Founder Jayson South

Cassandra Grisham

Established 1678
Country United States of America
Inhabitants Culturally diverse people
Population 1,000,000+
Primary LEA Waterbell Police Force

Waterbell Intelligence Agency

Key figures Anthony Helfer (Chief of Police)

Jonathan Archer (Head of WIA; arrested) Melissa South (Mayor of Waterbell)

Appearance(s) Season 1
Waterbell is a city located in United States and it is the Season 1 of AlternativeEnoch's series.

Latest Case


Stardom Seaside

A mysterious enemy threatens every celebrity on Stardom Seaside for the reason they were the cause of the fall of their family and their own reputation, ties with the Mafia and dangerous criminals are revealed throughout the district, making them a dangerous criminal, stop them before they can kill you.

Case Case Number
Overshadowed By Fate 1
The Sight of Terror 2
Access Granted 3
The Singing Anthem 4
The Walk of Shame 5
Murder in Five Acts 6
The Act of Justification 7

Motivation Cliffside

The strange disappearances of famous inventors, astronauts and more has been recorded in recent years, later, one of the missing scientists' corpse was found in a abandoned laboratory which lead to a one phone call that answers the mystery of the missing persons, someone called "The Undercover Scientist", has been experimenting on famous people for strange occasions, a list has been given to the police department listing planned targets of the experiments. The police force must protect the people on the list and catch the scientist at once. This also focuses to long rivals, Emily Ward and Christina Crosslight.

Case Case Number
Please Insert Coin 8
Holographic Blood 9
Virtual Hatred 10
The Day Before Tomorrow 11
When the Stars Align 12
Dead Sunlight 13
Inhuman Replacement 14
Forced Shutdown 15

Highlights University

Unknown letters has been sent around the most elite around the University, saying that they have been accepted to an ultimate school, "Stonelight Academy". Though the letters were suspicious, the school itself was legit, having the record of the most exclusive academy in whole Waterbell, but another record directly says that the school has already been abandoned for years, thus you will be undercover for the rest of the district.

Case Name Case Number
Rising Up to the Flames 16
Dormitory Wars 17
Mercury Will Kill You 18
A Death of Their Own 19
Afterlife Detention 20
Watching Another One Die 21
TBA 22
TBA 23

Snowfall Mountains

Case Name Case Number
Radioactive Bears 24
Polar Traps 25
Like the Old Days 26
Once a Killer, Always a Killer 27
TBA 28
Tame a Wolf, Roast the Corpse 29
Survivor 30
In Search of Lost Time 31

Darknest Rainforest

Case Name Case Number
Endangered Blood 32
A Map to Nowhere 33
From Dust to Rust 34
A Bloodshed Fall 35
TBA 36
Glowing Waters 37
Bloodline Rebellion 38
Run, Escape, Die 39

Redwood Capital

Case Name Case Number
Under the Radar 40
Dying Political Way 41
Illegal Rights 42
Forged Truth 43
TBA 44
Slayer of the Present 45
Revelations And Blood 46
Crossing Paths 47

The Abandoned Origin

Case Name Case Number
Shattered Memories 48
The Betrayer of the World 49
The Last Road to the Truth 50

Backstory Cases

The player must complete the whole district in order to unlock different backstory cases from each district (this will also contains the district's antagonist's motive, etc), these are in chronological order:

Case Name Case Number Complete District
Innocence and Guilt 1 Stardom Seaside
Before Innovation 2 Motivation Cliffside
3 Highlights University
Tragedy Before Tragedy 4 Snowfall Mountain
Chemical Wastes 5 Darknest Rainforest
The Birth of Crime 6 Redwood Capital
Hopeless Betrayal 7 The Abandoned Origin
On a Time Loop 8 Complete All Bonus Cases

Additional Investigation Names

District Name
Stardom Seaside Within Fame and Revenge
Blueride Riverside Die, Clone and Repeat
Highlights University The Arsonist's Remains
Snowfall Mountains TBA
Darkwater Rainforest Nature in Vain
Redwood Center Injustice Among the World
The Abandoned Origin The Vanished History


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