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Annabel: Alright, things are getting serious <Rank> <Name>, more so than they've ever been in Stardust Junction.
Annabel: We've been getting reports of murder after murder committed by Reus, something tells me he wasn't happy we stopped him before.
Annabel: And what's worse, we've had to bust a few big name stars for drug use, the black market's plans are coming to fruition.
Josiah: But thanks to Lydia, we've got a lead! One of their dealers was spotted by the set of a TV sitcom. And if I remember correctly, their stars didn't end so well.
Kenny: Yep, their lead man got nabbed by Reus, and the leading lady was busted for crack usage. Its easy to bet their dealer gave her that stuff.
Annabel: <Name>, I'm sending you and Josiah out there, Inspector Moretti will join you, so hurry along!
Kenny: I'll be on standby in case you need help, so you better get going.
Josiah: Got it, come on <Name>, the sooner we get this done the better!

Chapter 1

Investigate TV Set
Josiah: Well holy smokes, looks like someone got fried!
Giovanni: Sorry I'm late guys, you would not believe the-
Giovanni: Hey, I know that man!
Josiah: You do? Personally?
Giovanni: No, I met with <Name> in one of our investigations. He was a mechanic named Wayne Sparks.
Giovanni: We warned him about the black market attacking the set again, so he must've gotten the message across.
Josiah: And now he's dead. I don't find that to be a coincidence, but I've seen stranger.
Josiah: Let's get Mr. Sparks to autopsy. No need to confirm cause of death, the state of the body plus these wires <Name> grabbed easily point to electrocution.
Giovanni: Right, we better check those wires to see if the killer left any trace evidence, and this business card too while we're at it.
Josiah: Good idea. Let's hope this'll get us closer to putting an end to the market's schemes in this district once and for all!

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Josiah: So Daphne, any surprises?
Daphne: Yes and no, with the cause of death there's certainly no surprises. Electrocution was what got him, stopped his heart and nearly turned his brain into jelly.
Daphne: See I got a picture right here-
Giovanni: Uh no thanks Daph, that's fine! But you said there was a surprise?
Daphne: Yes actually, I was able to determine the cause of the electrocution actually.
Daphne: There are marks around his arms, indicating they were tied to something. The burn marks along them indicate they were wires.
Josiah: So the wires shocked him?
Daphne: Indeed they did, and it looks like the killer held him in order to ensure his death.
Daphne: There's no way the killer could've withstood that kind of shock. In order for them to do that, they'd need to be wearing rubber.
Giovanni: Rubber? Like rubber gloves?
Daphne: You bet! The traces on the shoulders indicate the killer wore them when they held Mr. Sparks down. The killer has to at least own rubber gloves.
Josiah: Well, if our killer has some rubber on them, then their crime is the glue! Let's make this one stick to them.

Examine Wires
Josiah: Well, looks like our killer left some pink stuff behind when they grabbed the wires.
Giovanni: As for what this is, that's Victor's department. Off to the lab with the evidence once again!

Analyze Pink Substance
Victor: Well, I can't say this is something you normally find on a bunch of wires.
Josiah: If its pink I can't say that either. What is it anyway?
Victor: Its chewing gum!
Giovanni: Gum? Did the killer leave that there?
Victor: Its the mostly likely scenario given the fact there was no trace of this in the victim's mouth.
Victor: I'd say stomach, but people don't normally swallow gum, now do they?
Josiah: Good point, we'll have this gum chewing killer in prison in no time!

Examine Business Card
Giovanni: Hey what do you know, this belongs to our victim!
Josiah: If he had a place of business, its worth checking out. Maybe there'll be some clues to his killer there.
Josiah: Only one way to find out, let's head to this address and check out this 'Repairman's Garage'. Guess he branched out.
Giovanni: Right, let's go!

Investigate Garage
Josiah: Man, this guy really didn't leave anything up to chance, check out all this equipment.
Giovanni: No kidding, guess Wayne took his work seriously and wanted to branch out.
Giovanni: But check this out, a police bludgeon!
Josiah: Were they investigating Wayne? We better see whose this is.
Josiah: And this cell phone and silk hat seem out of place for a mechanic, we better get a closer look at these too.

Examine Cell Phone
Giovanni: Nice work! But I don't think this is our victim's given the images.
Josiah: If we're gonna find out whose this is, we better not mess around. Let's get this to Marco straight away!

Analyze Cell Phone
Josiah: Hey Marco!
Marco: Yo Jo, and Giovanni, glad to see you!
Marco: So, this phone you brought me, its the latest Pear Model! Honestly, I thought I was up to date bit-
Giovanni: Latest? Who would own this?
Marco: Funny you ask that...
Marco: I looked through the texts and contacts, and guess who this is?
Josiah: No way, June Solomon, the Mayor's youngest daughter!?
Giovanni: Wayne is over twice her age, why would she be with him?
Josiah: Well he is a mechanic.
Giovanni: True, but she is the Mayor's daughter. So I don't really see the need for that.
Giovanni: We better talk to June about this.

Talk to June about her presence at the garage
Josiah: Miss Solomon, were you at the garage of one Wayne Sparks?
June: Um no, why would I-
Josiah: *Ahem* Your phone.
June: *gasp* OMG, my phone! Thank you!
Giovanni: It was at his garage by the way.
June: Oh shoot...
June: Alright, but I needed to be discreet about it. Daddy bought me a new car, and some jerk ran into it. I didn't want Daddy to think I did anything, like he would listen to me, so I found the nearest mechanic and had it fixed.
Josiah: Well that mechanic is also dead Miss Solomon, murdered in fact.
June: What!?
June: I didn't even know the guy's name before going there, I wouldn't kill him!
Giovanni: The jury is still out on both of those things Miss Solomon, so I'd wait if I were you.

Examine Silk Hat
Josiah: Hey, this hat belongs to The Great Horatio!
Giovanni: That magician? What would he be doing here, I don't think a magician has much use for a mechanic.
Josiah: I don't think profession has anything to do with it, but it would be worth seeing why he was here. Let's go see Mr. Kowalski for the details.

See why Horatio was at the victim's garage
Giovanni: Mr. Kowalski, you have a second?
Horatio: Hello once again officers, so what's the news this time?
Josiah: We're investigating the murder of a mechanic named Wayne Sparks. You lost this at his garage recently?
Horatio: Ah yes, I remember being there for some work on some of my machinery I use for my magic tricks.
Horatio: That Wayne fellow seemed like a nice person, though I didn't really know him personally.
Josiah: And what about the hat?
Horatio: I had a lot on my hands, so it might've fallen off. Personally I didn't think I lost it there of all places.
Giovanni: Alright, but stay nearby in case we have anymore questions.

Examine Police Bludgeon
Giovanni: The name reads O. Medina. Wait, does this belong to...
Josiah: It has to be, Commissioner Osgood Medina himself!
Josiah: Guess he wanted to investigate Wayne Sparks himself, but why?
Giovanni: That'll be the perfect excuse to speak to the big man. Let's go ask Commissioner Medina about it ourselves.

Confront Osgood over his investigation of the victim
Osgood: Ah, if it isn't the troublesome police once again.
Josiah: You're one to talk Osgood, but we're here on business.
Josiah: Were you investigating a mechanic named Wayne Sparks?
Osgood: Indeed I was, personally in fact. This was one I wanted credit for doing, don't want people to think I'm lazy now.
Giovanni: Well that same mechanic was murdered earlier today.
Osgood: Blast, another potential lead dead!
Osgood: I find it odd that when you started coming here, all this chaos began. We had this all under control.
Giovanni: Don't blame us! We're the ones who are at least cleaning this up, you haven't done a useful thing other than get in our way.
Josiah: Well you've made yourself a suspect in a murder, so now's not the time for that Commissioner!
Osgood: Fine, go ahead and suspect me. But you'll soon find that I'm innocent!

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well as if things couldn't get any worse, we have yet another murder. Potentially by the black market.
Giovanni: Mechanic Wayne Sparks was found electrocuted by wires on a TV sitcom set.
Giovanni: And it looks like not many people knew him personally. Horatio and June just came by for business.
Giovanni: And Commissioner Medina just investigated him, but for what reason is yet to be seen.
Josiah: Well, what we need are leads on the victim. If we knew where he was-
Kenny: And that's where I come in!
Giovanni: Kenny? What's the info you got?
Kenny: Turns out your victim made a special spot before going to the set...
Kenny: And that was to the local police department!

Chapter 2

Investigate Local Police Station

Examine Coffee Mug

Analyze Fingerprints

Examine Police Report

Interrogate Maxwell over his report on the victim

Chapter 3

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The Show Must Go On (8/9)

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