Victoria Tan
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Age 23
Weight {{{weight}}}
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type 0+
Hair Color Brown
Innocent or Guilty Guilty
Alive or Dead Alive
Case Appearances The Bloody Tea Party
 "Victoria Tan" is killer of her cousin, Daniel Tan on The Bloody Tea Party (Case #1).


Victoria is haves long dirty hairs. She haves glasses with a uniform. She's 5'6.

And Victoria is drinking coffee and uses lipsticks.


The Bloody Tea Party

End of the case Victoria, arrested for killing his cousin Daniel Tan. Victoria haves a reason for kill her cousin Daniel. She says, Daniel is trying leaving his house from a unknown request. In Daniel's last day Victoria finds about he taking ecstasy everyday on a tea restrouant. In autopsy results, theres a lots of ecstasy on victims stomach. Judge give Victoria 10 years in jail and case closed.


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