Wei Zong
Full name Wei Zong
Alias(es) Tobias Frankenburger
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 20/06/1984
Nationality Dutch-British-Chinese
Residence Stadskanaal, The Netherlands
Family Adopted

Li Zong (Mother) Cheng Zong (Father) Ling Ling Zong (Sister)


Profession Admin Assisstant
Affiliation(s) International Police Department
"Cassie, if you don't do your job properly and stop bullying the others, I WILL personally get you kicked off the team!"

Wei Zong is Administrative Assistant of the International Police Department.

Age 32
Height 6'
Weight 187lbs
Eyes Green
Blood B-


Hailing from Stadskanaal, the Netherlands, Wei is the 32-year-old Administrative Assistant of the IPD. He has short, spiky ginger and emerald green eyes. He wears a white office jacket over a blue Chinese patterned shirt, navy blue trousers and black trainers. He is known to be wise, determined and kind( if you don't get on his bad side which Cassie manage to do in a week of working in the team).


Wei is the youngest of six brothers and sisters before adoption. His biological parents were superstitious and believed that the number 6 is unlucky so they gave him up. 3 days later Zong Li and her husband Zong Cheng saw pictures of him and a little girl and decided to go through the process of adoption for both. The girl is now known as Zong Ling Ling. After adopting them, the family moved to Manchester, England where they still live today. Wei still has anger issues with his biological parents and his parents have made no effort to have contact with him.

Notable Events of CutePets95's Criminal Case


  • He and Amy are the two adopted characters in the game.
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