Waterbell Police Force is the police department that is featured in the city of Waterbell.


Name Age Position Origin
Anthony Helfer 39 Chief San Diego, United States
Martina Alonso 28 Administrative Assistant Rosario, Argentina
The Player N/A Homicide Detective N/A
Joshua Lambson 32 Agent Waterbell, United States
Florence Bernard 43 Detective Paris, France
Lucas Robinson 23 Coroner Brisbane, Australia
Felicia Chua 39 Forensic Expert Singapore, Singapore
Luthor Armswell 34 Technical Expert Waterbell, United States
Emily Ward 25 Profiler London, England
Jeremiah Peterson 54 Historian Philadelphia, United States
Akram Nassar 27 Weapons Expert Damascus, Syria

Citizens Apprehended

Note: If the person's name is italicised, it means that the person is dead.
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