At the Toomeswood PD Headquarters
Irene Chetwynd(smiling): Ah, you must be the new recruit <Rank>, Welcome to Toomeswood, Chief Bellacoola is on her way to meet you right now.
Colleen Bellacoola(pleased): Actually Irene, I am here now. Greetings and welcome to Toomeswood, <Rank> <Name>, I am Chief Colleen Bellacoola.
Chief Bellacoola:I assume you are here because you have the senses of the eagle to help you solve a good mystery, though I can assure you that you can make yourself at home here in Toomeswood.
Chief Bellacoola:You should camp in the beautiful lakes in Timber Meadows...
Chief Bellacoola:...enjoy the museums and art galleries in Columbia Heights.
Irene:I love going swimming in Sunshine Cascades...
Jordan Cranbrook: Also I am sometimes taking classes at Mapletree University.
Lucas Langley-Merritt(smiling): We can always go hiking and visiting the wolf conservation centre in Wolfpeak Hills.
Tazia Revelstoke(excited): Oooh just wait til you're partying the night away at Starlight Metropolis.
Chief Bellacoola: Let's not forget the island of my tribe, Bear Island.
Tazia(sweating): Vanessa might get very angry if we don't check out Caribou Mines.
Chief Bellacoola: Our heritage history also lies within the Dusty Plainlands, Toomeswood is home to us all but we've fallen on some serious hardships.
Chief Bellacoola(sad): Our farmlands in Eagle Canyon are especially in trouble.
Irene(mad): The corn fields seem to be dying out for some unknown reason, we don't know what or who is behind it.
Jonah Westminster(sweating):...Chief...trouble...border...
Jordan(confused): Are you okay, Jonah? You look like you're in some kind of trouble.
Irene(concerned): Are you saying that there's trouble in the Toomeswood-Carville Border Station?
Jonah: Yeah, some anonymous number called and said that there was trouble going on in the border station!
Chief Bellacoola(pointing her finger): Then we have no time to lose, <Rank> you and Jordan need to head down to that station immediately and help the border station staff.

Chapter 1

Investigate Toomeswood-Carville Border Station
Jordan: Normally I love going for walks in Eagle Canyon but the state of Eagle Canyon is rather scary with the corn fields dying and all.
Jordan: A dead body outside the border control station makes the situation all the more scarier, that man looks like he's been poisoned.
(Lucas, Tazia and Jonah come running)
Jordan: Thank goodness you guys are here, <Name> and I just found an officer poisoned just outside the station.
Jonah: Wow that is bad, Jordan, we'd better call the chief about this before all hell breaks loose.
Tazia: And I Tazia Revelstoke also known as the Chief Medical Examiner aka Coroner will take the victim to my lab for autopsy after I pick up another salted caramel frappe from Starbucks.
Jordan: Don't forget to pick us up some pastries, Tazia. <Name> Tazia is our coroner who examines the bodies and Lucas is our lab chief.
Lucas: I am the one who looks at all the physical forensic evidence, when I'm not reading about different specimens of wolves.
Jonah: Hey, what about me? Don't forget about the guy who looks at all the digital evidence.
Jordan(blushing): Oops sorry about that Jonah, <Name>, Jonah is our tech expert and like he said, he looks at all the digital evidence.
Jordan: Hang on, Irene's calling, we'd better report on what happened.
Jordan(picks up phone): Hello? Sorry I'd been meaning to call Chief Bellacoola about the dead body we found.
Irene(on the phone): I called because the Chief sensed something found a dead body? You have a lead right?
Jordan(on the phone): Tazia is about to autopsy the victim but I have his ID card and it says his name is Miguel Esposito.
Irene(on the phone):Esposito? That's serious!!! He must be from the Esposito crime syndicate that operates in Columbia Heights.
Jordan(on the phone):Well he looks like a regular border control officer, I have to go.I think someone's coming.
Jordan(hangs up): We should get to the station and look at-
Peter Carpenter(angrily spraying his holy water at the team): Leave this place, the power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels you.
Jordan: Excuse me, we're not going anywhere.
Tazia(furious): F*ck you d*ckwad, we're not going anywhere. Can't you f*cking see that I've got a body to autopsy.
Peter(holding a large rock): Woman, you ought to be stoned for your tone.
Peter: For now I must surrender, but the day will come when you face your reckoning.
Chief Bellacoola: You must not leave for <Rank><Name> has questions for you.
Jordan: That guy sure was nuts but I think <Name> found some torn pieces of paper.
Chief Bellacoola: If you can put the pieces together, we might find a lead.

Examine Torn Pieces
Jordan:Hey, great job putting these pieces together
Chief Bellacoola:Those pieces seem to be some sort of business card but I can't seem to make out what it is.
Jordan: Don't worry chief, we'll get out <Name>'s dusting kit.
Chief Bellacoola: Absolutely splendid <Name>,the eagle was wise to send you here.

Examine Business Card
Chief Bellacoola: <Name>, your skills never cease to amaze me.
Chief Bellacoola: If you don't mind, may I see this card?
Chief Bellacoola: By the winds of the aurora, this business card belongs to a government agent who goes by the name of John McKenzie.
Chief Bellacoola: This card also says that he's the regional Health and Safety inspector.
Chief Bellacoola: The situation of the corn must be more dire than we anticipated if we have a government worker here in Toomeswood, but he must know the victim.
Chief Bellacoola: Let's go ask this McKenzie about the victim and see what he knows.

Ask John McKenzie about his relationship with the victim
John: HALT!!! This border station is closed as it is to undergo inspection!
John: I am currently waiting for Officer Esposito to arrive, so that I can begin the inspection process.
Chief Bellacoola: I am afraid that Officer Esposito will not be arriving, he has been found murdered this morning.
Chief Bellacoola: We are trying to work that out, Inspector McKenzie. What we want to know is what is your relationship with Esposito?
John: I only answer to the provincial government and the Premier but if you must know, we have been keeping tabs on the Esposito crime family.
Chief Bellacoola: Do you realize that this now makes you a suspect?
John: I realize that you are making a serious accusation against a government worker without any physical evidence, lady. If I were you, I would investigate his inner circle like his father or his ex-wife.
John: His own family looks at him like he were dead weight.
Chief Bellacoola: You seem quick to pin the blame on his family but since you're inspecting the station, I trust you will remain in the canyon. We may be back with questions for you.

Confront Peter Carpenter about his presence at the crime scene
Peter: I see you refused to heed my advice and you remain in the canyon.
Jordan: I'm afraid you can't make us leave, as officers, it is our job to be where we're needed.
Peter: Preposterous, you have no need to be in the canyon.
Jordan: Well, we're here because of not only a situation going on with the district's corn supply but we're also investigating a murder. You on the other hand look like you have something to hide.
Jordan: Then why did you try and attack one of our lab personnel?
Peter: She who speaks with venomous tongue must be stoned!
Jordan: You do realize that by preventing the police from doing their jobs by trying to drive us out of Eagle Canyon only makes you suspicious.
Jordan: Don't you leave the canyon, we may have questions for you later.

(After interrogating Peter)
Jordan: You know, some people say they've seen a man who looks an awful lot like Peter hanging out around the corn fields.
Jordan: I say we ought to investigate the fields and see why Peter is so eager to drive us out of Eagle Canyon, we might even be able to find some leads as to who poisoned Officer Esposito.

Investigate Corn Fields
Jordan (sadly looking at the withering corn): What saddens me about the famine going on in Eagle Canyon is that we always had the sweetest corn to make sweet corn ice cream.
Jordan (sad): I always imagined having an amazing hot guy to run around in the corn fields with.
Jordan: I suppose you're right, moping isn't going to help save the corn or solve the murder
Jordan: I see someone left a tupperware container behind, we should collect a sample and there's also a faded picture, I'm sure you'll be able to uncover that in no time.

Examine Tupperware Container
Jordan: <Name>, I'm so impressed that you managed to get that white residue out of that little container
Jordan: We should probably send this sample to Lucas and see what he can make of it.

'Analyze White Residue
Lucas (reading his National Geographic magazine): Awwe, just look at the baby polar bears.
Jane Fernie: You should show some of these to Tazia, it might be therapeutic for her.
Lucas: I probably will.
Jordan (grinning): I totally agree with Jane but first can you tell us what you found about the sample.
Lucas (blushing): Oh right right.
Jordan (smiling): Lucas absolutely loves reading about nature and animals.
Lucas (excited): Especially about wolves, anyways back to the sample.
Lucas: Your killer's tastes intrigues me <Rank><Name>.But I rather stick with a good ol' poutine with all honesty.
Lucas: I found traces of lettuce, ground beef, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, olives, onions and jalapeno ranch all in that little white residue.
Jordan (excited): All of them ingredients for the best taco salad.
Lucas: Which means your killer enjoys some fancy taco salad.
Jordan: Well, our killer will have to trade taco salad for a diet of bread, oatmeal and water once they're caught.

Examine Faded Photograph
Jordan (holding a camera): Oh look, an eagle, I'm just gonna take a picture of it while you uncover that-
Chief Bellacoola: Ahem, there will be plenty of eagles to snap photos of, Jordan , after all the eagle is my spirit animal but for now we must focus on the murder.
Jordan (blushing): Oh sorry, Chief.
Chief Bellacoola (angry): And from the looks of this message, the woman sending this message seems very menacing.
Jordan: What does the message say?
Chief Bellacoola: It says "I'll crush your nads if you don't start acting right", we know the victim comes from a crime family but this faceless woman seems more of the menace than the victim himself
Jordan (smirking): Maybe Jonah can have a look at the photo and tell us who the this menacing woman is.
Chief Bellacoola (grinning): Always you must find a reason to hang with your umm close friend, but Jonah might be able to find some insight on this muscular menace.

Analyze Threatening Message
Jonah (angrily): Oooh, that douchebag fried my Nintendo Switch, it took ten paycheques to get that.
Jordan (sadly): He has definitely caused a lot of trouble, he even ruined my notepad.
Jordan: Thankfully, Chief Bellacoola arrived before the situation got worse.
Jonah: You won't believe who the She-Hulk threatening your victim is!!!
Jonah: It's Vanessa's arch-enemy, Shakira Dela Cruz.
Jordan: Hasn't Vanessa been after her for quite sometime?
Vanessa Moody (furious): WHAT IS DELA CRUZ UP TO NOW?
Jonah: Your old nemesis Shakira Dela Cruz
Jordan: Let's have a word with Dela Cruz, shall we, <Name>?
Vanessa (fist in her hand): I'm coming too for back up! Dela Cruz might chew up Cranbrook and spit him out!

Talk to Shakira Dela Cruz about her message to the victim
Jordan: I gotta admit, I'm a little bit nervous to be interrogating this Dela Cruz chick!
Shakira Dela Cruz (pumping her fist): What business you got round these parts, little girl?
Jordan (sweating): We-we're from the T-T-Toomeswood PD....we...just have some questions for you.
Shakira (grabbing Jordan by the shirt): You don't got no business interrogating me!
Jordan: HELP ME!!!
Vanessa (drawing her gun): PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!!!
Shakira (drops Jordan): Like you? Why you even still after me, Moodswings?
Vanessa (furiously pointing her gun): Because you're a scumbag who thinks that just because you're hired muscle, you think you can get away with whatever the hell you want.
Shakira (spitting): Not my fault you too slow and too much a dumb bull in a China shop to catch me.
Vanessa (smirking): Ooh so you admit you're a crook, maybe you decided to off the son of a well known crime lord? Namely the son of Fidel Esposito?
Shakira (pumping her fist): Oh I know damn well not to piss off Fidel Esposito, though I hear his mijo Miguel is an embarrassment to the familia.
Vanessa: Is that why you sent such a scummy threat? You knew he had nobody who cared about him.
Shakira: Oh I was just casually reminding that perdedor not to get too big for his pequeños calzones
Vanessa (enraged): Ha, you're one to talk. By the way, the next time you attack one of officers, I don't care how buff you are, I will come unglued.
Jordan: Yeah, you better stay put.

Autopsy Victim's Body
Jane (concerned): Are you sure you don't want to take the day off, Tazia?
Tazia (frustrated): You're damn right I'm not taking the f*cking day off.
Jane: But I think Lucas should look at the body while you re-
Vanessa (pumping her fist): You heard the lady, Spock!!!! She's not a f*cking baby and I wish people would quit treating our coroner like one.
Jordan: Chill out Vanessa, Jane was just looking out for her.
Vanessa (mockingly): Chill out Vanessa, chill out Vanessa, we're just trying to help our coroner but really we're treating her like a five year old.
Tazia (enraged): ENOUGH BOTH OF YOU, GOD!!!!
Tazia (sadly): Vanessa's right though, I still have a job to do and I'm not just gonna stay in my little cubicle downing cactus juice in my flask like your victim here.
Jordan (curiously): How were you able to figure that out?
Tazia (twirling her hair): It's easy enough, having looked at the green liquid coming out of his mouth, it's obviously cactus juice, Miguel's favourite.
Tazia (pulling her hair): Our poor handsome border control guard died very slowly and probably painfully. From the looks of his stomach, he'd been puking his guts out and then finally, he convulsed holding his throat.
Vanessa (grinning): Oooh crushing on the dead son of a notorious crime lord, are ya?
Tazia (blushing): Heh heh maybe, but I can tell you that his flask is the murder weapon and it was poisoned with enough arsenic to kill him slowly.
Tazia (crossing her arm): Since Miguel was too drunk to even know solid from liquids, I can definitely tell you that your killer obviously knows the chemistry to do this sh*t.
Jordan: Well our killer won't be able to perform any deadly experiments that will escape us.

Later back at the station...
Jordan: First day in Eagle Canyon and not only are we dealing with a murder and a corn famine but we also have a crazy monk trying to drive us out.
Tazia:Not to mention, he tried to kill me for doing my job.
Vanessa: Just wait til I find a big rock and bash his thick sku-
Irene (pointing her finger): VANESSA! YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING!!!
Irene: We already have enough problems right now and the last thing we need right now is yet another complaint of police brutatlity.
Vanessa: Maybe people shouldn't piss me off then, cause I already have problems with my snakey twin sister and my obviously rich jerk of an ex-husband trying to force me to cough up alimony all the time.
Vanessa: On top of that, that vile bully Dela Cruz is out there possibly hurting some vulnerable soul.
Vanessa: She obviously would have hurt the victim because his family obviously don't give two hoots about him.
Chief Bellacoola: Enough of this Vanessa, this instant. Besides, I would be more looking into Inspector McKenzie's false claims about his family being behind his murder.
Jordan: Are we sure about the victim's family having nothing to do with his murder?
Chief Bellacoola: I had your very close friend look into his family.
Jonah: Yep, none of them are in Toomeswood right now. His parents and twin brother are in Mexico and his ex-wife and daughters are in Arizona.
Chief Bellacoola: Which makes Inspector McKenzie rather suspicious.
Jonah: That's not all that I found, apparently your victim spends alot of time in House of Stags.
Jordan: House of Stags?

Chapter 2

Jordan:We haven't even been in Eagle Canyon for a full day and already we have a murder to solve and not just any murder.
Chief Bellacoola: It is the murder of the son of one of Toomeswood's most infamous crime lords.
Jordan: Not to mention we encountered a deranged monk who not only is trying to drive us out of Eagle Canyon, but also tried to attack one of our lab personnel.... arrogant Health and Safety inspector who thinks he can tell us who we should suspect...
Jordan and Vanessa's arch nemisis, Shakira Dela Cruz who claims she's casually reminding the victim to "not get too big for his britches".
Jonah: We might be getting one more suspect.
Jordan: Is that so? Well then who?
Jonah: I did some digging for the Chief to see if any of the victim's family might have had something to do with his death.
Jonah: However nobody in his family is in Toomeswood right now, not even his ex-wife.
Jonah: However, I found out that every day since his divorce, he's been frequenting a gay brothel named House of Stags, which is in the outskirts of Eagle Canyon.
Jordan (drooling): House of Stags? I heard about that brothel. I'm going to faint seeing all those hot guys.
Jonah: His most frequented man was Todd Merowitz, from what I hear Todd is quite the flirt.
Jordan (blushing): I'm so nervous, my knees are shaking...come on let's just go see Todd.

Talk to Todd Merowitz about the victim being his client
Jordan (blushing and drooling): Oh wow, <Name>, I think I just died and went to heaven.
Jordan: Does my hair look okay? Oh I should probably freshen my breath.
Jordan (using his breath spray): There much better, now to find that charming sexy Todd.
Todd Merowitz: Is it me you're looking for, handsome?
Jordan (blushing):Are you...are you Todd Merowitz?
Todd (holding a lace fan): The one and only, what can I do to please an officer of the law?
Todd (proceeds to kiss Jordan): Mmmm, have I been bad?
Todd (puts out his hands): Mmmm cuff me and spank me, officer, I've been bad.
Jordan (blushing nervously): Well as much as I would really love to, we're actually here investigating the murder of one of your clients, Miguel Esposito.
Todd (shocked): Miguel? He's dead?
Todd: I knew he had trouble making friends, because of his family but who would want to poison him?
Jordan: That's what we're trying to figure out
Todd (rubbing his chin):Oooh, jaw pains.
Jordan: You okay Todd?
Todd (sadly looking down): I'll be fine, just I should probably lay and rest. Feel free to have a look around if you'd like.
Todd (blowing a kiss): Good luck with your investigation
Jordan (blushing): Don't mind if we look around, you just rest and relax.

Investigate Brothel Living Room
(Before Investigating)
Jordan: Todd really is quite the flirt like Jonah said.
Jordan: I hope you don't mind me admiring all the hot guys <Rank>
(After Investigating)
Jordan (drooling): All those guys...I am just melting over here.
Jonah (cheekily): While you melt, Jordan, <Name> found some pretty sweet clues.
Jordan (embarrased):Oh? Let's see what you found.
Jordan: I see you found a huge briefcase, maybe we can have a look inside.
Jordan: And those broken pieces look like they could be a valuable clue as well. Well I'll let you piece them together.

Examine Briefcase
Jordan: Sooo...what did you find in that old briefcase?
Jordan: Oooh that looks like a hefty amount of bank statements.
Jordan: All of these seem to be the victim's finances.
Jordan (flirty): Jonah, would you be a dear and look at the victim's finances?

Analyze Bank Statements
Jonah (playing on his Nintendo Switch): God damn it, now that my switch was fixed I was so close to beating Bowser.
Jordan (giggling): Oh come on, Bowser's not that much of a threat.
Jonah (smirking): Of course, you've got the ever sexy Todd Merowitz to protect you.
Jordan (blushing): Hey hey hey, settle down there.
Jonah: Admit it, you have a crush on the hooker dude.
Jordan: He's cute and all but I just met him
Irene (sternly): I hope you two are talking about what Jonah found on those bank statements and not about Jordan's fantasies pertaining to a certain suspect.
Jonah: Whoah chill out Irene, we are allowed to hang sometimes.
Irene (angrily): Yes, after you help <Rank><Name> solve this murder. We are on borrowed time here, so we would like to know what you found out about the bank statements.
Jonah: Okay, okay, relax. I got it all right here, just let me put down my game.
Jordan: We already know that the victim spent a ton of money on prostitutes.
Jonah: Yeah, and drugs and booze. All while cheaping out on alimony for his ex-wife and daughters.
Jordan: Really?
Jonah: Yup, all of it filed by his accountant, a certain Leon Wilbur.
Jordan: Well we'll have to have a chat with this Leon Wilbur, <Rank> <Name>.

Question Leon Wilbur about managing the victim's finances
Jordan (holding his badge): Excuse me, Mr.Wilbur, this is Jordan Cranbrook, we're from the Toomeswood PD.
Leon Wilbur (sweating): A-Am I in any trouble...please....oh please don't tell me I am...I-I-I-I'm just an honest accountant with a family.
Jordan: We only want to ask you a few questions.
Leon (sobbing): P-p-please don't r-raid me....I'm not a c-criminal....
Jordan: Listen, we're not here to raid you, we just need to talk to you about an investigation regarding Miguel Esposito.
Leon (sweating): Oh again...
Leon (tearful): I...I...wet myself again...
Leon (sobbing): M-Miguel's g-g-gonna breathe d-down my n-n-neck if he found out a cop was coming to raid him...
Jordan (facepalm): No, Mr.Wilbur, he will not be breathing down your neck as he's been found poisoned.
Leon (sweating and absolute pale in the face): ....M-Miguel's...d-dead...?
Jordan: Mr.Wilbur, did you just wet your pants again?
Leon (sweating): Sorry...I...I...can't help it...
Leon (sobbing): I can't believe Miguel's a total nightmare...please don't say he's dead...his mother Cecelia will kill me....kill my wife...kill my mother...
Leon (sobbing): W-why did I...I...I  have to be an accountant instead of a...a...a...pharmacist? I...I...aced chemistry classes....gone to science high school...
Jordan (facepalm): Okay, well we'll leave you to calm down...we may have some questions for you later though.

Examine Broken Pieces
Jordan: Wow you managed to put that together before I can say Happy Canada Day
Jordan: From the looks of it, it's an empty passport and it looks like there's taco salad all over it.
Jordan: I think we'll have our wolf loving friend, Lucas analyze this thing
Jordan (sheepishly): Hopefully he's not too busy watching the hockey game.

Analyze Empty Passport

Lucas (wearing Canucks face paint): Go Canucks, go.
Unnamed TV Announcer: With ten seconds left of the third period, the Canucks managed to score yet another goal.
Lucas (gleeful): Wooo, we're so close to victory, Major, woooo
Major (howling): Arooooo
Major: Arooooooo
Jordan (smiling): Yay, the Canucks finally have the cup.
Irene (irritated): Ummm you did have a look at that passport, right? And what part of don't bring your dog doesn't seem to compute in your head?
Vanessa (laughing): Especially since he's eating the passport cause our killer stupidly spilled their taco salad on it.
Vanessa (irritated): Don't be such a killjoy, Chetwynd, I've got some bacon and maybe the dog will want that.
Vanesssa (holding out bacon): Oh doggo, bacon.
Lucas (holding the passport): I've got the passport from Major and he managed to help us by licking off all the taco salad and it looks like an American one.
Vanessa (smirking): And if the passport is an  American one and the passport can only belong to our is from the USA.
Jordan (triumphantly): Well our American killer had best be begging Uncle Sam for mercy once they are caught by <Rank><Name>.

One hour later...
Jordan (thinking): So far we know that Miguel Esposito was poisoned by a killer who is an expert in chemistry...
Jordan: They not only also indulge in a good bowl of taco salad...
Jordan: ...but they also come from the United States as well, but I feel like we need more leads <Name>.
Jordan (beaming): Yeah,<Name>, you're a genius. We should investigate the barnyard for more leads.

Investigate Barnyard
Unnamed Banjo Singer (singing): Jimmy crack corn and I don't care
Jordan (distressed covering his ears): Ugh please stop, you're hurting my ears.
Unnamed Banjo Singer (singing): This land is your land, this land is my land from Bona Vista to Vancouver Island.
Jordan (screaming covering his ears): Please stop it, you're hurting my ears like really bad.
Unnamed Banjo Singer: Hmph some people...
Jordan (facepalm): Ugh, <Name>, I thought he'd never leave.
Jordan (smiling): But I see you found some very important leads like that manila envelope.
Jordan (thinking): It looks like someone had tried to file a lawsuit against our victim but the rest of the envelope is faded, I'll go grab your dusting kit.
Jordan: It also looks as though somebody left their duffel bag in this barnyard, shall we rummage through it to see what we can find?

Examine Faded Manila Envelope
Jordan (triumphantly): Oh wow, you managed to uncover that envelope in no time.
Jordan: Mind if I had a look at the envelope to see who filed the lawsuit against our victim, <Name>?
Jordan: It seems that this was filed by a certain John McKenzie.
Jordan (thinking): <Name> Don't we have a suspect who goes by that name?
Jordan (shocked) We do? And he is a regional health and safety inspector?
Jordan: The one that you and the Chief interrogated?
Jordan: This looks like one hell of a serious lawsuit.
Jordan (pumping his fist): We'd better see what Inspector McKenzie has to say about this <Name>!

Confront John McKenzie about the lawsuit filed against the victim
John (arms crossed): Hmph, back so soon <Rank> <Name>?
Chief Bellacoola (arms crossed): Why so surprised to see us, Inspector McKenzie?
Chief Bellacoola: We did tell you that we would return if we found more leads.
John McKenzie (pointing his finger): And I was sure that I told you that you should've been investigating Officer Esposito's family instead of questioning government workers.
Chief Bellacoola (smoking her peace pipe): Well for one thing, I had my renowned tech expert look into the victim's family and guess what?
Chief Bellacoola (smirking): None of them are in Toomeswood, let alone Eagle Canyon at the time. In fact the entire family is out of the country...and for two.
Chief Bellacoola (pointing her finger): You do not have the authority to tell me, the Chief of the Toomeswood Police Department nor <Rank><Name> who we can and cannot investigate.
Chief Bellacoola (angrily): Now, we're here because of a lawsuit that you filed against our victim, care to explain to us what this is all about?
John (pumping his fist): I filed that suit to instill some responsibility in that corrupt fool of a border control officer.
John: The only reason he ever became one was because Mommy Dearest pulled some strings for the drunken junkie.
Chief Bellacoola: Sounds like quite the grudge you have against the victim.
John (furious): Grudge is merely an overstatement. As a health and safety inspector for the province, I make it my responsibility to be an expert chemist.
John (exclaiming) I not only use this skill to ensure my wife's homemade taco salad is of perfect PH quality but to know what kind of drugs that liability of a man has been doing.
John: My son ended up with a violent stomach infection because that idiot left a bunch of his stash all over the banned imported fruits and vegetables that HE was supposed to be checking as his responsibility.
John: So I filed that lawsuit hoping to remind him that his ex-wife isn't the only person who can drain him of cash.
Chief Bellacoola: Looks like Officer Esposito had been quite the thorn on your side, but <Rank><Name> will be coming with the handcuffs if you killed him.

Examine Duffel Bag
Jordan(smiling): I wonder what you found in that little old duffle bag <Name>.
Jordan: Hmmm it looks like a pair of weights.
Jordan (shocked): And they're bloody?
Jordan (pumping his fist): I think I might have a good idea as to whose weights these are but we better have Tazia take a look at them just to be sure.

Analyze Bloody Weights
Tazia (arms crossed): Am I ever glad you came to me about these weights?
Jordan: Well Lucas was dying to watch the hockey game so...
Tazia: Yes I know, that's why we need Vanessa over here.
Vanessa (rubbing her temples): Ugh, what now?
Jordan (curious): Ummm why do we need Vanessa for this? Aren't I supposed to be the one helping <Rank><Name> investigate this case?
Tazia (pumping her fist): We need Vanessa because, wouldn't you guess it? These weights were indeed used by Dela Cruz.
Vanessa (furious): Course those weights had to be hers!!! Only Dela Cruz uses titanium fifty pounders. Tell us Taz, who was the poor sucker that our resident bully Dela Cruz beat in?
Tazia (arms crossed): I had a look at the blood and the blood was A+ and with a little help from Lucas, I can confirm that it was your victim that Dela Cruz attacked with those weights.
Tazia (pulling her hair): I can also confirm that she attacked the victim not long before he was poisoned. I found the victim's ribs were broken and his nose is still bleeding from the attack.
Vanessa (angrily drawing her gun): That beefcake can blab all she wants, we know she beat the victim senseless and one way or another, we're gonna grill her.

Grill Shakira Dela Cruz about attacking the victim
Vanessa (pointing her gun): Well well well, if isn't big ol beefcake Dela Cruz, looking for another target to beat up!
Shakira (pounding her fist): You gonna be my target if you don't back off, Moodswings.
Vanessa (pumping her fist): You don't scare me, Dela Cruz and you know it too.
Vanessa (holding her gun): We know you had the balls to beat the living sh*t out of Esposito and we're coming for you.
Shakira (angry): He knew he was gonna get his junkie drunk ass kicked if he keep on actin like a dumb little b*tch.
Vanessa (smirking): You really don't know when to shut up do you, Dela Cruz?
Shakira (arms crossed): Least I say what I mean, so if I say I gonna throw my taco salad at a b*tch, I gonna throw my taco salad at a b*tch.
Vanessa (covered in taco salad): Oooh now you really asked for it, Dela Cruz!
Shakira (smirking evilly): I ain't a stupid b*tch unlike you and Miguel. I know my chemistry and you two certainly got it
Shakira (laughing evilly): Too bad he now dead and no one remember his trash ass. I may be American but I ain't trash.
Vanessa (both fists up): No you're worse cause you're just plain evil and I bet you're the one who killed him too.
After all tasks have been completed
Jordan (facepalm): I hope we can catch our killer soon, I'm hungry as hell and the corn famine is not making this any better.
Jordan (holding his stomach): All we know of our killer is that they're an expert chemist and a taco salad eating American.
Vanessa (arms crossed): Can we just get straight to the part where Dela Cruz is in handcuffs? That She-Hulk had been taking too evil of a delight that Esposito was killed.
Vanessa (opening her flask): Besides I need a damn drink
Chief Bellacoola (pointing her finger): Vanessa Moody, what do you think you're doing?
Vanessa (sweating): Uh, nothing Chief, just having a swig before we arrest Dela Cruz.
Chief Bellacoola (arms crossed): I don't have time for yet another talk about your drinking habits, Moody, so I suggest you stop this instant. Besides, I would be more suspicious of John McKenzie who has a major grudge against Esposito for his supposed negligence.
Jordan (blushing): We can't really suspect Todd would hurt a hair on our victim's head, he's much too sweet and dreamy for that.
John (arms crossed): Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Officer Cranbrook, but Merowitz isn't the sweetheart you think he is and you have two hours to arrest him.

Chapter 3

Jordan (holds his stomach): I really hope we can catch this killer soon because I'm really hungry.
Chief Bellacoola: I know you are Jordan, which is why we need to look into every lead possible and fast might I add, we already know that the killer is from America with a taste for taco salad while working their chemistry skills.
Chief Bellacoola (pumping her fist): If I didnt know any better, I would say that John McKenzie is looking more and more suspicious, he has threatened to sue the victim and considered him a thorn in his side.
Vanessa (cracking her knuckles): Che, I'd say Dela Cruz is digging herself a deeper hole this time, the beefcake was laughing while bragging about bashing Esposito's head in.
Jordan (blushing): Well I wouldn't suspect that Todd would harm a hair on the victim's head, he's much too sweet and dreamy for that.
John (smirking while arms crossed): Well this is where I come in to burst your bubble now, Officer Cranbrook. I have sources that informed me that your precious squeeze, Merowitz is guilty as sin of this crime.
Jordan (angry): What kind of sources, Inspector McKenzie?
John (holding out a warrant): It's anonymous, but I have a warrant stating that if you do not arrest Merowitz within two hours time, then Internal Affairs will have to be notified of your failure.
Vanessa (furious and drawing her gun): Who do you think you are pal? You don't get to just barge in and tell us what to do!
Chief Bellacoola (pointing her arrow): Like I have established, McKenzie, you have neither the authority nor right to dictate our investigation.
John (pointing his finger): Actually I do this time, your failure to arrest Todd Merowitz within two hours will be seen as insubordination and as such, the team members responsible for overseeing the case will be arrested.
Vanessa (furious): You ain't taking anyone to the slammer!
Jordan (furious): Exactly, you don't get to just come in and threaten <Rank> <Name> with an arrest warrant unless you have physical proof that Todd even touched Esposito
Jordan (arms crossed): I also doubt you'll even be able to find any physical proof that Todd even laid a finger on the victim.
John (pointing his finger): You are wasting time squabbling with me instead of investigating the murder and I mean it, Internal Affairs will have warrants for the arrests of your team.
John: Namely, Chief Colleen Bellacoola nee Salmonarm...
John: Junior Officer Jordan Cranbrook...
John: Senior Officer Vanessa Moody nee Campbell...
John:....and <Rank><Name>.
John (arms crossed): So I would get cracking if I were you!
A few minutes later
Jordan (panicked): This is bad, very bad, <Name>, I don't want to arrest Todd.
Vanessa (arms crossed): Well kid, then I guess we're getting hauled into the slammer unless you somehow get your boy toy put on your big boy boots and just do what you gotta do.
Chief Bellacoola (exhausted): As much as I am displeased with the situation...
Chief Bellacoola (sternly): And not to mention Vanessa's rather pointy tone, we have to get this investigation done.
Chief Bellacoola (holding her dreamcatcher): The spirit of the eagle is guiding you to the border gate,
Chief Bellacoola (determined): You're bound to find some clues there.

Investigate Border Gate
Jordan (panicked): <Name>, please tell me you found some clues that prove Todd is innocent, please.
Jordan (clutching his heart): Maybe there's something in those broken pieces that could tell us something...
Jordan (sweating): Those torn pieces of paper might even be a good lead...
Jordan (nervously): Maybe even that locked cellphone could tell us whether or not Todd's actually guilty...
Jordan (sad): We might be one step closer to catching our killer and I'll be crushed if it's Todd

Examine Broken Pieces
Jordan (sweating): Well, I might be a starving heartbroken mess but I know the Toomeswood PD can count on you to get those broken pieces together
Jordan (curious): It looks like a CCTV, maybe you can have a look at it and see if there's anything to do with Todd?

Examine CCTV Camera
Jordan (proud): <Rank> <Name>, I've never been more proud to be your partner than anything in this entire province.
Jordan (blushing): I really hope we can get a good lead from this.
Jordan (covering his mouth): Oh no, no, no, no.
Jordan (facepalm): I am so sorry <Rank> <Name>, I did not mean for this to happen.
Jordan (sigh of relief): You mean you managed to find a video tape inside that camera?
Jordan (excited): <Name> this could be the lead we absolutely need,let's get this to Jonah right away and see what he can tell us about this video.

Analyze Video Tape
Jordan (blushing): Hey Jonah...
Jonah (smiling): Yo, what's up?
Jordan (nervously blushing): Is there any chance you were able to look at that video?
Jonah (crossing his arms): Oh I did alright, but you should see for yourself
Start of recording
Leon (sweating): P-p-lease M-Mister Espos-si-sito, I'm s-s-sorry.
Miguel (mockingly): I'm sorry...I'm sorry...
Miguel (furious): I grow tired of your lame excuses and so does my father
Leon (sobbing): But..but...your ex-wife.....
Leon (sweating): P-please...I
Miguel (angrily): Oooh, you ought to be whipped for that wretched habit of yours.
End of recording
Jordan (tearful): Oh poor Leon, he must have been so frightened.
Jonah (glumly): Yeah...
Jordan (facepalm): You're right <Name>, it's not our place to judge the victim.
Jordan (pumping his fist): But we can ask Mr.Wilbur about the way Esposito treated him.

Talk To Leon Wilbur about the victim grilling him
Jordan (compassionate): Hey Mr. Wilbur, how are you holding up?
Leon (sobbing): I-I-I'm not holding up at all...
Leon (blowing his nose): Oh....
Leon (sweating):
Jordan (curious): Have you always been feeling like this ever since you were assigned to Mr.Esposito?
Leon (sweating).....
Jordan (compassionate): We know he's treated you horribly, we've seen footage of him physically and verbally abusing you.
Leon (sobbing): Oh no....I want to go back home to Colorado and to my garden where I can enjoy the fresh veggies I use for my taco salad.
Jordan (sadly): We understand the victim was violent towards you but we really hope you didn't poison him for a better life.

Examine Torn Paper
Jordan (clutching his heart): Thank goodness, you managed to piece that paper faster than I could say "O Canada"
Jordan (sad): I can't believe that bastard is threating to have us arrested ourselves if we don't arrest Todd.
Jordan (tearful): <Name>, my heart won't be able to handle it if he was guilty of killing Esposito
Jordan (sad): You're right <Name>, that piece of paper is faded. I should get you out your dusting kit.
Jordan (relieved clutching his heart): Thank you for that hug <Rank> <Name>.

Examine Faded Book Page
Jordan (blushing): <Name >, I'm impressed as always that you managed to uncover that piece of paper.
Jordan (reading): This piece of paper is saying that someone is nothing but a "dangerous and troublesome liar who should be locked up".
Jordan (shocked): Oh wow, I didn't see this before but it looks as though this was written to a carpenter.
Jordan (pushing his glasses): You're right <Name>, this looks to be a ripped Bible page, meaning that this must be directed to none other than Peter Carpenter.
Jordan: And this was also written by the victim, so the victim must have also had beef with Carpenter as well.
Jordan (holding his phone): Given that Carpenter tried to attack Tazia, we might need some back up. I'm going to call Vanessa for help.
Jordan (on the phone): Hey Vanessa, we might need your help.
Vanessa (on the phone): What now?
Jordan (on the phone): <Rank> <Name> uncovered a faded bible page where that unhinged monk, who tried to attack Tazia after she told him off, was called a dangerous and troublesome liar who should be locked up by the victim.
Vanessa (on the phone): And your point is, kid?
Jordan (on the phone): My point is we need back up in case he decides to attack me or <Name>. Can you just come down and help us please?
Vanessa (on the phone): Yeah sure kid, plus I'd love to bash his teeth in with that rock he tried to bash Tazia in with.
A few minutes later
Vanessa (on her motorcycle): Alright, finally got here, now where's that scumwad?
Jordan (pounding his fist): No idea, but let's find him and grill him <Name>.

Ask Peter Carpenter why the victim disliked him
Peter (crossing his arms): I see you continue to ignore the heedings of God by harassing his devout servants
Peter (pointing his finger): Your troublesome path will lead you to severe consequences if you do not leave the canyon.
Jordan (angry): The only troublesome person in these fields right now is you, as our victim Miguel Esposito would attest.
Peter (confused): Who is this Miguel Esposito you speak of?
Jordan (coyly): Miguel Esposito was the guy who wrote on your bible calling you a dangerous and troublesome liar who should be locked up.
Peter (angrily): I now remember that devious snake.
A month ago
Miguel Esposito (arms crossed): Actually I have every right to call you a liar as you are one, Señor Carpenter.
Peter (holding his arms in the air): I come from the humble land of Jerusalem where Jesus was born.
Miguel (frustrated): Aye aye aye, you think I'm an idiot? You are from Texas, plain and simple, not Jerusalem.
Miguel (angry): You are one crazy and dangerous bastard.
Miguel (furious) Oooh you fcking bastard
Miguel (angrily drawing his gun): WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU ON?
Present Day
Jordan (furious): You really have no respect for authority do you?
Jordan (pumping his fist): And you will get as you deserve if <Rank> <Name> finds out you killed Esposito.

Examine Cell Phone
Jordan (excited): Impressive as always, you managed to unlock that cellphone in no time
Jordan (excited): Let's send this to Jonah on the double

Analyze Cell Phone
Jonah (sadly): Jordan isn't here is he?
Jordan (confusedly): I am but why does the cell phone concern me other than a lead on the murder?
Jonah (sadly): Please promise not to cry but this phone is Todd's and he recorded something rather disturbing.
Jordan (tearfully): T-Todd?
Jonah (sadly): See for yourselves...
Start of recording
Todd (angry): You really thought that you could take advantage of me, didn't you Miguel?
Todd (devious): Well, you ever hurt me again and my hand will slip over your cactus juice.
Todd (angry): Consider yourself warned.
End of recording
Jordan (sadly):'s not that evil...he can't be...
Jane (compassionate): I know you're heartbroken but it is a lead.
Jordan (crying):....
Jonah (compassionate): It's okay buddy, we're all here for you.
Vanessa (crossing her arms): Don't let it get you down kid, you're gonna come across a bunch of crazies before you find the one.
Jane (shocked): Vanessa, that really isn't helpful.
Vanessa (shrugging her shoulders): Well just being honest with the kid.
Jordan (sobbing): I...I really want to see...see...Todd...
Jane (concerned): I think you should stay with Jonah and <Name> agrees with me.
Jane (tugging her glasses): I will accompany you to talk with Todd, <Rank> <Name>

Confront Todd Merowitz about his wish to poison the victim
Jane (concerned): Excuse me, Mr.Merowitz?
Todd (holding his fan): Why hello there, what can I do for you?
Jane: Well, we need to ask you some questions about some rather...dark content we found on your phone...
Todd (confused): What do you mean?
Todd (facepalm): Ah yes, the video I recorded....I should have known.
Jane (concerned): Well, what caused you to record such a video?
Todd (angrily): I recorded it because I got tired of constantly being his punchbag.
Todd (coyly): You see, I'm pretty handy with chemistry and poisons despite working one of the oldest jobs in the book
Todd (crossing his arms): My scars come from multiple jail fights and bar fights when I was living in Nevada
Todd (angrily): But by the time I came to Canada, that fool Esposito thought he could use and abuse me like I was some f*cking object.
Todd (furiously): One day, he broke my jaw to the point where I couldn't even eat my taco salad!!! I had been starving for weeks and it was all that slimebag's fault.
Jane (concerned): I'm sorry you had to go through that horrible ordeal.
Jane (sadly): Sex workers are always the ones most vulnerable but your troubles will only be beginning if you killed Esposito.
Todd (crossing his arms): I don't need to worry about that looks like someone beat me to it.

Later at the Toomeswood-Carville Border Station
Jordan (panicked): I can't believe this...I just can't believe this...I just can't believe this...
Jordan (angrily): To no surprise, Peter Carpenter, the crazy monk wished death upon Esposito
Jordan (sadly): But then again, our victim was violent and intimidating towards his own accountant! He also hurt Todd, but Todd would never have killed him, would've he?
Jordan (crying furiously): SAYS WHO? YOUR "SOURCES"?
John (looking at his pocket watch): You have wasted almost an hour and a half fawning over this man!!!
Jordan (crying): He's not guilty, he's not!!!
John (crossing his arms): Hmmm and this is the officer that this city is depending on to serve and protect?
Jordan (fighting tears): I don't know what else to do...I'm starving and we're forced to somehow get Todd arrested or be arrested ourselves
Jordan (crying):....
Vanessa (rolling her eyes and arms are crossed): Ugh
Vanessa (pulling her hair): Snap the hell out of it kid, it's just a guy, big deal...there's a million of them out there.
Chief Bellacoola (angrily): Vanessa, a little compassion goes a long way!!!
Vanessa (arms crossed): Sure compassion comes in handy when we're the ones behind bars ourselves.
Chief Bellacoola (angrily): VANESSA!
Chief Bellacoola (sadly): All we can do is look in the brothel for any clues...only evidence can tell whether or not Merowitz is guilty of the murder.

Investigate Todd's Boudoir
Jordan(panicked): Time is running there anything that can prove Todd didn't kill the victim?
Vanessa (frustrated): Ugh...if Todd decided to go about killing Esposito, then he must have been stupid enough to leave the spilled flask in this gaudy ass brothel
Jordan (furiously): We don't know that Todd did this...this cactus could prove his innocence....
Jordan and Vanessa (sweating):....
Chief Bellacoola (sternly): Exactly what I thought, now let's get to business you three.

Examine Spilled Flask
Jordan (smiling sweetly): Wow, <Name>, I'm impressed that you were able to get a sample of that poisoned cactus juice.
Jordan (nervously): Maybe...maybe Lucas can tell us something about this green liquid...I hope...

Analyze Green Substance
Lucas (petting his angry dog): It's okay, Major.
Jordan (shocked): Uh...why is Major looking at me like he wants to eat me alive?
Lucas (sheepishly): Oof, well I can say that it's not my fellow poutine loving pal Jordan that he wants to eat alive.
Jordan (sweating): Okay...well who does he want to eat then?
Lucas (angry): I'd say that ultra Conservative nosey jerk, McKenzie. What right does HE have to try to have the team arrested?
Jordan (annoyed): According to him, it's his so called "sources" that give him his self-appointed "right".
Jordan (sad): The only way he'll back off is if we arrest Todd...and I don't want to arrest him...
Jordan (crying):Ohhh...
Lucas (hugging Jordan): It'll be okay, Jordo.
Lucas: Although the substance was indeed the deadly cactus juice your victim drank, I was able to get a strand of hair from it.
Jordan (fighting back tears): What were you able to find from the hair, Lukie?
Lucas: I was able to find the color of the hair which was brown and since the victim's hair was black....
Lucas (triumphant): ...that means it's your killer who has such hair.
Jordan (petting Major): Which might mean Todd could be innocent, but our brown haired killer is a hair away from our grasp. Thanks to Lucas and Major.
Examine Cactus
Vanessa (triumphant): Well, look who managed to get themselves some of them cactus needles without stabbing their fingers
Vanessa (impatiently): What are you waiting for? I ain't got the time to stab my fingers, let's just get them over to my best buddy Tazia.
Analyze Needles
Tazia (smoking a cigarette): God, do I ever need a smoke
Vanessa (facepalm): Me too, too
Tazia (holding a cigarette): Ah, help yourself to the whole pack.
Vanessa (shrugging her shoulders): You sure about that?
Tazia (angrily): Hell yeah, you'll need them more than I do. Especially since that douche canoe, McKenzie is on your asses about arresting Todd.
Vanessa (rolling her eyes): His "sources" my ass.
Vanessa (mad): Course, he ain't gonna budge til we arrest Todd...and course the kid's heart gets broken.
Vanessa (furious): Grrrrr....
Tazia (hugging Vanessa): I've got you, Nessa
Tazia: From what I found of those needles, I can tell ya they were dipped in arsenic and it took all about two seconds for Miguel's immune system to stop.
Vanessa (holding a cigarette): Oh gee, the guy should have just stuck to some good old whiskey.
Tazia (coyly): Also, while Luke was trying to keep Major from tearing apart the station, I was able to get a DNA sample too. It turns out your victim and killer have one thing in common...
Tazia (smirking): ...they have the same eye color.
Vanessa (holding her flask): So in other words, they're both brown eyed.
Vanessa (triumphant): I'd like to see the killer look us dead in the eyes and try to tell us they didn't do it, thanks for the help Taz.
Later, back at the station
Jordan (looking at his watch): Time is almost up and I can practically smell our prison cells.
Jordan (nervously): I hope we can arrest the killer in time and we can get McKenzie off our backs.

Take Care Of The Killer Now
Jordan: Leon Wilbur, we know it was you who poisoned Miguel Esposito.
Leon (shocked): W-what? Y-you're j-j-joking r-right?
Jordan (crossing his arms): Far from it, the tupperware container we found proves you killed him.
Leon (sweating): B-but i-i-it isn't a crime...t-t-to eat a n-n-nice r-relaxing...bowl of t-taco salad k-k-keep n...nerves c-c-c-calm....
Jordan (annoyed): No, but it is a crime to use your knowledge of chemistry to poison somebody's food and drink.
Leon (tearfully sweating): B...but...I-I w-w-wouldn't...h-hurt a just d-d-did it a-again...
Jordan (angrily): Really, Mr.Wilbur? Because your passport with YOUR AMERICAN ID says otherwise!
Leon (sweating):'s...A-A-American too...he...he d-does a-all t-th-th-those th-th-th-things...too...
Leon (biting his nails): H-he kn-knows about...poisons...e-eats...t-taco salad a-and well...a-and is f-from th-th-the US too...and..he...wanted t-t-to...h-hurt Miguel
Jordan (pumping his fist): That may be so, but he does not have brown hair or brown eyes and you do.
Jordan: Leon, we don't have much time, it will be better if you confess right now.
Jordan (shocked): Did you just wet your pants again?
Leon (sweating):....
Leon (sobbing): Ohhh....I didn't want to do it...I didn't mean t-to...b-but th-they m-m-made it
Jordan (shocked): What? Who?
Leon (sweating): I...I d-don't kn-know wh-who...
Leon (sweating): They...they found...found out....oh not again...
Jordan (confused): What did this unknown source find out?
Leon (sobbing): They...found out...that I lost alot of Miguel's...m-m-money...and...F-Fidel...h-h-he'd...he...
Leon (distressed): He'd mom too...if...I d-d-didn't...h-hurt M-Miguel...
Leon (sweating): ...a-and th-they...they told
Jordan: What else did they tell you to do?
Leon (sobbing): They...also...t-told me t-t-to p-pin it...all...o-on...on the p-p-prostitute...a-and t-t-tell the...the h-health inspector that-that h-he d-did it...
Jordan (shocked): What? So YOU'RE the source?
Jordan (facepalm): Oh my god, I'm sorry but if you can't tell us who blackmailed you into doing all this, then we have no choice but to hold you responsible. Leon Wilbur, you're under arrest for the murder of Miguel Esposito.
Judge Victoria Whiterock (crossing her arms): Order! Order! It seems that I have been dragged out of my relaxing vacation in the Greek Isles with my husband to run this court. As you can see, I'm not exactly inclined to be in a forgiving mood.
Judge Whiterock: Leon Wilbur, you stand accused of the murder of Miguel Esposito, son of Mexican crime lord Fidel Esposito, how do you plead?
Leon (sobbing): G-guilty...I...I didn't m-mean to...m-make s-such a t-terrible mistake
Chief Bellacoola (sadly): Oh, Mr.Wilbur, you don't know the extent of the trouble you caused.
Leon (sweating):....
Vanessa (pounding her fist): Oh go ahead and piss your f*ckin' pants all you want, Wilbur. Thanks to you, now we'll be in the f*cking slammer.
Leon (sweating): I swear...I...I didn't mean to...
Jordan (sadly)": It doesn't matter if you meant it or not, Leon...
Leon (sobbing): I..I'm...sorry...
Judge Whiterock: Regardless of your intentions Mr.Wilbur, it seems that your actions have caused consequences beyond yourself.
Judge Whiterock: Since you cannot seem to tell the Toomeswood PD who blackmailed you into doing all this...
Judge Whiterock (holding a gavel)...I have no choice but to sentence you to 17 years for not only the murder but framing an innocent man and making false claims to a public servant.
Judge Whiterock (holding a gavel): This Court is now dismissed.
Leon (sobbing): ...Oh life
Todd (angrily): You should have thought of that before you framed me.
Leon (sobbing)....
Jordan (triumphant): Congratulations <Name>, your first day on the job and already you uncovered the murder of a member of an infamous crime family. I could learn alot from you.
Chief Bellacoola (saluting): I knew you had the spirit of the eagle in you <Rank><Name>, you will always be an asset to our team.
Chief Bellacoola (smoking her peace pipe): That said, there is clearly something sinister going on in the works beyond this murder. We still need to make out who could have ordered Leon to kill Miguel.
Jordan (flustered): So...I guess, it's not a good time to go see Todd?
Unnamed Police Officer (holding handcuffs): Not in the least. Jordan Cranbrook, Vanessa Moody, Colleen Bellacoola and <Rank><Name>, you are all under arrest for failing to uphold the law within a timely fashion.
Jordan (shocked): What?? How can that be? We arrested the killer already.
John (pumping his fist): You merely arrested the accountant but you failed to arrest Todd Merowitz.
John (smirking): Maybe a year or two in a cell will teach you to respect the government.
Selina Thompson (pointing her finger): Not so fast, Sir McKenzie, these officers solved the murder of Mr.Esposito, they are free to go.
John (flustered): You can't be serious, Ranger Thompson, they disrespected the government by ignoring a public servant's orders.
Selina (pointing her finger): They ignored your orders for good reason, Sir McKenzie. Unless you want me to report you to the Premier himself, I would suggest you stop harassing Chief Bellacoola this instant.
John (crossing his arms): Very well....You may have won this time <Rank><Name>
John (pointing his finger): Let this be known to you however, that I will be watching you VERY VERY closely!
Vanessa (displeased): Hmph, the guy sure knows how to accept defeat.
Jordan (triumphant): At least we won't be arrested and we didn't have to arrest Todd.
Selina (saluting): <Rank><Name>, on behalf of the Government of British Columbia and the Royal Mounted Canadian Police, I, Selina Thompson, wish to thank you for your service.
Selina (saluting): We will always be at your service, let us know if we can help you in your hour of need.
Jordan (grinning): I wouldn't mind a years supply of banana splits from Sherman's Ice Cream shoppe and a free pass to the House of Stags.
Selina (blushing): Ummm....I'm not sure if we're allowed to provide that for you, Officer Cranbrook.
Chief Bellacoola (smiling): I believe that given the emotional toll this case has taken on you, Jordan, you should take the afternoon off.
Jordan (smiling): Really? Thank you so much, Chief.

It Is Only The Beginning (1/6)

See what Father Cappelanio wants
Investigate Brothel Living Room
Examine Perfume
Confront John McKenzie about the threatening message to Todd Merowitz
Investigate Toomeswood-Carville Border Station
Examine Broken Tablet
Analyze Tablet
Ask Shakira Dela Cruz what she knows about the threatening message
Investigate Corn Fields
Examine Faded Paper
Analyze Transaction
Ask Peter Carpenter about his relationship with John McKenzie
Ask John McKenzie about his relationship with Peter Carpenter

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