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Annabel: Alright, things are getting serious <Rank> <Name>, more so than they've ever been in Stardust Junction.
Annabel: We've been getting reports of murder after murder committed by Reus, something tells me he wasn't happy we stopped him before.
Annabel: And what's worse, we've had to bust a few big name stars for drug use, the black market's plans are coming to fruition.
Josiah: But thanks to Lydia, we've got a lead! One of their dealers was spotted by the set of a TV sitcom. And if I remember correctly, their stars didn't end so well.
Kenny: Yep, their lead man got nabbed by Reus, and the leading lady was busted for crack usage. Its easy to bet their dealer gave her that stuff.
Annabel: <Name>, I'm sending you and Josiah out there, Inspector Moretti will join you, so hurry along!
Kenny: I'll be on standby in case you need help, so you better get going.
Josiah: Got it, come on <Name>, the sooner we get this done the better!

Chapter 1

Investigate TV Set
Josiah: Well holy smokes, looks like someone got fried!
Giovanni: Sorry I'm late guys, you would not believe the-
Giovanni: Hey, I know that man!
Josiah: You do? Personally?
Giovanni: No, I met with <Name> in one of our investigations. He was a mechanic named Wayne Sparks.
Giovanni: We warned him about the black market attacking the set again, so he must've gotten the message across.
Josiah: And now he's dead. I don't find that to be a coincidence, but I've seen stranger.
Josiah: Let's get Mr. Sparks to autopsy. No need to confirm cause of death, the state of the body plus these wires <Name> grabbed easily point to electrocution.
Giovanni: Right, we better check those wires to see if the killer left any trace evidence, and this business card too while we're at it.
Josiah: Good idea. Let's hope this'll get us closer to putting an end to the market's schemes in this district once and for all!

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Josiah: So Daphne, any surprises?
Daphne: Yes and no, with the cause of death there's certainly no surprises. Electrocution was what got him, stopped his heart and nearly turned his brain into jelly.
Daphne: See I got a picture right here-
Giovanni: Uh no thanks Daph, that's fine! But you said there was a surprise?
Daphne: Yes actually, I was able to determine the cause of the electrocution actually.
Daphne: There are marks around his arms, indicating they were tied to something. The burn marks along them indicate they were wires.
Josiah: So the wires shocked him?
Daphne: Indeed they did, and it looks like the killer held him in order to ensure his death.
Daphne: There's no way the killer could've withstood that kind of shock. In order for them to do that, they'd need to be wearing rubber.
Giovanni: Rubber? Like rubber gloves?
Daphne: You bet! The traces on the shoulders indicate the killer wore them when they held Mr. Sparks down. The killer has to at least own rubber gloves.
Josiah: Well, if our killer has some rubber on them, then their crime is the glue! Let's make this one stick to them.

Examine Wires
Josiah: Well, looks like our killer left some pink stuff behind when they grabbed the wires.
Giovanni: As for what this is, that's Victor's department. Off to the lab with the evidence once again!

Analyze Pink Substance
Victor: Well, I can't say this is something you normally find on a bunch of wires.
Josiah: If its pink I can't say that either. What is it anyway?
Victor: Its chewing gum!
Giovanni: Gum? Did the killer leave that there?
Victor: Its the mostly likely scenario given the fact there was no trace of this in the victim's mouth.
Victor: I'd say stomach, but people don't normally swallow gum, now do they?
Josiah: Good point, we'll have this gum chewing killer in prison in no time!

Examine Business Card
Giovanni: Hey what do you know, this belongs to our victim!
Josiah: If he had a place of business, its worth checking out. Maybe there'll be some clues to his killer there.
Josiah: Only one way to find out, let's head to this address and check out this 'Repairman's Garage'. Guess he branched out.
Giovanni: Right, let's go!

Investigate Garage
Josiah: Man, this guy really didn't leave anything up to chance, check out all this equipment.
Giovanni: No kidding, guess Wayne took his work seriously and wanted to branch out.
Giovanni: But check this out, a police bludgeon!
Josiah: Were they investigating Wayne? We better see whose this is.
Josiah: And this cell phone and silk hat seem out of place for a mechanic, we better get a closer look at these too.

Examine Cell Phone
Giovanni: Nice work! But I don't think this is our victim's given the images.
Josiah: If we're gonna find out whose this is, we better not mess around. Let's get this to Marco straight away!

Analyze Cell Phone
Josiah: Hey Marco!
Marco: Yo Jo, and Giovanni, glad to see you!
Marco: So, this phone you brought me, its the latest Pear Model! Honestly, I thought I was up to date bit-
Giovanni: Latest? Who would own this?
Marco: Funny you ask that...
Marco: I looked through the texts and contacts, and guess who this is?
Josiah: No way, June Solomon, the Mayor's youngest daughter!?
Giovanni: Wayne is over twice her age, why would she be with him?
Josiah: Well he is a mechanic.
Giovanni: True, but she is the Mayor's daughter. So I don't really see the need for that.
Giovanni: We better talk to June about this.

Talk to June about her presence at the garage
Josiah: Miss Solomon, were you at the garage of one Wayne Sparks?
June: Um no, why would I-
Josiah: *Ahem* Your phone.
June: *gasp* OMG, my phone! Thank you!
Giovanni: It was at his garage by the way.
June: Oh shoot...
June: Alright, but I needed to be discreet about it. Daddy bought me a new car, and some jerk ran into it. I didn't want Daddy to think I did anything, like he would listen to me, so I found the nearest mechanic and had it fixed.
Josiah: Well that mechanic is also dead Miss Solomon, murdered in fact.
June: What!?
June: I didn't even know the guy's name before going there, I wouldn't kill him!
Giovanni: The jury is still out on both of those things Miss Solomon, so I'd wait if I were you.

Examine Silk Hat
Josiah: Hey, this hat belongs to The Great Horatio!
Giovanni: That magician? What would he be doing here, I don't think a magician has much use for a mechanic.
Josiah: I don't think profession has anything to do with it, but it would be worth seeing why he was here. Let's go see Mr. Kowalski for the details.

See why Horatio was at the victim's garage
Giovanni: Mr. Kowalski, you have a second?
Horatio: Hello once again officers, so what's the news this time?
Josiah: We're investigating the murder of a mechanic named Wayne Sparks. You lost this at his garage recently?
Horatio: Ah yes, I remember being there for some work on some of my machinery I use for my magic tricks.
Horatio: That Wayne fellow seemed like a nice person, though I didn't really know him personally.
Josiah: And what about the hat?
Horatio: I had a lot on my hands, so it might've fallen off. Personally I didn't think I lost it there of all places.
Giovanni: Alright, but stay nearby in case we have anymore questions.

Examine Police Bludgeon
Giovanni: The name reads O. Medina. Wait, does this belong to...
Josiah: It has to be, Commissioner Osgood Medina himself!
Josiah: Guess he wanted to investigate Wayne Sparks himself, but why?
Giovanni: That'll be the perfect excuse to speak to the big man. Let's go ask Commissioner Medina about it ourselves.

Confront Osgood over his investigation of the victim
Osgood: Ah, if it isn't the troublesome police once again.
Josiah: You're one to talk Osgood, but we're here on business.
Josiah: Were you investigating a mechanic named Wayne Sparks?
Osgood: Indeed I was, personally in fact. This was one I wanted credit for doing, don't want people to think I'm lazy now.
Giovanni: Well that same mechanic was murdered earlier today.
Osgood: Blast, another potential lead dead!
Osgood: I find it odd that when you started coming here, all this chaos began. We had this all under control.
Giovanni: Don't blame us! We're the ones who are at least cleaning this up, you haven't done a useful thing other than get in our way.
Josiah: Well you've made yourself a suspect in a murder, so now's not the time for that Commissioner!
Osgood: Fine, go ahead and suspect me. But you'll soon find that I'm innocent!

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well as if things couldn't get any worse, we have yet another murder. Potentially by the black market.
Giovanni: Mechanic Wayne Sparks was found electrocuted by wires on a TV sitcom set.
Giovanni: And it looks like not many people knew him personally. Horatio and June just came by for business.
Giovanni: And Commissioner Medina just investigated him, but for what reason is yet to be seen.
Josiah: Well, what we need are leads on the victim. If we knew where he was-
Kenny: And that's where I come in!
Giovanni: Kenny? What's the info you got?
Kenny: Turns out your victim made a special spot before going to the set...
Kenny: And that was to the local police department!

Chapter 2

Josiah: Wait, you're serious!?
Kenny: Yeah, my sources don't lie. A man fitting Wayne Sparks' description was seen going into the local police's HQ!
Giovanni: And as if fate would have it, the one in charge of the local police happens to be one of our suspects.
Giovanni: The judge will allow it, easy. Also Kenny, we have a job for you.
Kenny: Yeah? What's up?
Josiah: We need you to check our suspects and see if they own any rubber gloves. Here's the ones we have on our list so far, if we have anymore we'll let you know.
Kenny: Alright, I'll get it done.
Giovanni: So, let's head over there and investigate, shall we?
Josiah: We shall!

Investigate Local Police Station
Josiah: Of course we got a bit of resistance on the way in, but most of these guys seem welcome. Strange?
Giovanni: Perhaps, but let's focus on the investigation for now. This police report for starters.
Josiah: Good idea, maybe Osgood wasn't the only one looking into Wayne. Let's have a look at that.
Josiah: But why'd you grab this coffee mug <Name>?
Giovanni: I know better than to doubt <Name>'s judgement at this point. If its important, then let's dust for fingerprints.

Examine Coffee Mug
Giovanni: Alright, nice clean prints. Let's hope Marco can get us a match!

Analyze Fingerprints
Marco: Oh hey guys..
Josiah: What's wrong Marco? You don't seem that cheerful right now?
Marco: Well, its about those fingerprints you sent me.
Giovanni: Uh oh, who did they belong to?
Marco: I checked the results 5 times, but the data doesn't lie.
Marco: These belong to our very own Hunter Sandoval.
Josiah: Hunter!?! What was he doing there?
Josiah: We need to talk to him, get him back to the station, pronto!
Marco: On it, he'll be here in a few minutes.

Interrogate Hunter on his visit to the local police
Hunter: What's going on, why'd you call me back here?
Josiah: This is important Hunter, did you visit the local police station recently?
Hunter: What? Of course not, I'd never...
Giovanni: We have your fingerprints Hunter, we know you were there.
Hunter: Okay I was there! I actually used to be stationed at that department until I transferred to the city police. It was at Osgood's request.
Josiah: You know Commissioner Medina?
Hunter: Yeah, but the man's changed. I guess that's what power does to you.
Giovanni: Did you see this man, his name's Wayne Sparks.
Hunter: I don't think I did, sorry I can't help ya.
Josiah: Regardless Captin, we have to ask you to stay here.
Hunter: What? I'm busy trying to close the Reus case! Why?
Giovanni: I'm afraid you've become a suspect in this man's murder. But whether or not you're innocent is yet to be seen.
Hunter: Hmph, figures. 25 years, and I'm made a murder suspect.

Josiah: Wow, didn't think the Captain could be this grouchy.
Giovanni: Well hey, I'd be too if I were a murder suspect.
Josiah: Good point, let's have a look around the victim's garage again, maybe we missed something on our first run.

Investigate Raised Car
Josiah: Well, anything around here?
Giovanni: Not much, we did find were these torn pieces.
Giovanni: Chances are we can piece these back together, so let's have a look and see what they form.
Josiah: And if there's anything in this tool box, then its worth having a look.

Examine Tool Box
Josiah: Well what do you know, looks like we found a nice pair of rubber gloves.
Giovanni: The fingers seem singed, these must be the killer's! We better get these to the lab on the double!

Analyze Rubber Gloves
Josiah: So, were these the rubber gloves used by the killer?
Victor: I must admit, these gloves always seem to remind me of those old horror novels, the mad scientist working on his crazy, life-changing experiments.
Victor: Sorry, off track. Anyways, I checked and it matched the substance Daphne found on the body.
Giovanni: Nice! So, anything inside the gloves?
Victor: Smart of you to ask about the inside Sherlock.
Giovanni: Really?
Victor: Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyways, there were traces of carbamide peroxide, found in bleaching agents. But this one was for one's teeth.
Josiah: You mean like teeth whitener?
Victor: Exactly! Guess your killer wants to keep a clean smile.
Giovanni: Well that smile won't fool us when we catch them!

Examine Torn Pieces
Josiah: Hey what's this? Looks like a photo.
Josiah: And it's got Mayor Solomon on it! But who's that other person?
Giovanni: Well shoot me if I'm wrong, but that looks like The Great Horatio. And he doesn't look to be happy.
Josiah: Why's he unhappy, and why does Wayne have this photo? I don't remember anything saying Horatio met with the Mayor.
Giovanni: I don't know what we're getting into, but we need to talk to Horatio about this.

Ask Horatio about his meeting with the Mayor
Giovanni: Hey Horatio, any chance you can explain this meeting with-
Horatio: Don't even speak of him!
Horatio: Sorry, that was just a bad experience. He spoke with me recently about the Artist of the Stars ceremony.
Josiah: What about?
Horatio: He wanted me to leave the ceremony's nominations for best magic act!
Horatio: I asked why, but he refused to tell me! I nearly spit my gum at him I was so mad.
Horatio: And it turns out that mechanic Wayne witnessed the whole thing, despite the need for it to remain private.
Josiah: But why was he there?
Horatio: He was doing some work for the Mayor is all, but I could not stand it! He should've kept his nose out of our business, I'm just glad he didn't blackmail me over this.
Giovanni: Was this really necessary to keep quiet about?
Horatio: Of course it was! If the Mayor wanted me gone, then think of what this would do to my reputation, I'd be ruined!
Josiah: Well your reputation will be much worse if we find out you killed Wayne Sparks!

Giovanni: Why would Mayor Solomon want Horatio to leave the awards ceremony?
Josiah: Don't know, I'd ask him but he wouldn't help.
Josiah: Let's try from an outside source, maybe one of his daughters?
Giovanni: Of course! June is one of our suspects, and since Wayne knew about it, we'd be able to get the info easily!
Giovanni: Given her record with us, she won't want to keep any secrets, let's talk to June.

Interrogate June about her father and The Great Horatio
Josiah: Miss Solomon, we need to confirm something. Your father and Horatio Kowalski, the magician, had a bad meeting didn't they?
June: Um, well...
Giovanni: Our victim happened to know about it, so mind filling us in on this?
June: Okay, but please don't tell Daddy, I'm in enough trouble because of Wayne and Horatio anyway.
Giovanni: Both of them? What happened?
June: Horatio had been monopolizing the magician's category for almost 20 years, he felt that he should retire.
June: Naomi had wanted to try out magic for herself, so Daddy tried to tell him he wanted his daughter to have a chance.
June: Wayne was planning on blackmailing Daddy because of how he treated others compared to us!
June: It doesn't help that recently, when I asked him to keep a secret about the accident I had the car, and he called him and let him know! I'm not allowed to drive his car for weeks, and I need to!
Josiah: Wow, you were pretty mad at him huh? What's to say you didn't kill him?
June: I didn't! I just got some gum and chewed out my frustrations so I didn't ruin my teeth. You wouldn't believe how much teeth whitener I need to use to keep these fresh, its the good thing I heard out of Horatio!
Giovanni: Well there will be plenty of ways to take out your frustrations in prison should we find out you killed Wayne.

Examine Police Report
Josiah: Well what do you know, looks like this report was all about our victim.
Josiah: And look, Maxwell Hardy was the one who compiled it!
Giovanni: Guess our favorite local officer was investigating him alongside his boss. We better check why the man felt the need to make this report.

Interrogate Maxwell over his report on the victim
Maxwell: Ah, its you again. Can't an officer chew his gum in peace?
Josiah: This is important Officer Hardy, we're investigating the murder of Wayne Sparks.
Maxwell: What!? Damn it, another lead gone!
Maxwell: I know he was on the market's bad side thanks to that report he gave about them attacking that movie set.
Giovanni: So you thought he might attract the market?
Maxwell: Exactly, I told Commissioner Medina about this and he couldn't have agreed more.
Josiah: But wait, why did you file the report if he's investigating him?
Maxwell: It was my turn to do it. So, if we're done, I have police business to do.

Back at the station...
Josiah: So Kenny, good news?
Kenny: Bad news, I checked the store records and my contacts and everything. I didn't leave any stone unturned...
Kenny: And it looks like all your suspects have access to those gloves.
Giovanni: Darn! Guess that bit of info was useless.
Josiah: Well I know what isn't, we know both Horatio and June use the same teeth whitener, so that's two black marks for the both of them!
Kenny: I'll be on standby in case you need anymore help.
Giovanni: Thanks Kenny, well with the argument between the Mayor, his daughter June and Horatio, Wayne certainly made an enemy of himself.
Josiah: Perhaps, but I'm not sure about-
Osgood: Officers, I've had it with you!
Josiah: You again? What is it now?
Osgood: I'm claiming jurisdiction over this district, and I've had it with you! You are to leave Stardust Junction at once, or I'll have the lot of you arrested for insubordination against the local police!

Chapter 3

Josiah: You'll what!?!
Giovanni: You can't do that!
Osgood: I have jurisdiction here, of course I can! Now get lost, this case is ours!
Annabel: Sorry Osgood, but I'm afraid you can't do that.
Osgood: And why not?
Atticus: The law states that if there are any active murder investigations being performed by the Warrenville PD, they must be allowed to finish them.
Osgood: WHAT!? But-
Josiah: May we remind you Commissioner Medina, you're a suspect in this too, so you can't take jurisdictive rights away from us!
Osgood: Grrrrr, you haven't heard the last of this!
Atticus: Thank goodness I always come prepared with my history of law texts.
Giovanni: Agreed, thanks for your help Chief, and you too Atticus.
Annabel: Not a problem, now, I suggest you take this opportunity to examine the Commissioner's belongings. Who knows if he's hiding anything.
Josiah: Right, we know he was investigating Wayne Sparks, so let's get a closer look at him.

Investigate Commissoner's Desk
Giovanni: Well, glad to see he likes to keep things organized.
Josiah: Hey, check out this newspaper, it about the murder at that action movie set!
Giovanni: Wayne was a suspect in that case, so Osgood must've kept an eye on it.
Giovanni: But there's some faded writing on here, let's recover it and see what it is.
Josiah: And it looks like our Commissioner kept some of his medals close by, but it looks like someone didn't like it so much.
Giovanni: Hold on, the name on these medals, they aren't Osgood's, they belong to Maxwell Hardy!
Josiah: Now why would Maxwell's medals be on Osgood's desk? Maybe if we find out how this display was broken we'll know the story. Let's see if there's any evidence.

Examine Medal Display
Josiah: Some black substance on the medal display, nice find <Name>!
Giovanni: Let's get this under a microscope, hopefully we can find our perpetrator.

Examine Black Substance
Giovanni: This substance was apparently oil.
Josiah: Oil? I'm not sure if Maxwell would have that on his hands constantly.
Josiah: Huh? You think this might've been left by our victim <Name>?
Giovanni: It would make sense given Wayne was a mechanic, but why would he vandalize his medals like that?
Josiah: No idea, better ask Maxwell about it then.

Ask Maxwell why the victim vandalized his medals
Maxwell: Hello again meddling officers, tell me, does this teeth whitener make my smile look better?
Maxwell: I only ask because I'll be smiling like crazy once Commissioner Medina kicks your sorry butts out of here!
Josiah: Real nice, anyways, did the victim have anything to do with this?
Maxwell: My medals? Oh yeah, he heard about me following him and came to complain right to my face.
Giovanni: He knew?
Maxwell: Yes he did, and he wasn't happy. I knew he was a crook, but he complained we were harassing an honest citizen like him!
Josiah: So he got mad and broke the display holding your medals?
Maxwell: He did! I swear, if I wasn't an officer of the law I would've slapped that man across the face. But unlike you, I can show restraint.
Giovanni: Well we won't restrain ourselves from arresting you should we find out Wayne's murder was your doing.

Examine Newspaper
Josiah: Alright, let's see what this writing says...
Josiah: "You can't hide Wayne, I know you're hiding something, I'll find you!"
Giovanni: Do you think Osgood wrote this?
Josiah: Perhaps, but we could use some more insight into the man, maybe we'll know why he's acting so stubborn to help.
Giovanni: Let's send this to Alice, she'll give a psychological profile on our 'friend' Osgood.

Analyze Message
Giovanni: So Alice, any words regarding our obstinate Osgood?
Alice: Plenty, and none of them are anything good.
Alice: Given the way he exaggerated the "I"s makes me think he's after one thing, glory.
Alice: He sees this as a game, not a job, and wants to take credit for himself.
Josiah: So is that why he wants us gone?
Alice: Most likely, he values fame over people's lives, and when he sees a potential criminal he makes them guilty in his eyes, even without proof.
Josiah: I knew that guy was off his rocker, but I didn't think he'd go this far!
Alice: If you don't mind <Name>, I'd like to accompany you to speak with Osgood. I'm concerned over his behavior.
Giovanni: Fine by us Alice, let's head over and speak with Commissioner Medina again.

Confront Osgood over his message to the victim
Alice: Commissioner Medina, I'm Alice Foster, profile for the Warrenville PD. We found this newspaper amongst your belongings, you thought Wayne was a criminal?
Osgood: Well, didn't think I'd be greeted by someone like yourself. I guess that teeth whitener really did make my teeth sparkle.
Josiah: Stay focused Commissioner Medina, now, did you think Wayne Sparks was a criminal?
Osgood: Of course I did! It was obvious!
Josiah: Obvious? How so?
Osgood: In order to ensure he wouldn't get suspected, he was the one who reported the market's meddling to the police.
Osgood: The film ended up getting scrapped from what I heard, so when they saw it wouldn't help them, they had to make sure one of their associates remained unsuspected.
Giovanni: Commissioner Medina, we were the ones to tell Wayne about it. He didn't find out himself.
Osgood: Really? Maybe you're in on it?
Josiah: Okay, that is going too far! We've been on the trail of the market for months now, and all you've been doing is accusing us and getting in our way!
Alice: This can't be good for your sanity Commissioner.
Osgood: My sanity is intact thank you, just give me some gum and I'm perfectly fine with life.
Osgood: And besides, I'm not the only one who despises criminals. Ask your own Hunter Sandoval, he used to work in this district, and he hates them more than me.

Josiah: I don't like that guy's tone, but why did he say that about Hunter?
Giovanni: Well I know he doesn't take too kindly to Kenny. But all criminals?
Alice: Considering he's a suspect, we need to think of his thoughts on the victim. If Wayne was a criminal, how would Hunter react?
Alice: We need to speak with him, I'll come along just in case.

Ask Hunter about his thoughts on the victim
Hunter: Hey guys, got any gum? I've been trying to quit smoking and chewing gum has been helping.
Giovanni: Sure, here you go. So, we spoke to Osgood recently.
Giovanni: He said something about you disliking criminals.
Hunter: In all honesty I do, I hate them with all my heart!
Hunter: All my life I've had to see people do horrible things and no one does anything about them!
Josiah: Is that why you joined the force?
Hunter: Yep, and 25 years of service hasn't done much to stop the crime in Warrenville.
Josiah: Well, you've done quite a lot for the city in your service. What were your thoughts on Wayne Sparks?
Hunter: Honestly, I figured that set had to have someone working with the market. Since Wayne was the mechanic for that stuntman's bike, I figured he had the easiest access.
Alice: And if he was a criminal?
Hunter: If I had proof, I'd hunt that man down till he spilled everything he knew!
Hunter: I don't let leads go away, if I could I'd do anything to end the market, ANYTHING!
Alice: Hunter, calm down. We don't want you to be a suspect in this, but we may have to put an end to your long career should we find out you killed Wayne Sparks.

Back at the station...
Josiah: It was nice of Alice to help out, hopefully she can help us find the mastermind behind the black market's operations once we're done here.
Giovanni: But it looks like Wayne was pretty suspect amongst the local law enforcement.
Giovanni: Both Officer Hardy and Commissioner Medina suspected Wayne was a criminal.
Josiah: Thank goodness Hunter at least held back, if not I'm scared he could've killed him himself.
Josiah: But with all that said, we still need more proof to Wayne's killer.
Giovanni: We better return to the crime scene then. If there's more proof, we'll be sure to find it.
Giovanni: Come on boys, time's a wasting! We'll have this killer in prison before the day is over!

Investigate Couch
Giovanni: They always seem to throw important evidence in the trash, so we should check this barrel for anything.
Josiah: Right, and <Name> grabbed this pillow too. Well, I'm not one to doubt your skills, so let's have a look and see what we can find.
Josiah: We've got a lot riding on this case, so let's get this killer as soon as possible!

Examine Trash Barrel
Josiah: What's that you found, a tube of ointment?
Giovanni: Its got blood on it, the killer must've thrown it out after killing Wayne.
Giovanni: I can't read the label on what this stuff is, better send it to the lab then.

Analyze Ointment
Victor: Nice catch sending me that ointment tube, its actually very helpful.
Giovanni: How so?
Victor: The blood on it belonged to your victim, but the substance inside isn't something your victim would be using.
Victor: As its used to treat bruises.
Josiah: Bruises? Did the victim and the killer fight?
Victor: Perhaps, but one thing is for sure. Whoever your killer is, they'll be sporting a nasty bruise on them.
Josiah: Well they'll end up getting anymore if they try to run, we've got on now!

Examine Pillow
Josiah: Nice one, this clear substance might give us a clue on our killer. Let's get to this Victor, we've almost got 'em now!

Analyze Unknown Liquid
Giovanni: So, what was that liquid from the pillow?
Victor: Well... um...
Josiah: Uh oh, that's not good news.
Victor: Of course it isn't, not even I could come up with this.
Victor: But I went over the composition of this several times, and-
Giovanni: And?
Victor: This substance is used to polish badges, a favorite amongst policemen.
Josiah: You mean to say the killer is a police officer?
Victor: I'm afraid so.
Giovanni: Well, time to remind our killer they shouldn't have broken the very thing they had to uphold!

Josiah: Alright, we've got all the evidence we need. Now to arrest Wayne Sparks' killer!
Giovanni: This is gonna be a tough one, hopefully we'll finally get the answers on the market we've been looking for!
Giovanni: Time's a wasting, let's end this!

Take care of the killer now!
Osgood: Why hello officers, may I ask why you're here?
Josiah: Simple, we're here to arrest Wayne Sparks' killer!
Maxwell: What? You can't think Commissioner Medina is responsible for this!
Giovanni: Actually, we don't.
Giovanni: The truth is Officer Hardy, it was you all along! Hands up, you're under arrest!
Maxwell: What?! I would never!
Josiah: And what about the rubber gloves you used when you electrocuted him? We even found the gum you chewed on the wires that killed him!
Maxwell: Come on, those mean nothing!
Giovanni: We found your badge polisher at the crime scene, we know it had to be a policeman, like yourself!
Maxwell: If a policeman did it, then why don't you suspect your own?
Josiah: We found your bruise ointment too, probably when you fought with Wayne. The jig's up Hardy, its over!
Osgood: Oh please, you're just doing this so I wouldn't kick you out. Well too bad, you're-
Maxwell: *sigh* And here I thought my cover wouldn't be blown. I guess I underestimated the lot of you.
Osgood: Huh? Officer Hardy?
Josiah: I knew it! You're with the black market!
Maxwell: Yeah, I am! I hid myself among the police and played to Osgood's ego so I could get the lot of you out of here, but you stayed!!
Josiah: And what about Wayne Sparks, why did you kill him?
Maxwell: The one in charge told me to get revenge for him letting the public know about our attack. I tried warning him, but he told me he'd reveal me to you guys. So I felt he had no purpose to live other than meddle in our affairs!
Osgood: Maxwell, I thought I could trust you! And you... you used me!?
Osgood: I can't believe you wanted them gone just so you could keep up your criminal acts. I thought they were the enemy, but clearly the real foe was amongst my own officers.
Maxwell: Oh please, your desire for glory made it too easy. If only you did your job!
Josiah: That's enough, you're the one who used him, so what does that make you?!
Giovanni: You can say you're doing the right thing all you want, but the facts remain you killed someone, and you worked for a criminal network.
Josiah: Consider yourself relieved of duty, Maxwell Hardy, you're under arrest!
Maxwell: Hmph, whatever.

Judge Blackwell: Officer Maxwell Hardy, it says here you killed Wayne Sparks and worked with the black market to drive the Warrenville PD out of the district.
Maxwell: That I did.
Maxwell: They've been getting in our way and our leader wanted them gone! I had to help them!
Judge Blackwell: You're a police officer, you're supposed to help the people, not the criminals.
Maxwell: I am helping the people! We need to do this, people are suffering!
Judge Blackwell: They're only suffering because of the constant fear you give off to everyone. You've done nothing good for anyone, and have only caused trouble!
Judge Blackwell: I'm sick of you scum thinking you're in the right, I will not stand for anymore of this!
Judge Blackwell: Maxwell Hardy, I condemn you to life in prison!
Maxwell: Ha! Say whatever the hell you want, but you know nothing, nothing!
Maxwell: As long as the one in charge is still out there, our operations in Stardust Junction won't be stopped! You've done nothing officers, nothing!
Josiah: Well, we've arrested you didn't we? And now, we won't leave!
Maxwell: .....Oh, crap.

Giovanni: The look on his face was priceless, nice move there Josiah!
Josiah: Thanks, I was hoping I'd get a reaction out of him.
Osgood: Yes, well, I believe I owe you all an apology.
Osgood: Maxwell was the one who really wanted you gone, he suggested the idea to me in the first place.
Osgood: He played to my need for glory and it snowballed out of control. But now that he's gone, I'm willing to give my full cooperation!
Josiah: Thank you Commissioner Medina, glad to know we finally have this matter resolved.
Josiah: Now all that's left is to track Maxwell's movements and find out who's behind all this! Time is short, because the Artist of the Stars cermony starts tonight, we can't let them begin with the market messing things up, so let's go!

The Show Must Go On (8/9)

Annabel: Is this true?
Josiah: Definetly! Officer Maxwell Hardy was the one who wanted us gone. And not only did he kill Wayne Sparks, but he confessed to being part of the black market!
Giovanni: I gotta say, I knew that guy was rude, but a criminal?
Giovanni: But with that done, we have the proof needed to look into the black market's leader of operations in Stardust Junction!
Annabel: If Maxwell had contact with him, head back to the police station and find his belongings. Hopefully he left something behind.
Josiah: Right, and also, I want to apologize to Hunter for suspecting him.
Giovanni: Apoligize?
Josiah: I feel like we might've gone too far with our interrogations. Besides, if we're gonna find the man behind this, we'll need all the help we can get!
Annabel: Alright, Josiah can go and apologize to Hunter, Giovanni, go and have a look at Officer Hardy's belongings.
Annabel: <Rank> <Name>, its your choice where you start. But before we can make an arrest, we need to get these done. Good luck!

Investigate Local Police Station
Giovanni: Alright, it looks like Maxwell didn't leave anything out in the open.
Giovanni: Looks like we'll have to check his locker, let's get the combination and open this thing up!

Examine Maxwell's Locker
Giovanni: Yes, its unlocked! Alright, time to look through.

Examine Locker Contents
Giovanni: Nice catch! If Maxwell worked with the leader, then their plans oughta be in this journal. Let's see what Alice can tell us about this.

Analyze Journal
Alice: Nice work finding this, I think we have enough to put someone away for a long time!
Alice: I went over all of this with Marco, and we have the market's entire plans here.
Giovanni: All of them?
Marco: You bet buddy! These guys really aren't that good at keeping their secrets. But we've got all the drug dealers on these plans. Officers are out arresting them now!
Giovanni: Nice! Any idea who the leader might be?
Alice: Sadly no, they always referred to the leader in some kind of code. One both Marco and I have yet to decipher.
Marco: But, given how many times this journal mentions them, Maxwell had to have met with the leader personally.
Giovanni: Given his job I can see why, so let's see if we can't loosen his lips.

See if you can get Maxwell to reveal the leader
Maxwell: Well, I knew you would come here.
Giovanni: And I had a feeling we'd be seeing you again, so, I'm guessing you know why we're here?
Maxwell: Of course, you want to know the leader. Well forget it!
Giovanni: Look Hardy, face it, thanks to your arrest, we have all the details of the black market's operations here.
Maxwell: Ha! And how could you possibly-
Maxwell: Wait, my journal! I forgot to get rid of it!
Giovanni: Yep, and guess who found it?
Maxwell: F**k me!
Giovanni: We know who's part of the market now, the leader is the only one alluding us. You're already in jail for life, so might as well do the one thing that'll be exciting for the rest of your life!
Maxwell: .....Fine.
Maxwell: The person you're looking for is.... Horatio Kowalski.
Giovanni: The Great Horatio?
Maxwell: Yep, he told me after I killed Wayne he was gonna leave proof at the place I did it. I haven't gone back there so you know.
Giovanni: We need to hurry, before Horatio takes that evidence away! And let's grab a bite while we're at it, I'm hungry.

Investigate TV Set
Giovanni: Anything out of place?
Giovanni: Hey, this trunk wasn't here before. Horatio must've put it here after we checked the scene the second time.
Giovanni: He must not have had time to retrieve it, quick, let's open it and see what's inside.
Giovanni: Locked, just great. Well, you know what to do <Name>.

Examine Trunk
Giovanni: Yes! So, what's inside?
Giovanni: Looks like a costume of some sorts, and a note. "Use this to get away from the Warrenville PD. Let me know when you've escaped - H.K."
Giovanni: That's Horatio Kowalski's initials! We've got him now! Let's go tell the Chief all the big news!

Inform the Chief of the leader's identity
Giovanni: Chief, we got big news!
Giovanni: We've discovered the one behind all this is none other than The Great Horatio!
Annabel: What? Horatio Kowalski?
Annabel: And you're sure of this?
Giovanni: We got confirmation from Maxwell Hardy, and found this!
Annabel: This is certainly incriminating, I'll need to discuss this with Judge Blackwell, but we'll need more proof.
Annabel: But great work nonetheless, here, a little contribution for your stellar work!

See if Hunter will be able to help out
Josiah: Hey Captain, you have a second?
Hunter: What is it?
Josiah: I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.
Hunter: Hmm?
Josiah: We went too far in suspecting you of Wayne's murder, we probabaly should've just-
Hunter: Now what the hell are you talking about?
Hunter: I'm the one at fault here, not you, I overreacted. You were just doing your job is all.
Josiah: So, you're not mad?
Hunter: I am, but I'm mad at myself. You, no.
Hunter: So, if you need any help, I'll be more than happy to!
Josiah: Great! Let's go check out the victim's garage, if he investigated the black market he might've found something out about the one in charge.
Hunter: I'm all for it, let's do it.

Investigate Garage
Hunter: Well, looks like we got some torn paper on our hands.
Josiah: Right! <Name>, you know the drill!

Examine Torn Paper
Hunter: So, what'd you piece together?
Josiah: Looks like a bunch of newspapers on the black market. Wayne must've kept an eye on them after we told him about the attack on the movie set.
Josiah: Let's get these to Marco, if there's any details on them he'll know for certain!

Analyze Newspapers
Marco: You gave me a lot of stuff to look over guys, next time can you try to ease my workload?
Josiah: We don't have time for that Marco, we need info on the big man in charge!
Hunter: Yeah, so anything you can tell us?
Marco: Fine, I looked through everything and while I couldn't find anything indicating the leader.
Marco: I found that Osgood had come close and managed to get a close view of them.
Josiah: A close view?
Marco: He didn't catch their face, but maybe he'll let us know about something important.
Josiah: Fine by me, it helps that he's willing to cooperate now.
Hunter: Right, let's see how cooperative Commissioner Medina will be with us now.

Ask Osgood about what he saw
Josiah: Commissioner Medina, you want to help us, we need it right now!
Hunter: Word is you came close to the leader of the black market's operations 'round these parts.
Osgood: I did, care to hear?
Hunter: That's why we came here after all. So, what do you know?
Osgood: When I approached the figure, he looked like a magician. He had a cape and a top hat on.
Josiah: A magician?
Osgood: From the build they looked to be male, and he seemed... familiar.
Osgood: But the only magician I can think of that I met earlier would be The Great Horatio, but I just brushed that off.
Hunter: The Great Horatio?
Josiah: That wouldn't be surprising, but if he's the guy you're talking about...
Osgood: I'll be more than happy to confirm it if you'd like.
Hunter: That'd be great! Glad to see you're still on our side Osgood.
Osgood: Right, I let my pride get the better of me, and I nearly got myself in big trouble.
Osgood: But thank you for fixing my problems, and putting that no good Maxwell behind bars! Here, a little token of my thanks.

In the Chief's Office...
Annabel: So, find anything?
Hunter: We spoke to Osgood, he came close to nabbing the leader. He told us he looked like a magician, and after some closer investigative work.
Hunter: He confirmed it was Horatio Kowalski.
Giovanni: Doesn't help his case considering the fact that we found direct proof as well from Maxwell Hardy. I think we have enough, don't you think?
Annabel: Well, the judge thinks so. Dexter Blackwell has given us the arrest warrant!
Josiah: Nice! Well, only one thing left to do!
Giovanni: Arrest the mastermind behind these black market activities. And soon after...
Hunter: We can finally put all our resources into killing Mr. Reus!
Hunter: The rest of us will standby, you three go and arrest Horatio!
Josiah: Fine by us! Come on guys, let's finish this!

Arrest the Great Horatio
Josiah: Hands up Horatio! We know the truth, you're behind the black market's activies in Stardust Junction!
Horatio: What? Me? Don't be-
Giovanni: You can try to deny it, but we have proof. Maxwell Hardy confessed everything, and we even have this little number you left for him.
Horatio: What? No? I thought he-
Horatio: Wait, no, its not what you think!
Josiah: Nice try, so, care to make it easy on all of us and confess?
Horatio: Fine, I didn't peg you to be this clever. I thought I hid my tracks well.
Horatio: But it appears you've outsmarted me.
Giovanni: So why all this? Why rig the Artist of the Stars ceremony?
Horatio: To ensure my vengeance! Even though I was found innocent of being Reus, people still suspected me. It literally took until almost 5 years, from when it happened, to build my career back up!
Horatio: I only won the award so much because no one else wanted to touch it after Reus began killing!
Horatio: But I was still furious! They shunned me, they blamed me, I may be no killer, but they're the true demons here.
Josiah: Like you're any better, you're aiding and abetting a criminal network whose done more harm to this city than help!
Horatio: Go ahead, arrest me! You'll never stop the-
Reus: Sorry, but this is MY spotlight!
Giovanni: Its Reus! We need backup, now!
Josiah: Reus, hands in the air, its over!
Reus: NO! It will never be over! This is my town! And no one it taking it from me!
(Reus swoops in and drops behind Horatio)
Reus: I know the kind of publicity a man like this can bring, and I won't let him take it from me!
Giovanni: Let him go!
Reus: I said NO! I won't let anyone take it from me, scum like this deserve death, and I'll be more than happy to give it to him!
Horatio: No, unhand me, let me go!
Reus: Farewell officers, next time you see me, I will be amongst the stars!
Josiah: The stars? You mean the award ceremony?
Reus: You may never know, and soon you'll meet your end as well! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
(The lights turn off, by the time they come back on, Reus and Horatio are gone)
Josiah: NO! He's got Horatio!
Giovanni: We need everyone out there finding him, NOW!!!!

A few hours later...
Daisy: The border of the district is clear, Reus hasn't left.
Kenny: Nothing at the movie houses or theaters, abandoned or otherwise.
Isabel: He's not at any of the hotels, stores, or clubs.
Annabel: We need to keep looking, before Reus kills Horatio! This needs to end now!
Osgood: Chief Armstrong!
Luke: We got news!
Annabel: Osgood, Luke, what's wrong?
Luke: Its nothing good to report, we checked at the theater where they're hosting the Artist of the Stars event and... and...
Osgood: We found Horatio Kowalski, I'm afraid we were too late. He's dead.

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