Wanda Jamin is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville.


Wanda is a woman from Townville, daughter of Stephanie Queen, who entered the Jamin household by marring Robert Jamin (CEO of Jamin Family Company). He helps at the firm by doing researches as she knows a lot about agronomy, biology, and chemistry.

Profiles known from cases:

  • She uses hair dye, is in contact with sotolon and uses a highlighter.
  • She doesn't drink alcohol.
  • During the events of Within The Fire, she had burnt skin.

Role in cases

Wanda was interrogated after her "future" son-in-law, Craig Mistem, was found dead in Queen Elizabeth Foundry. She said that she regretted what had happened to the boy, but she was glad that he wouldn't be around her family anymore. She was convinced that Ashley deserved someone better and as rich as them. She became one of the suspects but she was not the killer in fact, as it was proved that the culprit had been her mother, Stephanie Queen. She got mad at the police for arresting her mother because she thought she had done the right thing.

The next day, she asked the team for help because her daughter, Ashley Jamin had left the Jamin Mansion. They looked for her only to realize that she was at Sabrina Stone's house, as she was her best friend. The team tried to make Wanda calm down, as Ashley said she would eventually return homre.

Two years later, Wanda was a murder suspect again after her brother-in-law, George Jamin was murdered. She was interrogated about a laboratory which belonged to Jamin Family Company, and she said that they were doing some research there but that nothing of it was related to George or the murder case. The team talked to her again after she was caught red-handed ransacking the laboratory, even though she didn't answer any questions. She was in fact innocent due to Matthew Morel being the real murderer.

The next day, the player found out with Sabrina Stone that the Jamin's project was producing transgenic food. Wanda asked them to keep the secret because there was still a lot of controversy when it came to transgenics and said that the food they made would go to poor people in a new neighborhood called Saint Claire.

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Wanda Jamin
Biographical information
Full name Wanda Jessica Jamin nee Queen
Gender Female
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Townville)
Occupation Agronomic engineer, biologist, chemist
Family Stephanie Queen (mother)
Gerard Jamin (son)
Ashley Jamin (daughter)
Partner(s) Robert Jamin (husband)
Affiliation(s) Jamin Family Company
Game information
First appearance Within The Fire
Suspect appearance(s) Within The Fire
Swallow Seeds
Rewards given Within The Fire - 100 XP
Swallow Seeds - Awards suit, golden bowtie (male)/Awards dress, golden neckerchief (female)
Game stats
Height 5'8"
Age 49
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood B+
Hair Blonde
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