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Web of Lies
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Aftermark
Case # 64
Initial release date 04. VI 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz (All Chapters)
Esmeralda Prime (After the Smoke 4)
Amos Castro (One Task in After the Smoke 4)
Case Chronology
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A Death Will Set You Free The Code for Silence

Web of Lies is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 156th case of the game and the 64th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Aftermark, a district of Fario.


After the team heard that LUMIA succeeding in erasing traces of history and that multiple building related to it are set on fire and how Abbi said that the body was found at the internet cafe, Chief Filipovich sent the player and Mia to the location to insect the scene. After arriving to the scene, the emergency team was already there to help them. As they pushed through the destroyed cafe they eventually found a dead body that was reported but on the team's shock the body belonged to Rozetta Pierre, a fiancee of the late detective Barb Bellamy.

The team sent body to the morgue before starting the official investigation. They soon discovered that Rozetta was a friend with the gothic photographer and a part-time hacker Aurora Maupin before discovering that a tech guru Amos Castro was supposed to held the convention before the fire broke out. The them also found reasons to suspect a priest Dorian Silenon that they meet at the supernatural party. After Matilda autopsied the body she said that there is no outside wounds that killed her but then she sighed and said that from the inside her body was a mess before showing the victim's lungs and heart, completely covered in the spider web. She then said that the spiders who did those were nano spiders like one used in 1996 horror movie "Wonderland Carnival", suggesting that the killer probably saw the body as well.

As the team dropped by the car to recap the scene, Mia got a call from Leonidas saying that a tea parlor owner has a big information about the victim. The team then went to the Fario's tea parlor where the owner, Edwina Pickles told the team how she heard the news about Rozetta and said how she came here couple of days ago visibly angry before someone started to harass her. Edwina agreed to give a description while the team search the tea parlor. After the search the team discovered a contract between the victim and an international businessman Tyler Collette. As well the destruction that Edwina gave matched Amos who was again interrogated. He then confessed that he wanted to guy Rozetta's company and renovate it but that the victim. The team progressed the investigation and once again spoke to Dorian who was constantly bugging the victim about her late fiancee.

As the team returned to the station to pile the clues and profiles of the suspects, Aurora entered the station in panic saying that some people tries to plant bombs in the tea parlor. The team rushed there where after searching they discovered the bomb that was built by Tyler. Tyler explained how he just wanted to buy more properties and after Rozetta rejected to sell him her company land in West Ridge and Fario he decided that he can do some scares on the tea parlor. Soon enough the team found that Edwina prohibited the victim from coming to her parlor after causing a blackout. They then they again interrogated Aurora when they discovered that she hacked Rozetta's servers and that victim threatened her with a lawsuit.

Finally, when last evidence were found the team went to arrest Dorian. After being approached in his church Dorian put his rosary and a bible down, saying that he expected the team to come. After they asked him why he killed Rozetta Dorian said that he needed to save the world from demons. Mia tilted her head, wanting to know what he meant on what Dorian said that for about an year has been having voices in his head predicting him a demon invasion, flames and destruction everywhere and that Devil themselves has been possessed a human body. Scared that the Devil wants to harm him he locked himself away in the deepest parts of the church, decapitating most of his time praying and wanting answers to save the world that he loved. After lots of past months, seeing that nothing happened he thought that God listened to his words and saved the Earth. But weeks earlier the voices in his head started again and then he met someone in the alley, a taller person in the black, telling him that he is the God's messiah and that He choose him to kill the Devil. The person said how the Devil didn't possessed the body but that the Devil themselves raised from Hell in the shape of Rozetta Pierre and explained how they need to be killed by asphyxiation bcause the blood would make the Devil to be released. He listen to the advice of the "messiah" and ran home where after watching the horror "Wonderland Carnival" bought a tiny nano spiders and proceed to find Rozetta. He then said how he saw that she will be on Marinette's supernatural party and that's why he went there and after successfully infected her with spiders he followed her moves until she died. He then hid the body in the internet cafe in large drawer in hope that Devil will decompose there. O the trial, he pleaded that he isn't crazy and that Devil is real, telling how he is a her but Judge Gilmore shock his head and sentenced him to lifetime treatment in Fario's Asylum.

Shortly after the trial, the team returned to the station and started to ice the puzzles from previous investigations before Aurora ran to the team, saying that Rozetta knew who was the mastermind behind the history erasing. Aurora then said how she discovered hidden hard rives from Rozetta's company who suggested that she decucated herself to this case and found a secret message that she played to the team who sad that she is afraid for her life but that she will make Barb proud and get her revenge on LUMIA for what they did. The message also said that something will be left for the player in the Parlor. The team went there to inspect where after a bit of time they discovered a capsule with DosLife logo on it. After the team unlocked it they found a Flash Drive that they sent to Arif. After the analyzes he said that the drive id badly corrupted but that some things he managed to extract and discovered that the one who is behind all of that plans a final attack on the Institute for American and World History as final strike that will start riots and make mayor Kessel to resign. The team then decided to visit the mayor and see what he has to say on what he gasped and said how the city is already in chaos and people demand new mayor but that he won't stop and that he will suppress LUMIA's activities but after the team told him LUMIA's next plan he shockingly said that if their plan raise a success nothing will be the same anymore. He then scratched his head and said that he will sent the military to protect the institute.

In the meantime, Amos wanted a help from the team about his new smartphone product. As Leonidas needed to take his wolf Max to the wet, Esmeralda jumped to fill his place, explaining the layer that she likes to invent things. Amos them thanked the team and said how he lost his blueprints at the TechCon. The team nodded and went there, eventually discovering the mysterious blueprints Amos talked about. Esmeralda told the player that she would like to inspect them first to make sure they are valid. After confirming that they are Amos' original design the team returned the plan to him who asked the played to join him in presenting his idea to Tyler. Tyler then heard the presentation and told the team how he would like to invest in the product. Thankful for the player's help, Amos decided to pay the player and Esmeralda a lunch.

Later, as the team returned to the station they discussed what they got and what they need to do for the final strike about the mastermind who wants to erase the known history. Chief Filipovich then said how they would need to split, cover most of the area and wait when the mastermind would strike the institute and together with the military suppress the LUMIA which would hopefully discourage them to continue attacks and bring them closer to discover who Nerocius is. The team agree with the plan before Abbi came to the team, saying how mayor pulled off the military from the institute due to the external pressures and told her that entire operation will need to be done by the team. With no more time and knowing that they gonna strike every moment, the team got ready to save all written history.



  • Rozetta Pierre (Her lungs and heart were covered in the spider web)

Murder Weapon

  • Nano-Spiders


  • Dorian Silenon



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer speaks Italian.
  • The Killer has watched Wonderland Carnival.
  • The Killer uses glasses cleaner.
  • The Killer wears a bandage.
  • The Killer has blue eyes.

Crime Scenes

Burned Internet Cafe Destroyed Electroncs Burned Internet Cafe Bonus
Tech Convention Center Dos Life Stand Tech Convention Center Bonus
Tea Parlor Tea Tables Tea Parlor Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

After the Smoke 4



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