welcome to east city is the first case of On welcoming.

the players partner , ciara hills , welcomed the player to the east city police department. Suddenly , a call said that a teenager was found dead in the entrance of town.. The victim was mangle Stewart. The killer was adrian koran. adrian explained in court that mangle has murdered his grandfather , falcon koran. judge astrid has sentenced adrian 15 years in jail with parole of 2 years.

Victim-mangle stewart

Murder weapon-shot gun

Killer-Adrian koran

crime scenes

Roadside-destroyed car-roadside bonus


john Stewart-victims brother     

profile-the suspect handles guns

Adrian Koran-victims lawyer

profile-the suspect handles guns

-the suspect has watched pretty adventure

killer profile

-the killer handles guns -the killer watches pretty adventure


-john was saying a phone brand named sinksung which is similar to the cellphone brand samsung.

cases in  entrance

job center-Welcome to east city , blood in the water , burning money , happy death-day

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