Viola Pemberton
Biographical information
Full name Viola Pemberton
Gender Female
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Lindordia
Past profession(s) Botanist
Family Unnamed mother
Affiliation(s) Lindordian Justice Squad
Lindordia Justice Squad
Rank Lab Chief
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Back to Past
First appearance Case #1 New Start,New Murder
The lab is but a stage, and the samples merely players!
—-Viola Pemberton
Viola Pemberton is a main character in Criminal Case: Back to Past where she serves as Lindordian Justice Squad's lab chief.


42 years of age, Viola has short, dark brown hair in a pompadour hairstyle and brown eyes. She wears a lab coat and a seaweed green vest over an orange ornate dress. Additionally, she has a tag indicating her lab position and a pair of long golden earrings.

It is known that Viola is dignified, kind, and dutiful to her family. She is also an amateur perfumist in her spare time. Because of her additional occupation as a theater actress, she has a flair for the dramatic. It is also known that she is violently allergic to peanuts.

Age 42
Height 5'2''
Weight 117lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type 0-

Case Appearences


Case #1 New Start,New Murder

  • Blood
  • Hair Fibers
  • DNA

Case #2 Branding on My Heart

  • Burned Skin Cells
  • Branding Iron Stick
  • Clear Substance

Case #3 Dead on Tracks

  • Blood
  • Broken Bottle

Case #4 You Steal,I Kill

  • Blood
  • Bloody Rock
  • Coins
  • Marbles

Case #5 In the Act of Nature

  • Sandbag
  • Snake
  • DNA
  • Sweat

Case #6 Like a Thief in the Night

  • Blood
  • Red Hair
  • Fibers

Case #7 Strut One's Stuff

  • Sweat
  • Bloody Arrow
  • Victim's shoe
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