Wallace Starch
Full name Wallace Starch
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 27/10/16
Nationality British
Residence East Kensington, Kensington Heights, England
Family Unnamed Child
Profession Head of Security
Affiliation(s) Kensington Heights Water Treatment Facility Centre
Appearance(s) Something in the Water

Wallace Starch was the victim of Something in the Water (Case #10 of Kensington Heights).


Wallace Starch was a middle-aged man who was balding at the top of his head. He was Caucasian. He wore blue dungarees and a white vest and brown leather shoes.

Murder Details

Wallace was found in a humongous vat of water at the water treatment facility centre. Duchesse Carne revealed that Wallace has a golden ring lodged in his throat, meaning the killer wore more gold.

Killer and Motives

Jake Bont, a footballer, was found guilty of killing Wallace.

When asked what it was Wallace did to result in being dead, Jake said that he and Wallace weren't friends, they were sworn enemies as they lived on either end of the social class counter. Jake said that one drunken night he stumbled onto the water treatment facility. Wallace, being head of security, did his duty and told Jake to leave. Jake lashed out and hit Wallace, his ring coming off his finger (which his wife, Theresa Bont was not happy about) and suddenly getting lodged in Wallace's throat. Jake tried to save Wallace by patting him on the back but patted too hard and Wallace ended up going overboard and into the water. Jake ran home. Madame Carne showed no sympathy at all, and took him straight to the courthouse, where he was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.


Case Appearances


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