Kia: Hello <name>. I hope you are ready to get to that lake the chief told his to go into.
Kia: We have to be quick to see what is going on at the lake but come on, let's go!
At the Lake
Kia: What is going on here. It seems like a contest but we should have the area all by our-self. It should be cut off!
Tom: Oh, are you the police. Edward told me all about his little...problems
Kia: Yes, we are the police. Who are you?
Tom: I'm Tom Mikoja. I'm Edward's boyfriend
Kia: I see and do you happen to know what is happening over there?
Tom: Oh. Just some diving contest.
Kia: Right. We need to get in that lake and quick. Get your diving gear. We're going in!

Chapter 1

Investigate Under the water
Kia: So we're now under the water. What did you find?
Kia: What the...There's a person in the water
Kia: What's that <name>? You think the person might be dead?
Kia: Well it seems his air supple was cut which means he couldn't breath. You got the tank haven't you?
Kia: And who's that over there. Let's go and talk to him!

Talk to the man
Kia: Hey you! Stop swimming. We need to talk to you!
Gamir: Hmm? Is something wrong officers? Did I do something wrong?
Kia (Holding picture of victim: We found the body of a man over there. Can you tell us who he is?
Gamir: Oh no. That's Swansy! He's the famous singer!
Kia: What was he doing in these waters
Gamir: If you haven't noticed. There's a diving contest going on. Go and talk to the judge if you want to find out anymore
Kia: We'll need the judge's name
Gamir: It's Yamamoto Aiko. Now please leave me be. I need to get ready to win that cup!

Kia: I don't know about you <name>. But that Gamir guy sure had a stick up his butt. I hope he loses it before we question him again
Kia: Let's question this Yamamoto person!

Ask the judge about the victim
Kia: Yamamoto, We're here to ask you about the contest and the victim.
Yamamoto: The victim? I don't think I understand. They have been no victim.
Kia: I'm sorry but there has been. Swansy Yolo was found murdered in the lake.
Yamamoto: Swansy was found murdered! What a sad day for music.
Kia: Can you think of any enemies he might of had?
Yamamoto: None that I can think of but I can tell you where he went before the contest
Kia: Where did he go?
Yamamoto: He had to go to the vets to pick up his rabbit...but I don't think he was able to get it.
Kia: Thanks for this information. We'll have a look at the vets. Please make sure everyone is out the water by the time we get back!

Investigate Vets Kia: Aww. Look at this rabbit. it's so cute! Can we keep it?
Kia: Wait. You say it has a name tag. Let's dust it and see who it might belong to
Kia: And what are them scissors doing here. Let's get a sample of the black thing on it
Kia: Come on <name>. We have no time to lose!

Examine Nametag
Kia: So the rabbit belonged to the victim. How sad, not having an owner anymore. Maybe I can keep it!
Kia: Anyway. We'll need to talk to the vet who looked after him!
Kia: And the vet's name was "Graham Foretold". Let's go and talk to him at once!

Talk to Graham about the victim
Graham: Good day. How may I help you with your problems. Is your dog having tooth arch? Your cat being sick or anything. I can fix it!
Kia: I don't think you can fix our problem. swansy Yolo was found murdered in Justice Lake this morning!
Graham: Wait. Swansy. THE Swansy Yolo. I loved his country music and now he's gone
Graham: And who will look after Mr Fluffy for him!
Kia: We're not sure. Can you think of anyone who might have wanted him dead?
Graham: Sadly not but y'all better find his killer before they escape
Kia: It's better not to boss the police about Graham. Please wait here just in case we want to talk to you again!

Examine Scissors
Kia: What is this black stuff on the scissors? It smells of something
Kia (Smelling of scissors): Wait. I know what that is! It's Caviar and since we found it on the scissor. I can bet you that the killer must have ate some!
Kia: Note this down <name>. Our killer eats caviar!

Examine Air tank
Kia: You got whatever was on the tank. Let's get it to the lab at once!

Analyse substance
Kia: So Jessica. What did you find out about the substance we found on the tank the killer cut?
Jessica: well you're lucky this time. I manage to find out what the substance was but it's a little strange
Kia: How come?
Jessica: Because the product was discontinued back 100 years ago. It's awfully strange
Kia: What product?
Jessica: They are called "Henry's Cough pills" and they were made by Henry Mikoja.
Kia: Mikoja? Edward's boyfriend is called Tom Mikoja. Are they related?
Jessica: Yes. Henry is Tom's great great grandfather
Kia: I agree. This is strange but it's a clue. Let's add it to the profile!

Analyse Victim's body
Kia: Duncan. We know the victim drawn so you better have something useful for us
Duncan: Well you're correct about the victim. He was in there are 12 hours before being pulled out by you two
Duncan: But I can tell you that this murder is very strange...very strange indeed
Duncan: I manage to found some nail polish on the victim's body but the victim didn't paint his nails
Kia: I don't find that strange at all. I find it quite relaxing
Duncan: You would say so. Anyway it is my theory that the killer paints their nails
Kia: Okay so the killer paints their nails. Let's add that to the profile and see what colours we can see!

Back in the water
Kia: So this murder is very confusing. We found Swansy Yolo murdered in Justice Lake.
Kia: We have 3 suspects as well. We have Gamir. Who seemed very angry that we questioned him.
Kia: Then we have Yamamoto. Who was sad to hear about the victim's passing
Kia: We also have Graham. Who seemed sad to hear about swansy as well.
Kia: But the strangest thing of all is the 100 year old cough pills. How did it get it on the victim's tank?
(Something started to beep)
Kia: Wait? Why is this beeping at us? Should it be beeping at us?
Kia: I know I shouldn't be freaking out but I am. I don't understand it
Machine: Hello Kia and <name>. How may I be of service?
Kia: Wait? Now the machine's talking to use
Machine: Of course I am. I am your helpful friend into the past. Where would you like to go
Kia: No offends but won't you made by the Winds of Justice?
Machine: Indeed I was but now I serve you. How can I help
Kia: H-Henry's cough pills?
Machine: Oh come on, You can do better then that. Say it really loudly for me
Machine: Okay Miss Longfoot and <Name>. You have 12 hours to get everything you need. Enjoy your time in the past
Kia: Wait wha- (pops out of sight)
Player: Where did Kia g-

Chapter 2

Parinaita; 1888
Kia: D-Did it work...All I can tell is that my head is pounding from that!
Kia: What year are we in. We should be in 1919 right?
Kia (Reading an old newspaper) WAIT WHAT! No no no no. We shouldn't be here
Kia: No <name>. This isn't 1919. It's 1888!
Kia: Let's go into that chemist and see what we can find...

Investigate 19th century chemist
Kia: I must keep going even though my head is pounding. You've said you've found an old picture?
Kia: Wait? Why is the victim in the picture?! What is going on?
kia: And what is that book doing here. It seems a little faded. Let's dust it for clues
Kia: are we going to do this. We don't have any powder OR a database for that matter
Kia: Going to the closest police station seems like a good shout. Let's go there.
At the police station
Matthew: And yet I don't even know which police force YOU are part of.
Kia: Listen. I know it may seem weird but we come from the year 2019 and we're solving a murder and we got dropped here by a machine...
Matthew: 2019? I thought the world was meant to end in 2012.
Kia: May we have a look at your database and have your dusting kit please?
Matthew: I suppose but you better be quick!
Kia: Excellence! Come on <name>. Let's do this!

Examine picture
Kia: So you managed to match the picture to a woman called Lucy Gollyroy. I agree <name>. We need to talk to her right away!

Talk to Lucy Gollyroy about meeting the victim
Lucy: Good day officers! How are you on this rainy day?
Kia: To be honest. I didn't notice it was raining
Lucy: I'm sorry for saying this but you seem a bit under dressed. Have you seen the new advert about being under dressed. It's dreadful!
Kia: No. Anyway, we come from the future and we need to ask you about a Swansy Yolo.
Lucy: Oh him. He was also under dressed! Do all of you in 2019 under dress and just wear shirts, T-shirt and southern necessities? How horrible!
Kia: Is that really important?
Lucy: Aye. It is important. It's offending everyone in the town. I only have time to paint my nails. I love keeping busy!
Kia: Did you and the victim talk?
Lucy: No. Was I meant to? Was there a party on or something?
Kia: No Lucy. Please wait here and we'll come and talk to you again
Lucy: Well remember to come dressed. Here are some clothes for you!

Examine Faded book
Kia: You managed to uncover the writing in the book but we need to match the handwriting to a person. To the database!

Examine handwriting
Kia: So the handwriting belongs to Henry Mikoja. Wait, he's the person who made the cough pills. We need to question him about anything strange he might have seen

Ask Henry if he's seen anything happening
Henry: Hello. How may I help you. Are you looking for something to help with your cough or are you having a headache
Kia: Not at all sir. We're here to ask you about the pills you sell
Henry: And who are you to boss me about. Men are the head of the household, Not women.
Kia: We are part of the police, just to let you kno-
Henry: A women doing a man's job. How does your body cope? You must have man's bones in ya kid.
Kia: Just tell us about the pills
Henry: Fine. I sold some pills a few hours ago to Emily down the road, myself and some other person
Kia: Do you remember anything about this person?
Henry: Of course not. Now let me have some of my caviar and get out of my shop. Part of the police indeed. Pis Pok if you ask me!

Kia: Well that could have gone better. I can't believe how sexist that man was. It's lucky Tom is better then him!
Kia: Anyway. Let's have a little look at this road and see what we can find!

Investigate cobbled street
Kia: I need to relax. I shouldn't let that man's comments get to me. What did you find
Kia: You think the stone isn't a real stone. I agree that the creak in the middle is a bit strange. Let's open it
Kia: And what is that key doing there. Let's see what it says!
Kia: Come on <name>. We have no time to lose!

Examine strange stone
Kia: Wait, there's a ring in that box and it says Swansy and Gamir!
Kia: So our diver was in a relation with the victim. I agree. We should question him about this. I have my phone so we can ring him

Ask Gamir about his true feelings towards the victim
Kia (On phone): Gamir. We found out that you were in a relation with the victim. Care to explain?
Gamir: Wait. How did you find that. I thought I left it in the past!
Kia: When you say "in the past". Do you mean you came to victorian England just to drop it here
Gamir: Yes. I thought Swansy would find it and I didn't wish to talk about it after he didn't. I've been trying them cough pills
Kia: How did you get into the past!
Gamir: There was this new place that opened which lets you go into the past to do one or two things. I used mine to get some cough pills and to place that object
Gamir: I might have also tried caviar while I was there but I did try to paint my nails but the person threw me out because I wasn't a woman
Kia: Did you kill Swansy after he refused to be your husband?
Gamir: No! I loved the man. Why would I murder the one I love?
Kia: Well we hope you didn't. If you did murder him. We'll have no choice but to place you in prison!

Examine Key
Kia: So that key has "Swansy's naughty cage" written on it. What in the world?
Kia: And you're right. It does have Graham's name on it. We better question him about it right away!

Ask Graham about Swansy's "cage"
Kia (On phone): Hello Graham. We found out about the key you gave the name of "Swansy's cage" on. Care to explain?
Graham: found that...Well the cage is a room and Swansy was meant to go into it.
Kia: What in the world. Why?
Graham: I had no choice. He was one of the meanest and rude person I had ever met. He needed to be torch a lesson!
Kia: So you thought it was a good idea to lock him in a room!
Graham: Is something wrong with my head. I love them cough sweet Henry use to make. I even paint my nails to help!
Kia: But Henry's pills when out of date 100 years ago
Graham: I put it with caviar alright. I'm a monster I understand that!
Graham: I just couldn't handle it after what Swansy did!
Kia: We'll have to wait to see if you're a true monster for killing Swansy when we arrest the killer!

Back on the cobbled street
Kia: So we're finally making progress on the investigation
Kia: We were teleported to the past and we managed to find two more suspects
Kia: Emily Gollyroy seems more interested in how underdressed we are for the past.
Kia: And I don't want to talk about that man! He seemed to tell us that someone did visit him to buy the sweets but not telling us who
Kia: Then Gamir said that he came here to drop a ring for Swansy and said that Swansy refused to marry him.
Kia: And then Graham said he wanted to lock Swansy in a room for being rude to him. The less said about that. The better!
???: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!
Kia: Who's screaming...wait...WHAT THE HELL!
Winds of Justice shadow: TIME TO GO BACK TO YOUR TIME!
Kia: OH GOD. RUN <name>
(The screen goes black)

Chapter 3

Back in Parinaita; 2019
Kia: Wow. That time travelling thing really makes your head spin. Let's just hope we don't have to do it again.
Kia: Oh sure. You loved it but I didn't. Now let's get out of the water!
Once they were out of the water
Kia: Well that was weird...wasn't it. We went to an unknown street in Parinaita. I wish I knew where though
Kia: But we can't keep thinking about it. Let inv-
Machine: Miss Kia. I saw you using your phone to ring suspects in the modern day. Do I have to say that according to the time travelling rules of 3014 that you CAN'T pull out your mobile phone since it might change history
Kia: Yeah. What other way to you have of calling the two suspects who are in the victorian era?
Machine: I have a hologram calling device. It will show the suspects from the past and makes sure you can talk to them in the modern age
Kia: And you didn't think of telling us earlier? Fine...fine...Let's just investigate the vets again. We're bound to find something there.

Investigate Animal cages
Kia: After our little adventure into the past. It's nice to be back here. What did you find that might help find the killer of Swansy?
Kia: What is that locked phone doing on the floor. Let's unlock it at once
Kia: That letter seems a bit faded with age. I'm sure you can clear it up a little
Kia: And you found a broken stone. Let's put it back together and see what is going on.
Kia: Come on <name>. We don't have a second to lose!

Examine Faded letter
Kia: You seemed to have uncovered the writing on the letter. Now let's read what it says!
Kia: "Dear sir. I will no longer serve you as choose to be more sinful by the day! Change how you act and maybe I will serve you once again" and it's signed by Henry.
Kia: I agree. We better ask Henry about this letter. Machine. If you can get Henry. That would be awesome!
Machine: Coming right up miss!

Speak to Henry about his letter to the victim
Machine: Calling Henry now. Ring ring...
(Henry appears as a hologram in the room)
Henry: What is the meaning of this! Where the hell am I!
Kia (Holding tea): Welcome to the 21st century doctor. Now we need to ask you about this letter you send to the victim saying you would no longer serve him. Why was that
Henry: The 21st century you say. It looks so...well...dull...
Henry: ...and yes. I wrote that letter after his sinful nature was exposed to me
Kia: Sinful nature. Care to explain?
Henry: He was a homosexual. A sinner in the god's eyes and in these times we victorians hate anyone who is different
Kia: Oh really. Your nails looks nice and painted
Henry: Young lady! I have to paint them because they are cracked from the war with France!
Kia: Did you kill the victim because he was gay?
Henry: Even though god may have been glad that I did. I didn't murder him that day or the next.
Kia: Thank you for your time Doctor. Good bye!

Examine Broken Stone
Kia: Weird. It seems to be a part of a necklace. I can tell that because of the gold parts near it.
Kia: Wait. I see a L.G. on it. Does this mean it belongs to Lucy. Let's question her about it

Question Lucy about the broken stone
Machine: Calling Lucy...Ring...Ring...
(Lucy appears as a hologram)
Lucy: Hello. I'm sorry if I got to you a bit late. Really need to improve on that. Who's calling?
Kia: Lucy. Look up from your phone please
Lucy (Looking at the player): What in the world! How did you do that? Is it something you can do in the future?
Kia: Kind of, anyway. What can you tell us about this stone
Lucy: found my stone from my necklace. Thank you so much but I guess I just tell you the whole story behind it
Lucy: The truth is that man broke into my house while I was eating caviar with my husband and he nicked it!
Lucy: And there was no mistaking it. It was him alright!
Lucy: So I went to the police to try and found out whom this man was but they said "We're so sorry Mrs but this man isn't real"
Lucy: Cor balmy. I swear if I saw that man again. I would make sure he got a good hit from me!
Kia: And is that why you murdered him? Because he took your necklace?
Lucy: How dare you. I would never take ones life!
Kia: We sure hope for the truth or else you'll be spending the rest of your life in prison!

Examine Locked phone
Kia: You've unlocked the phone. Excellence. Let's get it to Jessica at once!

Analyse phone
Kia: Jessica, I'm hoping that you were able to find out what was on the phone we send you
Jessica: Don't worry. I think you've found the jackpot when you found this phone
Kia: Oh? Why is that?
Jessica: Because it includes a photoshop of that judge woman killing Swansy
Jessica: and it seems that she tried to post it on Social media but it was taken down due to it being a threat
Kia: Oh really? What else can you tell us
Jessica: Well I can also tell you that she must also paint her nails since there was nail polish all over the screen
Kia: Excellence. Let's question Yamamoto about this!

Ask Yamamoto about the threatening picture
Kia: Yamamoto, we've found your photoshop against Swansy. You better have explain this right away!
Yamamoto: I shouldn't be made to explain things on my phone but fine
Yamamoto: That man tried to mess with me and tried to get me thrown off the judge's table
Kia: What could he do that was so bad?
Yamamoto: He tried to accuse me of sexual misconduct!
Yamamoto: He said that I tried to touch him when I did nothing of the sort!
Yamamoto: In fact, the time he accused me. I was eating caviar so it can't have been true!
Kia: Wow...That's truly horrible but you better not have murdered him because of this actuation or you'll be judging your next contest from behind bars!

Back at the station
Kia: So it seems that Henry wanted the victim dead because he was gay, which makes no sense in today's world
Kia: Lucy said that the victim took her necklace while she was with her husband, but is that much of a reason to maybe murder him
Kia: And them Yamamoto was accused of sexual misconduct from the victim which made her threaten the victim through a photoshop but did she carry out the deed?
Kia: Guess there's only one thing left to do. Go back under the water!

Investigate lake's bottom
Kia: We're so close to find the killer <name>. What did you find that might help us!
Kia: You've found a packet of Henry's cough Pills but there seems to be a strange thing on it. Can you grab it for us!
Kia: And you found a broken CCTV. Let's fix it and see what the killer is hiding!

Examine Broken CCTV
Kia: You've fixed the CCTV camera. Let's get it to Jessica and see what she can tell us!

Analyse CCTV
Kia: So Jessica, what did you manage to find with the CCTV that we found broken on the lake bed?
Jessica: Well as you can imagination. The CCTV being broke up to high heaven made some of the data and videos incomplete. It was truly a nightmare
Kia: Oh god. Please tell us you found something on the CCTV that might be able to help us...or are we at a dead end?
Jessica: Well it's lucky that when the CCTV cameras in Parinaita breaks. The footage becomes almost like a puzzle of still images
Jesica: And when I pieced it back together. I got a wonderful site
Kia: And what was that?
Jessica: When destroying the camera. The killer showed their shirt and I can tell you for sure that your killer wears a buttoned shirt!
Kia: So our killer wears a buttoned shirt. There's no time to lose. We'll soon button this killer onto the murder of Swansy!

Examine Henry's Cough Pills box
Kia: You've got the substance from the box. Let's get it to the lab at once!

Analyse Substance
Kia: Alright Jessica, Can you tell us something about the strange substance we found on the box?
Jessica: Well it was quite simple, You see the box was in there for about 5 hours BEFORE you found it which means whatever it was got stuck in with the box
Jessica: Which means it kind of stuck with pieces of the box that had broken off. Anyway. I manage to disconnect some of the "Substance" from what was really inside.
Kia: And what was that Jess?
Jessica: Some brown hairs. It's my guess that you killer lose some after committing the murder
Kia: So our killer has brown hair. Well done <name>. We'll soon have this brown hair killer behind bars for good!

Before arresting the killer
Kia: Well it seems we have everything we need to arrest Swansy's killer. Let's go and arrest them for murder!

Arrest Killer

Kia: Graham Foretold, you're under arrest for the murder of Swansy Foretold. Why did you do it?
Graham: Why did I do what? I wouldn't murder anyone.
Kia: Then how do you explain the Henry's cough Pills and your caviar that you ate when the victim died?
Graham: H-Henry's cough pills. They were made over 100 years ago and only just came back because of Henry's great grandson...
Kia: And how about the fact that you paint your nails
Graham: T-That's not so un-command nowadays
Kia: But what is un-command if that you you filmed yourself breaking the camera. It's time to confess
Graham: Fine. I murdered that good for nothing fool but he needed to be put in his place
Kia: Put in his place? Explain what you mean
Graham: I guess there's no point in hiding it anymore but that fool tried to get me murdered by the Winds of Justice
Kia: Wait...tried? How can you know about this?
Graham: Because I saw him talking to this tall man with a cap on. He looked mighty strange to be around these parts
Graham: I then saw him pointing at me and saying "Kill that vet because he murdered my dog". I can lip read quite well
Graham: I heard that there was only one way to stop the Winds of Justice from murdering you. You must murder the person who paid him the money and he will disappear!
Kia: Do you have any proof that Swansy said this? Like a video or something?
Graham: What? What proof did I need. I know what he said and he had to die for it!
Kia: Wow...Murdering someone without any proof that he wanted the Winds of Justice to murder you. That...I don't know what to think but you're under arrest for the murder of Swansy Yolo.
At the courthouse
Judge Williams: Graham Foretold. You are standing here today for the murder of Swansy Yolo because you thought he was trying to murder you?
Graham: That's right your honour. I saw it happening between two men. One was Swansy and one was The Winds of Justice
Judge Williams (Laughing): But my dear boy. The Winds of Justice has been dead for nearly 60 years. Maybe even 100 by this point. What gives your point any clear proof?
Graham: N-No Judge Williams. I saw him. He was as real as the sheep in the fields!
Judge Williams: I'm sorry but there is no proof that this "Winds of Justice" fellow is even still around.
Judge Williams: But with no proof that Swansy ordered your murder. I must accuse you of murdering an innocent man. You are here by sentenced to 30 years in jail with a chance of parole at 15 years
Graham: Oh what does it matter. People will always remember me as a mad man anyways...
Back at the station
Kia: Well that a murder this was. I still don't understand Graham's mad ramblings about this Winds of Justice. He's been dead for almost 100 to 60 years. It just makes no sense. All these different accounts of what and did happen
Kia: I agree <name>. This will not stand. We need to split truth from the untrue but where do we start?
Tom: Before you do anything like that. Something's wrong. Very wrong!
Kia: What's the matter?
Tom: Edward. He's gone missing!

Winds of Justice (3/6)

Kia: Well that a murder this was. I still don't understand Graham's mad ramblings about this Winds of Justice. He's been dead for almost 100 to 60 years. It just makes no sense. All these different accounts of what and did happen
Kia: I agree <name>. This will not stand. We need to split truth from the untrue but where do we start?
Tom: Before you do anything like that. Something's wrong. Very wrong!
Kia: What's the matter?
Tom: Edward. He's gone missing!
Kia: Gone missing you say. Please wait in the interrogation room and we'll question you about what happened.
Kia: And after all the mysteries of the Winds of Justice suddenly being alive again. we now have a disappearance. Let's go and talk with Tom.

Ask Tom about Edward's Disappearance
Kia: So Tom. Can you tell us everything that happened before Edward went missing? We need to know everything
Tom: Yes Miss, Me and Edward were at my father's factory, where he's started making them cough pills that my great great grandfather made them
Tom: I was holding Edward's hands. I didn't want him to run off but he did want to have a look at something so I let him go there. He said it would take only a few minutes but he never showed up. I'm so worried...
Kia: Your father's factory? Can you take us there Tom?
Tom: Of course. Follow me!
At Alfred Mikoja's factory
Kia: Where did he go missing Tom? Where did he want to go
Tom: Over ther-
(Something moved where Tom pointed)
Kia (Finger over her mouth): Quiet everyone
Kia: Come out with your hands up and don't move a muscle!
(The Machine appeared)
Machine: Ah, Miss Longfoot, Mr Mikoja and <name>. What are you doing here?
Kia: We should ask you the same thing. What did you do to Edward?
Machine: Edward? You mean Mr Xoilin?
Kia: Yes. What did you do with him?
Machine: W-Well...he wanted to go into the past and I may have send him back to 1888...
Machine: A-As you wish...
(A flash of light and they were in 1888)
Tom: Where did my boyfriend go Machine?
Machine: I-I-I-In to your g-g-g-g-g-reat g-g-greattt g-g-g-g-g-grandfather'ss ssssshhhhhooooopppp (The machine shut down)
Kia: Oh my god. The machine's shut down. What will we do!
Tom: Easy. Let's go into Henry's shop and look for Edward

Investigate 19th century chemist
Tom: EDWARD! Are you alright. What happened?
Edward: I don't wish to tell you what is going on. Just someone is trying to hurt me because I acted weird
Tom: Who was this man? You can tell us.

Ask Edward about the person who attacked him
Kia: So what can you tell us about the person who attacked you. What did they do?
Edward: W-Well they started hitting me for no reason after I asked what year I was in
Edward: He was about my height and had white hair. I don't know what I did wrong...
Tom: You did nothing wrong Edward and I believe I know which man you are talking about but We'll let Kia and <name> deal with them!
Tom: And thanks for finding my boyfriend <name>. Take this as thanks from me.

Identified Edward's Attacker
Kia: Aha. From Edward's Distribution of the person you manage to find out that the man was Henry Mikoja. We better go and talk to him at once!

Question Henry about him attacking Edward
Kia: Henry, We've found out that you attacked Edward. Care to explain why?
Henry: What does it matter to you. That boy's a freak and belong in an asylum.
Tom: What did you just say. "That boy" you speak off doesn't belong in an asylum. He deserves love and attention.
Henry: And who the devil are you to say what is going on!
Tom: Your great great grandson and his boyfriend now back of-
(There was a knock on the door)
Henry: O-Oh no. Hide. All of you
Kia and Tom: Why? What's going on?
Kia, Tom, Edward: Alright then.
Edward, Tom, Kia and the player hid under the counter as someone entered the room
Henry: H-Hello Winds of Justice. How can I help you?
Winds of Justice: You know what I want Mikoja. Now give it to me!
Henry: And if I don't. What will happen then
Winds of Justice (Holding out a gun): You'll pay with your life
Henry: The police won't let you get away with this. They will find you and hang you for this
Winds of Justice: Oh will they.... I really don't think so. Now hand over your grandchild's necklace!
Henry: No! Even if it means I will not live past this day. I will never let you complete your mission
Winds of Justice: You speak strong words for a man only making £1 per month
Henry: That's more then you will ever make. All you're doing is taking people's life for no reason. Who wants me dead?
Winds of Justice (Shooting Henry): You know I don't give answers!
Henry: ARGH!
Henry: (Falls to the ground, dead)
(The Winds of Justice leaves and Kia, Edward, Tom and the player comes out of their hiding place)

Edward (Crying): O-Oh my god...He s-shot him
Kia: Edward. We need to focus. Tom, Please make sure Edward's safe outside. Got it?
Tom: Yes Kia.
Kia: Right. We need to find out what is going on. What do we do?
Tom: Sorry to interrupt but there's a man outside who wants to talk to you. He says he's a 21st century banker
Kia: What in the world. I thought it was just us 4. Bring him in...

Question the 21st century banker
Charlie: Oh my god. Please tell me you're alright. I heard shots from down the road!
Kia: Don't worry, we're alright. Who are you anyway sir?
Charlie: I am Charlie Hamington. I work for the Parinaita Bank
Kia: Ah yes. We are very familiar with that place. What are you doing here then?
Charlie: I-I have no idea. This flying cube thing came through the window and did a bright flashy light thingy and then I was here. I hope I'm alright
Charlie: Wait. If I die here does that mean I'm still alive in the future?
Charlie: Oh my god. Oh my god oh my go-
Kia (Slaps Charlie): Calm down. We're not going to die here. None of us will. Now pull yourself together and use some common sense!
Charlie: I'm sorry...What will we do now
Kia: You wait outside and we go and talk to the people and see if they saw anything

Some time later
Kia: Well it seems we are at a dead end. We've talked to nearly everyone on the street and no one has any idea what happened
Kia: And we're trapped in the past without anyone of our team mates to talk to
Fiona: Excuse me miss. I aren't interrupting in somet'ng am I?
Kia: Huh? Who are you?
Fiona: I'm Fiona Cello love and I couldn't help but overhear you talking to some of t'people on street. What's wrong love?
Kia: Well there was a hooded person who just murdered someone in that shop but we have no way of telling where he went
Fiona: Hooded person? I know where they went. I took them up t'Shadow Lane
Kia: Excellence. Can you take us up there?
Fiona: I would but it would cost ya a half penny for each of ya.
Kia: Oh dear... Wait. Let's have a look around and see if we can find any <name>.

Investigate Cobbled Street
Kia: You've found a small box. Let's hope to god that they have some half pennies in them!
Kia: Come on <name>. This is no time for a life. Open that box!

Examine Little box
Kia: Excellence. Just excellence. You've managed to find 5 half pennies in that small box. Let's give them to Fiona!

Give the coins to Fiona
Kia: Here are 5 half pennies for us 5 Fiona. Will this do for taking us up to Shadow Lane?
Fiona (Counting the half Pennies): Oh aye. Everything seems to be in order. Get on the cart and I'll take you all up to Shadow Lane!
Fiona: All on the cart!
Once all of them were on the cart
Fiona (Driving the cart): Hey. Is that young lad okay. He seems a little scared
Tom: Edward's just scared of the horses
Fiona: I see. They really aren't that scary Edward. They are kind animals when you get to know them
Fiona: You two seem cold. Here, take my coat to cover yourselves so you're not so cold
Tom and Edward: Thank you Fiona
Fiona: No problem young sirs. Why are you going to Shadow Lane anyway?
Kia: The Winds of Justice...
Fiona: Oh my...Are you joking love. They're dangerous. Didn't you see what they did to that poor shop keeper
Kia: Yes...We did...
Fiona: I'll drive ya up there but then you're on your own
Kia: That's fine
Kia: Winds of Justice. It's time to learn all about you!

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