When the Fireworks Fall on You
Season 1
City Cooold City
District TV World
Case Number #19
Date of Release September 26th, 2015
Partner(s) Amy Young
Preceded by Succeeded by
The Rises of a Killer Quickly Victim

When the Fireworks Fall on You it is the third case of the TV World, and the nineteenth at Cooold City.

Case Background

The case begins when Jack pays out the sentence and released and rejoins the team cooold City Bureau. Then they will do an act of commemoration to celebrate Jack, but activity a very important person dies, the mayor Mishty Poller.

During the chapters are as suspects Sofia of Girona (ghost), Frank Knight (ghost), Karen Knight (ghost), Jack Archer and Marina Romanova.

The murderer is Sofia Girona, who after trying to kill Jack, murders Sofia, is stopped by Frank and taken to the prison of the dead.


  • Mishty Poller
    Mayor of Cooold City are found dead, after the launch of Fireworks

Killer and motives

The Ghost of Sofia of Girona kills Mishty, when she is arrested, escape, but the Ghost of Frank stop to arrest hem.


  • Sofia Ramone (Ghost and Ex-Princesse)
  • Frank Knight (Ghost and Police)
  • Karen Knight (Ghost and Tech Expert)
  • Jack Archer (Team Member)
  • Marina Romanova (Profiler)


All time: Frank Knight, ghost

Crime Scenes

Mountain Cabin Forest Bonus
Summoning Room Table Summoning Room Bonus
Airport Ride of Airport Airport Bonus


The Rises of a Killer When the Fireworks Fall on You Quickly Victim

In the next case....

Player: Welcome to the Elections of the New Mayor!
Amy: Is pretty Vote, i Vote Green for the Chief <name of player>
Carmen: I vote Green, for the best Chief
Jones: I vote Green, for the Best Chief of the World

Frank-bot: Beep-Boop, I'am Frank-Bot, the Robot of Knn, Knn, Knight Frank

Marina: Welcome to the Bureau, tourists
Jack: What The... Marina, what are pass here

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