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Violet Nearnight
Biographical information
Full name Violet Sheyla Nearnight
Gender Female
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Blue Coasts)
Occupation Police officer, assistant
Family George Nearnight (father)
Affiliation(s) Blue Coasts Police Department
Game information
First appearance A Snob Case
Game stats
Height 5'7"
Age 23
Weight 164 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood O+
Hair Blonde
I don't care who my father is or why I got the job. I'm already a policewoman and I will fight against crime because that's what I'm meant to do here!
—Violet replying to Nora MacMillon after she said she had benefits for being the Chief's daughter.

Violet Nearnight is one of the central characters in PetersCorporal's second season and a police officer working for the Blue Coasts Police Department.


Violet is a young girl from Blue Coasts who lives with her father, George Nearnight, and her mother. Since George is the Chief of the local police forces, Violet learnt a lot of things about a police officer's job and decided to try it. George helped her a lot since she joined his team and even though she still finds it very difficult, she loves it and is one of the most committed people to their job in the team. She is a lively and cheerful person who tries to make the headquarters a comfortable workplace for her and the rest of the team.

Role in cases

George Nearnight introduced Violet to the player right in their first case in Blue Coasts. Violet was still just a new officer even though practically everyone in the team knew her as George's daughter. George made Violet the player's assistant. Ever since, Violet is the player's partner in murder investigations mostly when Jerry Bryar or Nora MacMillon aren't available or in other investigations not related to murders.

Starting from this case, Violet will often gather info about the murder victims from the player's investigations on social media, since she happened to follow this case's victim in a social network. The second time it happened, she thought it'd be a good idea to stalk the victims on the Internet to provide useful info to the player.

This was the first time Violet partnered the player throughout (most of) a murder investigation, since Nora had to hide from Everett Sanderson to avoid being fired. So far, Violet had been depicted as an innocent and charming girl but in this case she showed that she really enjoyed her job as well as a strong personality when having to interrogate suspects who were known to be mobsters as well as Everett, who was her superior and Evergreen Tops' commander.