Wendy Stokes
Biographical information
Full name Wendy Stokes
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1987
Death 2018
Cause of death Bullet wound to the forehead
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Scientist
Affiliation(s) US Army (formerly)

The Venom

Game information
First appeared Case #27 Shot of Duty
Oh that's cute.You two really want to stop me ? Well,that's not going to happen honey...
—-Wendy few second before getting shot to death by Diane Miller
Wendy Stokes (1987-2018) appearing as a central character in Criminal Case Laroy Bay was the killer of two diffrent women.She was also a suspect in the two murder investigations.


Wendy was a 31-year-old scientist working for US Army with long reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a shirt with multiple patterns underneath a white lab coat, which is adorned with a leaf badge and an ID badge. Additionally, Wendy wore a pair of black round glasses, a leaf necklace and has a pink-purple flower clip on her hair. 

Age 31
Height 5'5''
Weight 137lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type AB+

Shot of Duty

Wendy was interrogated after team found her IDCard on crime scene.She said that she has access to Weather Control Room and she forgot her IDCard in there.

Wendy was interrogated after team found out that she had a crush on Colonel Miller.She said that she loved him so much,but he mocked her when she confessed to him.

Wendy was found innocent after team arrested Ray Freeman for murder.

In AI,Army sent Wendy to go on boat with Marcus Young and player to make sure that nobody released dangerous fishes into the water again.

Fishing the Fishman

Wendy was interrogated once again after she identified the victim.She said that she knew her from high school and that they were good friends.

Wendy was spoken to again after team found her DNA on dead Angler Fish that killed the victim.She said that she was fascinated by those fish and that she only had a closer look.

Team found enough evidence to arrest her for a murder.Wendy tried to convice them that she is not the killer,but she then confessed.Since army was working with the police to catch the traitor,and Wendy was ordered to find out who is helping Anya and traitor.However,Wendy heard Amelia talking to traitor about weather machine and she knew that Amelia is helping them.Wendy contacted army,and they told her to kill Amelia and that it's right thing so Wendy sneaked up on Amelia and pushed her into tank,destroying her phone and leaving her to die.She said that she had to keep it a secret.Laroy Bay Police Department (except Angie) team arrived with their helicopter to pick up Marcus and player and to bring Wendy on trial.Army contacted Judge Eva Rose about current situation and Wendy was free to go,since it was her mission.

Seed of Doubt

Wendy became a suspect after team found out that she is the owner of the greenhouse.She said that greenhouse was hers,but The Venom stole it from her with Shane Garcia's help.When team told her that he is dead,she said that he deserved it.

Wendy was spoken to again after team found her DNA on vines.She said that she touched them often to make sure they grow strong.

Wendy was found innocent after team arrested Maximus Powell for a murder.


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