Virtual Death
Season 7
City Laroy Bay
District Tech Town
Case Number 7
Date of Release 30.7.2018
Partner(s) Diane Miller
Preceded by Succeeded by
Bite the Snake in Melbury Valley The Granny Killer
Virtual Death is case featured in Criminal Case Laroy Bay.It takes place in Tech Town,and it's 7th case of the game.It's also the first one to take place in Tech Town.


Diane Miller,Angie Peters and player went for an ice cream after catching Ognen Radionov.Angie wanted to show them her VRClub and they went there.When they arrived,they saw body of game creator Logan Benedict electrocuted while he was playing his own VR game.After investigation team arrested Marshall Metcalf for murder.Marshall denied involvement in the crime,but then he addmited that it was him.He said that Logan was the reason Marshall became blue.Logan was a scientist before and Marshall was his boss.Logan made some potion that can make you young again and he needed to test it,so he gave it to Marshall.When Marshall drank it,he became fully blue.Logan got fired and he got a job as game creator.Marshall was humilated by everyone and he decided to take matter in his own hands.While Logan was playing,Marshall poured bottle of water on Logan's head,electrocuting him to death.Judge sentenced Marshall to 25 years in prison.In Additional Investigation,Angie said that her employees made completly new game where Miranda is main hostess.People got so addicted to it that game made a lot of money to developers.Team was proud of Angie and also they were glad that Miranda finally has normal life,after horror that happend in Melbury Valley.Angie invited player and Marcus to promotion of their VR version of popular game Granny.Marcus was excited along with Angie and Player.



Murder Weapon:

  • VR Headset



Name Marshall Metcalf
Age 63
Height 6'3''
Weight 200lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type 0+
Profile Knows binary,engineering and electronics
Name Juniper Cooper
Age 33
Height 5'3''
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A-
Profile Knows binary
Name Miranda Globon
Age 23
Height 5'6''
Weight 182lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A-
Profile Knows electronics,Knows engineering
Name Ezekiel Carter
Age 30
Height 6'0''
Weight 201lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type AB+
Profile Knows binary,engineering and electronics
Name Tiana Pavlovich
Age 44
Height 6'3''
Weight 193lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Typpe AB+
Profile Knows binary,engineering and electronics

Crime Scenes

VRClub-Game Room

Victim's office-Computer

Security Room-Lunch Room

Killer's Profie

  • The killer knows binary
  • The killer has knowledge in engineering.
  • The killer knows electronics
  • The killer wears a tie
  • The killer is 6'3'' tall
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