainting): Ugh...
Max (shocked): AAAH! Sahir! Wake up!
Max: You know what, </noinclude>. Put the molecules on this mount slide under the microscope while I get Sahir to the closest hospital pronto.

Examine Molecules

Max: Huh? These molecules are Vitamin B12. What the heck is that?
Ava Müller: Mind if I butt in?
Max: Not at all.
Ava: Vitamin B12, also referred to as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood.
Max: So, basically pills?
Ava: Not just any pills. They're energy pills!
Max: Well, at least we know two things: that Sahir's safe and sound in the hospital and that Alcander's killer takes energy pills!

Examine Broken Pieces

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