Mark : Welcome to Castletroma <RANK> <PLAYER> ! I'm your partner in crime, Mark Forest ! I bet were gonna have a grand time working together !

Mark : Castletroma has borders because of recent terrorist attacks, so the Chief just told me to meet you here at the airport.

Mark : Alright let's get into the car !

At the welcome sign ...

Mark : Oh my god ! <RANK> <PLAYER>, do you see this ? There is a body at the sign. 

Mark : You are right, we need to investigate, right now !

Investigate City Entrance ...

Mark : Oh boy, our victim got stabbed in the stomach. His name was Oscar Hamilton, he was a delivery trucker.

Mark : We need to send this body to autopsy. Did you find anything else ?

Mark : You found a wallet ? Alright we need to look through it.

Mark : Alright let's start our first case !

Autopsy the body ...

Vincent : Welcome to Castletroma <RANK> <PLAYER> ! My name is Vincent Clarke, i'm the coroner here.

Mark : Vincent did you find anything on the victim ?

Vincent : Not really, but i can tell you that from the stab wounds, your killer must be right-handed !

Mark : Thanks Vincent, i'll add it to our notes !

Examine Wallet ...

Mark : Great, we found a business card in the wallet.

Mark : Huh, this card belongs to a certain Ben Gallion. We should have a talk with him.

Give Ben his wallet back ...

Mark : Hello Mr. Gallion, we are from the Castletroma Police Department and we're investigating the murder of a certain Oscar Hamilton.

Ben : Oscar died ? What a shame, he was a nice guy.

Ben : He visited me sometimes, and he was always nice to me.

Mark : Do you know anyone who wanted to harm Oscar ?

Ben : No, not really. But maybe you should question his sister, Megan Hamilton.

Mark : So our victim has a sister huh ? Alright, we will go talk to her.

Talk with Megan about her brother ...

Mark : Miss Hamilton, we're sorry for the bad news but your brother Oscar Hamilton was found murdered.

Megan : Oscar is dead ? Oh no my poor brother, my poor, poor little brother ...

Mark : We're really sorry for your loss, do you know any reason why someone would harm him ?

Megan : Well, only one person comes to mind ... Nelson Patterns, some police deputy.

Megan : He was giving us lots of trouble without any good reason.

Mark : Miss Hamilton, we will have a talk with Nelson. 

Outside ...

Mark : Nelson of all people ? He is the kindest officer i know ...

Mark : But you're right ! We have to follow every clue we get !

Question Nelson Patterns about him and the Hamiltons ...

Nelson : I swear i didn't hurt Oscar, he isn't the one i was suspicious of, it was his sister.

Nelson : I have the feeling they are selling illegal drugs around the border, but i don't have enough evidence yet.

Nelson : But i promise i would never kill anybody !

Mark : Alright we belive you Nelson.

Later ...

Mark : Hey <RANK> <PLAYER>, how about we check out the crime scene again ? Maybe we can find more clues there !

Investigate Sign ...

Mark : Good job <RANK> <PLAYER>, you found the murder weapon !

Mark : Let's send this pocket knife to our forensics expert !

Analyze Pocket Knife ...

Lance : Hello <RANK> <PLAYER>, welcome to Castletroma. I'm your friendly genius Lance Anderson !

Lance : I had a look at the knife you sent me, and i can tell you three things.

Mark : Alright, go ahead then.

Lance : The first thing is kind of unfortunate, i couldn't find fingerprints on the knife.

Lance : But i did find two other things !

Lance : The first thing i found were skin cells. Now, they didn't come from the victim, so they must have been your killers !

Lance : And from that i can tell you that your killer is younger than 30 years old !

Mark : Great, and what's the other thing you found ?

Lance : Well, i found some fibers, and they also didn't come from your victim.

Lance : So i can proudly tell you that your killer wears brown silk !

Mark : Thanks so much Lance, you're the best !

After that ...

Mark : Ok i think we everything to make our first arrest here in Castletroma ! Let's go <RANK> <PLAYER> !

Arrest Killer ...

Mark : Megan Hamilton, you are under arrest for the murder of your brother Oscar Hamilton !

Megan : What ? No ! I dindn't hurt Oscar i swear !

Mark : It's to late for you, we found your skin cells and your brown fibers on the murder weapon.

Megan : But i threw that away !

Megan : Ok you got me, yes. I did kill Oscar.

Megan : Me and Oscar were in the illegal drug business. 

Megan : I cooked the drugs and Oscar delivered those. But for no reason, Oscar said he will quit working for me and tell the police.

Megan : I had no other choice. I needed to silence him.

Mark : Megan, for what you have done, prison is way to light of a sentence for you ... You are under arrest !

In the court hall ...

Judge Anemone : Megan Hamilton, you have been charged for the murder of your brother Oscar Hamilton, how do you plead ?

Megan : Guilty your honor, but he deserved it !

Judge Anemone : No one deserves to die in this world. And i am not amused by your reason. You killed your own family because they betrayed you doing something illegal ?

Judge Anemone : Miss Hamilton, you make me sick. This court hereby sentences you to life in prison with no chance of parole.

Outside of the court ...

Mark : Good job <RANK> <PLAYER> for your solving your first murder investigation here in Castletroma ! 

Mark : Come on, it is time to meet the chief !

End of Chapter 1 ...

Trisha : Welcome <RANK> <PLAYER> ! My name is Trisha Brooks, chief of police.

Trisha : Good job on your first case, but i would like you to do a little additional investigation.

Trisha : We have the feeling that construction worker Ben Gallion was buying drugs of the Hamilton family, and we would like to find out if that is true.

Trisha : I would like you to take Mark with you and question Ben again.

Start of Additional Investigation ...

Ask Ben if he uses drugs ...

Mark : Mr Gallion, nice to see you again. We would like to ask you something.

Ben : Sure, go ahead, i'm on my break anyway.

Mark : We are doing some investigations on you sir. We have the feeling you are using illegal drugs.

Ben : Me ? Using drugs ? That's hilarious !

Ben : And let me guess, you don't even have proof.

Mark : Well we will find proof if we need to Mr. Gallion !

After the talk ...

Mark : Hey <RANK> <PLAYER>, how about we have a look around again ?

Investigate City Entrance ...

Mark : Maybe there is something hidden in this pile of rocks. I'll let you look through it.

Examine Pile of Rocks ...

Mark : Look ! There is a little box inside. Let's open it.

Mark : Uhhhmmm ... If i'm not mistaken, this is cocaine.

Mark : Yeah you're right, we need to send this to Lance to make sure.

Analyze White Powder ...

Lance : I can confirm that this white poweder is indeed cocaine.

Lance : I also took another look at the box and i found the fingerprints of a certain Ben Gallion.

Mark : So he wasn't telling the truth ! Let's go arrest him !

Arrest Ben Gallion ...

Mark : Ben Gallion, you are under arrest for owning illegal drugs.

Ben : What ? No ! You can't !

Mark : Oh yes we can ! We have your fingerprints !

Ben : God damnit ... I should have hidden the box better ...

Later ...

Trisha : Good job ! We knew that Ben wasn't all that clean !

Trisha : I'm glad you are working here now <RANK> <PLAYER> ! You will do a perfect job as our new officer !

Trisha : That's all you have to do today, go and relax.

End of the Additional Investigation ...

Go to the next case !

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