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Wallance Johnson
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Biographical information
Full name Wallance Johnson
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1975
Death 2018
Cause of death Burning
Nationality American
Family Harold Johnson (Brother)

Adrian Johnson (Cousin)

Affiliation(s) Paradise Beach Greenhouse
Game information
Appears in In Criminal Case: Stanford Bay
First appearance Feeling the Heat

Wallance Johnson was the victim in Feeling the Heat (Case #3 of Stanford Bay).


Wallance was a 43 year old Botanist who worked in the Paradise Beach Greenhouse, the biggest greenhouse in Stanford Bay. He wore a green overall over his green t shirt which said "Paradise Greenhouse". He had black hair snd blue eyes.

Murder Details

Wallance was burned to death in front of his burning house. Allan confirmed that the victim was outside the house before the house was burnt and was pushed in the fire when it was burning.

Killer and Motive

The killer turned out to be his own brother, Harold Johnson.

Initially denying involvement, Harold admitted to the crime. Harold said Harold was getting poor as Wallance was taking all the money and fame from the historical house while Harold was doing everything to protect and maintain it. So he decided to plan To burn down the house to get the insurance money from the house, but as he was burning it, Wallance noticed him and attempted to stop Harold. And Harold accidentally pushed Wallance into the fire, killing him. Judge Olive sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

Case Appearances

Feeling the Heat (Case #3 of Stanford Bay).

My Heart Won't Go On (Case #4 of Stanford Bay; mentioned)