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Evan: <Name>, do you want to come with me to the old furniture exhibition at the History Museum?
Evan: Yes? Ok, let's go!

Evan: This is so beautiful! There are many nice pieces of furniture. I love it!
Evan: Let's see... This room is the "African chairs and tables room".
Evan: Oh, look who's there! It's James Waker, remember him? We met him in that creepy case of an accident at a primary school.
Evan: Hello, James!
James: <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan! There's been a murder!
Evan: WHAT?! A murder in this museum?
James: Yes, in the room of eighteenth century furniture.
Evan: Let's go there, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Furniture Exhibition
Evan: <Name>, the victim is Robert Agrode! We met him in that case at a tennis court! I can't believe he's dead.
Evan: It looks like he fell from inside the wardrobe when someone opened its doors. That's what people say.
Evan: We should ask James if he saw anything besides the corpse!

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: I could easily see that Robert died from a concussion, though I don't know what the murder weapon was.
Daniel: But judging by the crime scene, it must have been a piece of furniture!
Evan: Did you find anything about the killer?
Daniel: You never let me speak, Evan. Yes, I found something. DNA. And it belongs to a killer with green eyes! That must be helpful.
Daniel: I have a friend who works as a furniture seller. And I heard she's doing some job at the museum, so she must have seen something.
Daniel: Her name is Jenette Yodes, try to contact her! And unfortunately, she has green eyes.
Evan: That narrows it down, <Name>. Let's talk to Daniel's friend! If she knows about furniture, she could give us information about that wardrobe.

Quiz Jenette about the wardrobe
Evan: Jenette, we've been told you sold furniture to the History Museum. Is that true?
Jenette: Yes, it's true. I'm an expert in furniture, so the museum asked me for some pieces.
Evan: We found a dead man called Robert Agrode inside an eighteenth century wardrobe at the museum.
Jenette: Robert Agrode?! What a pity, he often went to the museum. He was a regular visitor!
Jenette: I think I know what wardrobe you're talking about. It's a good piece of furniture!
Jenette: Maybe you could find more things at the museum warehouse. There's more furniture there.

Investigate Museum warehouse
Evan: <Name>, this bedside table is stained with blood! And it's the only thing stained here...
Evan: It's a clue! Let's take a sample right away.

Examine Bedside table
Evan: That blood sample will give us pretty good info. Let's send it to the laboratory.

Analyze Blood
Evan: What can you tell us about the blood, Sabrina?
Sabrina: Well, it belongs to the victim. But I guess that was pretty obvious.
Sabrina: The blood was mostly on the bedside table's corner. So it means Robert got hit with its corner.
Evan: Wait, are you telling us the bedside table is-
Sabrina: Yes! The murder weapon! It matched the wound in Robert's forehead, so you can be sure.

Examine Wardrobe
Evan: I don't know what this black grease on the wardrobe is, but our experts will find it out!

Analyze Black grease
Sabrina: I found some traces of blood mixed with this substance. So the killer comitted the crime, and then used this.
Sabrina: The black grease you found is in fact shine pomade!
Evan: Shine pomade??
Sabrina: Yes. It's used to make some materials shine. Like shoes... or furniture!
Sabrina: You can be sure your killer uses shine pomade!
Evan: Thank you, Sabrina!

Ask James Waker what he saw
Evan: Hi, James. Can you please tell us what you saw?
James: A dead man. I think it's pretty obvious. At least it's not as horrible as that dead kid, right?
Evan: Why was that man in a wardrobe?
James: As if I had put him there. How am I supposed to know that?
Evan: Did anybody open the wardrobe door? Or did the body push it from inside?
James: I opened it. I wanted to see what was inside.
Evan: I wonder why you're here at the museum. You don't look like that kind of teenager. I didn't know you liked furniture...
James: SHHH!! It's not true!
James: I just came because... someone told me Principal Holland was doing part-time job here. I wanted to see if it's true!

Evan: Is Hugo Holland really working here? I didn't know that!
Evan: Oh, there he is! Let's say hi!

Talk to Hugo Holland about the museum
Evan: Hello, Mr Holland! I didn't know you liked furniture. And well... it's weird to see a mayoral candidate as a museum guide. The elections are next week, do you remember?
Hugo: I'm the head of the Educative Party, Inspector Evan. I must educate these young people.
Hugo: And I love archaeology. These pieces of furniture are treasures from our ancestors.
Evan: Do you have any plans for the elections day?
Hugo: What do you mean? I'll just hope to win! I'm not like the socialists who kill their competitors.

Back at the headquarters...

Lindsey: <Name>, you won't believe what I found about your victim!
Evan: What did you find?
Lindsey: Robert Agrode was a judge in the Court of Law. He was Esteban Gonzalez's colleague!
Evan: <Name>, it means Robert was part of the government.
Evan: <Name>, it means this case is an ASSASSINATION!

Chapter 2

Evan: <Name>, we're looking for an assassin! I can't believe it.
Lindsey: But that's not all. There's one more thing. Your crime scenes, and lab samples, and clues...
Lindsey: They're all part of the new programme by Jade River Holdings called Jade River Culture!
Evan: So the furniture exhibition is hosted by Megan Alkala?! <Name>, let's give her our report before she comes here and yells at us.

Talk to Megan Alkala
Evan: Good afternoon, Mrs Alkala. We're sorry to tell you a man called Robert Agrode was murdered at the old furniture exhibition at the museum. And as this event is developed by Jade River Culture...
Megan: I understand. My secretary had already informed me about this. Can you tell me what happened?
Evan: We found a man dead inside an old wardrobe. That's it.
Megan: Well, if that's true, you can't be sure he was put there in the museum.
Megan: Perhaps he was already there BEFORE the exhibition.
Evan: Th-That's right! We heard a furniture seller called Jenette Yodes sold that wardrobe.
Megan: I hired an archaeologist for this event too. I think he sold a wardrobe too.
Megan: I don't remember his name, but I'll give you his workshop adress and you can look for him there.

Investigate Workshop
(Before investigating)

Evan: Hello! Mr archaeologist, are you here? Hello... <Name>, that man's not here.
Evan: But considering the wardrobe could have come from here with Robert inside... we should take a look around!

(After investigating)

Evan: So you only found this broken paintbrush? Yes, it's true. I also got the feeling we've seen it before.
Evan: Why don't you restore it?
Kevin: <Name>, what are you doing here?! Is another person dead? I've had enough with my last case.
Evan: Kevin Hestredy?! So you're the archaeologist who sold furniture to the museum?
Evan: We have to ask you a few questions.

Examine Paintbrush
Evan: It looks new, <Name>! Let me see...
Evan: "Benjamin Franklin School". It's Hugo's school! Could have Hugo been here? <Name>, we have to ask him.

Ask Hugo Holland about the workshop
Evan: Hugo, have you been to Kevin Hestredy's workshop?
Hugo: Wh-?! No! I have never been there.
Hugo: That workshop is full of dust and if I go there, my shoes will get dirty. I put shine pomade on them every morning, so I wouldn't do that!
Evan: How can you know it's full of dust if you've never been there? Besides, we found one of your school paintbrushes there.
Hugo: I... Well... It's not your business!

Evan: Do you think Hugo broke in the workshop, <Name>?
Evan: Now that the comunists won't be at the elections, I was going to vote for him. But now...

Quiz Kevin about the wardrobe
Evan: Did you sell an eighteenth century wardrobe to the museum, Kevin?
Kevin: No. I didn't sell any wardrobes.
Evan: I see. Do you know Robert Agrode?
Kevin: Is he dead?! You can be sure I know him! That guy had helped me finance the Archaeologist Convention many years... But this year he suddenly said he couldn't waste his money on us.
Kevin: However, we still have many contributors who help us with our convention.
Evan: So you have a motive. Tell us... What do you know about the exhibition?
Kevin: Well... Talking about wardrobes, I heard one of the wardrobes there has been sold by someone who had stolen it.
Kevin: Now, can you leave me alone? I have to put some shine pomade on my bookcase. I've just finished making it. I'm a good carpenter, you know?

Evan: <Name>, do you believe that stolen wardrobe story?
Evan: And if Kevin didn't sell it, it must have been Jenette! We have to ask her, <Name>.

See if Jenette stole the wardrobe
Evan: That wardrobe we had talked about... we heard it's been stolen.
Jenette: How dare you?! I'm not a thief! How can you know if I stole it or not? There are many other wardrobes at the museum. If one of them has been stolen, you can be sure it wasn't me!
Evan: Every wardrobe in the exhibition has been sold by you.
Jenette: Furniture is my life, my work! I would never steal furniture.
Jenette: I even asked the museum to let me take care of the furniture at the exhibition. I went this morning and used shine pomade on them.
Jenette: I could be capable of killing that man, but not of stealing wardrobes!

After  a few minutes...

Evan: What can we do next, <Name>? I think it's good to get back to a crime scene, but we have fully searched for clues in the exhibition.
Evan: Where could our killer have hidden the evidence?
Evan: You say there was a chest of drawers there? Well, we could find something inside its drawers!

Investigate Chest of drawers
Evan: What is this broken badge doing here? We should restore it, <Name>.
Evan: And this torn card... Yes, you're right. It's suspicious too.

Examine Broken badge
Evan: <Name>, this is an archaeologist badge! They were evidence in that archaeologic case.
Evan: It's obviously traced to Kevin Hestredy! So it means he was at the museum. Time to interrogate him again.

Talk to Kevin about the museum exhibition
Evan: Were you at the exhibition this morning, Kevin?
Kevin: Yes, I was. I wanted to catch up with an old friend who is also an archaeologist. Her name is Jenette Yodes.
Kevin: I guess you saw her too.
Evan: Yes, we did! I didn't know she was an archaeologist.
Kevin: She is. And she knows a lot about furniture. More than me.
Evan: You lost your badge there. Here you are.
Kevin: Thank you!

Examine Torn card
Evan: So this card is from Jade River Holdings. Interesting... Let me see.
Evan: "James Waker. Jade River Culture assessor".
Evan: WHAT?! So James is working for Megan? He can't work, he's a child!
Evan: <Name>, we have to ask both James and Megan about this.

See if Megan employed James Waker
Megan: I'm just putting some shine pomade on my desk, but I hear you. What do you need?
Evan: What does this card mean, Megan? Did you offer job to a kid?!
Megan: James Waker is not a kid. You should have already noticed.
Megan: However, it's just a fake. The boy's mother is my friend, and he asked me to do a card for him.
Evan: It's not a fake and we know it! You might go to jail for this.
Evan: <Name>, we need to give this card to Lindsey!

Analyze Jade River Holdings card
Lindsey: I don't know if this card is a fake or not. James Waker's obviously not in Jade River Holdings' database, but that would be exactly what she'd want.
Lindsey: However, forget about James and Megan. This card is a big clue in your investigation!
Evan: What do you mean?
Lindsey: Sabrina found shine pomade on the card. And the same DNA we'd found on the corpse.
Lindsey: The killer has been in contact with the card! Maybe they were putting shine pomade on the chest of drawers and accidentally found this.
Lindsey: But regrettably there were no fingerprints.
Evan: Then it doesn't help.
Lindsey: Are you sure? Now you know the killer wears gloves!

Talk to James about the company
Evan: Are you working at Jade River Holdings, James? Does this card belong to you?
James: Oh, yes, it's mine. But it's not like I really have a job, I just help Megan.
James: You know, I give her ideas and things like that. She said "the boy's all of a genius".
Evan: Did you know this is ILLEGAL?
James: But she doesn't mistreat me! I asked her if I could help her. Believe me!

Moments later...

Evan: This case is very weird. The wardrobe and the bedside table are definitely hiding something.
Evan: We have to find something about them. And I think the answers are in that workshop!

Chapter 3

Evan: Yes, <Name>! We have to go that workshop. The information we have about the killer isn't enough.
Evan: We know they use shine pomade, but almost every suspect does! They have green eyes, and also wear gloves. I don't know why. Gloves are really out-dated.
Evan: That's right! Jenette was wearing gloves. I guess it was in order to not harm her furniture.
Evan: Well, what do you say? Shall we investigate Kevin's workshop again?

Investigate Workshop table
Evan: This torn page... I think it says something about furniture. But I can't read it.
Evan: Kevin isn't here... Perfect! Let's restore it.

Examine Torn page
Evan: "My archaeology notes". This thing says something about furniture. It's about...
Evan: A wardrobe and a bedside table?! <Name>, this can't be a pure coincidence!
Evan: Here comes Kevin. Let's ask him what this thing is!

Talk to Kevin about his notes
Kevin: I've just come here, and you're already snooping around my workshop again. Excuse me, but I have to keep working. Where are my gloves?
Evan: Our victim was killed with a bedside table and put in a wardrobe.
Evan: And we found your notes... about a bedside table and a wardrobe! Can you explain this?
Kevin: Well... no. Those are not my notes.
Evan: What the-? But it was in YOUR workshop!
Kevin: Yeah, but it's not mine!
Evan: <Name>, we must take a better look at these notes!

Examine Archaeology notes
Evan: These notes had its author's name? Let me read it, <Name>!
Evan: JAMES WAKER?! I know Megan said he was a genius and even gave him a "job", but... how could these notes belong to him? It looks like an expert's work!
Evan: Well, it's very suspicious anyway. We have to ask him.

Question James about the workshop
Evan: James, were you at Kevin Hestredy's workshop? We found these notes of yours there.
James: MY NOTES!!! Thank you, Inspector Day!
James: These are my notes from my job at Jade River Culture. I took a look at all the furniture for the exhibition. And I discovered that...
James: That wardrobe and that bedside table were the only fake ones!
Evan: Fake? So they aren't from the eighteenth century?
James: No. They are from our days. You can know a lot about furniture. But only a good archaeologist could notice it.
Evan: But why were you at the workshop?
James: Principal Holland asked me to. He wants to learn about Kevin's carpentry skills. But he won't let Hugo in, so I kind of "infiltrated".

Evan: I cannot believe this! Hugo is USING James Waker! <Name>, we have to talk to him about this.
Evan: You're right! If the killer only used the fake furniture for the murder, it's because they KNEW they were fakes! And that way they wouldn't harm the real treasures.
Evan: Just as James said, if the killer figured it out, it's because they know about archaeology!
Evan: We know Kevin and Jenette are archaeologists, and we've just learned James is a genius too!

Confront Hugo about using James
Evan: What are you still doing here, Hugo? The museum is a crime scene!
Hugo: I'm also a night guardian at the museum. Jade River Culture hired me as a temp for one week as a guide and guard.
Evan: But it's not night...
Hugo: Anyone could come in anyway. And steal the evidence from the murder!
Hugo: The only bad thing is that I must wear these gloves. They're so uncomfortable.
Evan: Forget it. James Waker told us you use him to get in Kevin Hestredy's workshop because he doesn't let you in. Is that true?
Hugo: "Using" is an ugly word, don't say that. He just helped me. And it's not a felony as long as Mr Hestredy lets the boy in his workshop. James isn't stealing from him.

Evan: <Name>, I'm tired of this case! We just get to know things about Jade River Holdings employing teenagers and Hugo Holland telling teenagers to become an archaeologist's friend.
Evan: But nothing about the murder!
Evan: The warehouse, you say? Ok, let's get back there.

Investigate Warehouse corner
Evan: How is it that we didn't notice this camera before??!!
Evan: The murder weapon was in this room, so this is a BIG lead. Let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Surveillance camera
Lindsey: <Name>, Evan... That surveillance camera was in fact a key clue for this murder!
Lindsey: It caught the killer pushing Robert's head against a bedside table!
Evan: Really? That's great! Tell us, who's the killer?
Lindsey: The lights were turned off. I'm so sorry.
Lindsey: I couldn't see their face clearly, but I found some stains on there clothes.
Evan: Shine pomade?
Lindsey: No. The video resolution was good enough to determine it was a sweat stain!
Evan: Sweat? Well, our suspects have been working indoors. I don't blame them.
Lindsey: It happened a while before you started the investigation. I'm sure they didn't change clothes!
Evan: <Name>, then we can arrest that killer with a sweat stain now!

Arrest killer
Evan: Jenette, you're under arrest for the murder of Robert Agrode!
Jenette: I couldn't help it. You're great investigators.
Evan: Tell us just one thing. Did you really steal that fake wardrobe?
Jenette: Yes, I did. Congratulations on finding out it was fake.
Jenette: Robert and I never got along. But once I saw that wardrobe at his house, and it was so beautiful!
Jenette: But I found out it wasn't from centuries ago like he said. As it wasn't that expensive, I decided to get it. He wouldn't lose much. He didn't even use it!
Jenette: And he discovered I was the thief! He said I'd go to jail. So I called him to meet him at the museum. It was a perfect plan.
Jenette: The warehouse used to be a showroom for Kevin Hestredy's furniture. And I found that bedside table of his. It was perfect for the murder. The real treasures wouldn't be ruined.
Jenette: The best way of getting rid of you was selling the wardrobe to the museum. Once I killed him, I just had to leave him there, and that's it! But you started suspecting me.
Evan: I can't believe you killed him because of a wardrobe, which was even fake!

Esteban Gonzalez: Stand up, Miss Yodes. The Court has already decided your sentence.
Jenette: Yes, your Honor.
Esteban Gonzalez: For robbery and first degree murder, you are therefore condemned to 30 years of prison with no chance for parole.
Esteban Gonzalez: Court dismissed!
Jenette: I don't mind. It was all worth it. I don't regret a thing!
Esteban Gonzalez: Miss, you should be grateful, I've been really light about your sentence. You killed one of my best accquaintances! A great judge is gone, and it's your fault!!!

Evan: Judge Gonzalez was really enraged at the end of the trial. And I think he's right.
Evan: However, it's a pity for Daniel. Jenette was his friend! I'm sorry, but we should tell him about it.
Evan: Besides, the elections are each day closer. Who are you gonna vote? Taking into account the candidates we have, Hugo Holland remains the best option with the Educative Party.
Evan: I hope Esteban doesn't know about it. He's a fan of the United Socialism!

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: I have to congratulate you again. But Mr Mossle has been crying in the bathroom for hours!
Evan: The killer was one of his friends. And he can't come over it.
Alan Smith: Then let him mourn his friend alone.
Alan Smith: Now, you should see what Mr Holland wants. He said he lost something at the museum.
Evan: This is not the police's work, Chief!
Alan Smith: Evan, he's a mayoral candidate. He might have lost important documents!
Evan: Ok...

Gino: <Name>, it's terrible. Megan Alkala wants to close the museum down!
Evan: WHAT?! But it belongs to Townville, not to her! She's only organized the furniture exhibition.
Gino: <Name>, we have to talk to her and make her reason.
Evan: After you've finished, <Name>, can you come with me to the workshop? I'd like to get some furniture from Kevin's collection.

Ask Hugo what he needs
Evan: What have you lost, Hugo? Our Chief said you were looking for something.
Hugo: Yes, it's true. I've got to spend all evening here as a guard, but I lost my flashlight.
Hugo: Could you please find it? I've already looked everywhere.
Evan: A flashlight? SERIOUSLY???
Evan: Ugh... Alright, we'll see if we can find it.

Investigate Furniture Exhibition
Evan: You say Hugo didn't see his own backpack?
Evan: Well, we've already looked everywhere else. If it's not here, we've lost the flashlight.

Examine Backpack
Evan: A broken flashlight? I guess it can't be helped...

Examine Broken flashlight
Evan: You restored the flashlight, <Name>! Congratulations.
Evan: Why don't we give it back to Hugo? He might really need it.

Give Hugo his flashlight
Evan: Here's your flashlight, Hugo. You can keep working now.
Hugo: Thanks a lot! I wouldn't be able to work without it.
Hugo: The museum bar is about to close. Why don't you go and get something? You must be tired.
Evan: Thanks for the advice!

See why Megan wants to close the museum
Gino: We've been told you want to close the museum down, Mrs Alkala. Why?
Megan: I'm glad you asked. People have to know about it.
Megan: There's a vandal who destroys the furniture at the warehouse! The furniture was put there last week, you know?
Megan: And I've already lost twelve pieces of furniture. Could you please find a solution?
Gino: Ok, let's go there, <Name>. We have to take a look at the furniture.

Investigate Museum warehouse
Gino: You're right. This chair looks kind of vandalised. But... I don't know. It looks weird.
Gino: Let's see if we can find something from the vandal.

Examine Chair
Gino: The substance you collected might give us a clue about the vandal. Let's send it to Sabrina.
Gino: I hope the vandal isn't a museum ghost!

Analyze Substance
Sabrina: Don't worry, Gino. The vandal's not a ghost.
Gino: I'm so relieved...
Sabrina: In fact, it's note ONE vandal. There are dozens of them!
Sabrina: The substance you gave me came from thermites. Those bugs have been eating wood, it's only that. No vandal, no ghost.
Sabrina: However, they need to be stopped. They're damaging furniture from the eighteenth century!
Gino: Alright. Thanks, Sabrina. We'll go tell Megan about it.

Inform Megan about the thermites
Megan: Tell me, <Rank> <Name>! Who is the vandal?
Gino: In fact, your furniture has been attacked by thermites. There isn't any vandal.
Gino: You should hurry up and get them away. They're destroying the best furniture EVER!
Megan: I see. So it was just some bugs.
Megan: Now, you didn't believe I'd ask the mayor to close the museum down, did you? I just meant I'd have to move my exhibition.
Gino: Of course we didn't!
Megan: You're clever. Take this as a reward, please.

Ask Kevin for some advice
Evan: Hello, Kevin! We wanted to see if we could buy anything from your furniture collection.
Kevin: I'm glad you ask that! I've got some really nice things for sale.
Kevin: You can take a look around. Well, unless you want me to give you some advice...
Evan: It's ok, thanks. We'll have a look.
Evan: Well, <Name>... What would you choose?

Investigate Warehouse
Evan: That one, <Name>, you say? Ok! Kevin, I want this one!
Evan: But it's kind of tall. Are you sure it's a table? Maybe it's a stool.
Evan: I'll sit on it.

Evan: <Name>, I BROKE IT!!! It was not a stool!
Kevin: W- What happened??!!
Evan: Don't worry, we'll repair it! And we'll pay more!

Examine Broken small table
Evan: Phew... So close, <Name>. It looks new!
Kevin: I can't believe it. You've done it perfectly!
Evan: The price's a bit faded. Can you recover it?

Examine Small table
Evan: 600,000 dollars!!! I cannot pay that! Do you have cheaper things? I can't pay EVEN more for having broken it.
Evan: Why is it so expensive?
Kevin: It's made out of the finest types of wood! It's worth that much.
Evan: I should buy something cheaper. Paying a lot just because wood changes...
Evan: Do you mind we take it to our lab? It's weird that a small table can be worth that much-
Kevin: B- But... <Rank> <Name>!

Analyze Small table
Lindsey: I don't know much about furniture. But a friend helped me. Say hi!
Linda: Hi!
Evan: Linda! What are you doing here?
Linda: I studied some things about furniture a few years ago. And believe me, that table is masterwork! It's worth even more.
Evan: It can't be so expensive. I broke it!
Linda: It's a joke, Evan. No piece of furniture can be worth this much.
Lindsey: Maybe Kevin is cheating and sells it to a high price.
Evan: I don't think so.
Linda: It must be a misunderstanding. Could you take me there, <Name>?

Buy the table from Kevin
Kevin: Here you are, <Name>! You didn't let me explain to you.
Kevin: That table was a gift to a friend from another country. And he asked me to write the price in his country's currency.
Kevin: In fact, it's worth 500 dollars.
Linda: Then I'm buying it! But why hasn't your friend bought it yet?
Kevin: He said it was for next month. Don't worry, I can make another one.
Kevin: Wait, aren't you Linda Farren? The newspaper editor and journalist?
Linda: Yes, and Inspector Evan's girlfriend!
Kevin: I didn't know that. <Name>, you repaired the table really well. Take it as a gift just in case you start making your own furniture!

Some days later...

Evan: <Name>, there are just four days before the elections day. I'm nervous!
Evan: Today, Joe Lafed, the head of the Aristocrat Party will be giving a speech.
Evan: Why don't we watch it on TV?

Joe: I'm not giving up! Thank you, people!

Evan: It has just finished! We missed it!
Evan: Oh, there's Linda asking him some questions. How cute!


Evan: WHAT?!

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