Vinchenzo Gallardo
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status alive
Birth 1994
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, US
Game information
First appearance Ghosting
Vinchenzo Gallardo was a suspect in the murder investigation of Paranormal investigator's assistant Jeremy Tomo in Ghosting (Case 39 of St ronde) before being murdered in Science Experiment (Case 40 of St Ronde)


Vinchenzo is a 25-year-old Science Benefactor, he wears a green overshirt, and a white undershirt. He also wears a green bandana. It is known that Vinchenzo has deep drug knowledge and eats barbeque

Events of criminal Case

Case Appearances

Ghosting (Case 39 of St ronde)

Science Experiment (Case 40 of St Ronde)

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