Victoria Lopez
Biographical information
Full name Victoria Lopez
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 2000
Nationality Flag of MexicoFlag of USA Mexican-American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Family Hyrum Lopez (father; deceased)

Dana Lopez (mother; deceased)

Dolores Zamora (aunt; incarcerated)

Partner(s) Hamad Mukhailif (boyfriend; deceased)

Hamilton Laurent (boyfriend)

Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #4: A Head Loss (S1)

Victoria "Vicky" Lopez was a suspect in the murder investigation of GrimBadgers’ coach, Hal Kirk in A Head Loss (Case #4 of Grimsdale), her boyfriend Hamad Mukhailif in Dead Bombshell (Case #6 of Grimsdale), and Lucille Limonade' in Life is Short (Case #9 of Grimsdale. She also became a quasi-suspect in The Grim’s Butcher (Grimsdale edition) (Case #7 of Grimsdale and Lust for Life (Case #18 of Grimsdale), and later on became a suspect in the murder of Bethany Copperstone (Case #21 of Grimsdale), and quasi-suspect in Accidents Can Happen (Case #24 of Grimsdale). She then appeared again in Cut me off your Life (Case #28 of Grimsdale), What a Way to Start! (Case #38 of Grimsdale), Down with the Queen (Case #42 of Grimsdale), Exhale All You Can (Case #48 of Grimsdale), His Last Case (Case #49 of Grimsdale), Flight From Life (Case #50 of Grimsdale), Release Me From Death (Case #52 of Grimsdale) and Deadly Consequences (Case #54 of Grimsdale). Additionally, she made quasi-suspect appearances in A Thousand Scars (Case #40 of Grimsdale) ,Root of Immortality (Case #55 of Grimsdale) and Goodbye, Dear Leader (Case #60 of Grimsdale). She also turned out to be the killer of Julian Edward Ramis in Never Knew... (Case #57 of Grimsdale).

In Season 2, 4 years before the events of Grimsdale, she appeared as a quasi-suspect in And I Oop- (Case #14 of Cambright) and Stringed Like A Puppet (Case #15 of Cambright)


Height 5'1"
Age 21
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood B-

Events of Criminal Case

A Head Loss

Victoria became a suspect, after she reported finding the head of Coach Hal Kirk in the gymnasium. When Diego and tge player decided to interrogate her, they caught her smoking, and told her to not do this at school, where she and Diego began fighting, and she also revealed hereself as Hamad’s girlfriend.

At the middle of the investigation, Diego and the player caught her and Adrian having an arguement, after Adrian took the posters she had for Hamad’s campaign off her hands.

She was later talked to again, after the team recovered a footage where she called out the victim for peeping on the girls’ locker room. When questioned about it, she called the victim a pervert and a creep, and then said goodbye to both the player and Diego, and left.

After Ayden was incarcerated for the crime, she was spoken to again, this time with Mia accompanying the player. They asked her for information about Hamad’s campaign, which she refused, but accidently revealed she had a planner which she left in the victim’s office.

Dead Bombshell

Victoria was seen in the stage next to her now-late boyfriend, Hamad Mukhailif. When Hamad’s glasses exploding, killing him, the explosive also gave her injuries, but did not kill her, instead it knocked her unconscious.

After she woke up, the team went to interrogate her, she remembered what Hamad, and began crying, she later requested for Mia to leave, so the player and her can speak privately, where she told them that she knows their secret, but won’t be telling anyone, and also suggested that they tell their friends.

She later called for Mia and the player, after Kelemen began harassing her while being drunk, after Kelemen was restrained, the player and Mia went to check on her.

After Hamad’s killer was arrested, she asked to see the player and Mia, so they can help her find Hamad’s design for a project they were working on.

The Grim’s Butcher (Grimsdale edition)

While Diego and the player were searching for Ashley, Clay confirmed that Victoria asked her to come to her house, while searching in Ashley’s phone. When they arrived at Victoria’s house, they asked where Ashley is, and she told them that she is in the house. After Ashley and Diego talked, Ashley wanted to show herself to Raphael, so Victoria asked what was his number, called Raphael and gave him the address, and was disgusted once he came and mocked Ashley.

Life is Short

Victoria became a suspect after her bag was found in the crime scene. When asked about the victim, she said that she saw the victim shopping in the Chantelle Store.

Victoria was later interrogated again, after tge team found a voodoo doll she made of the victim. She admitted that she disliked Lucille, because she kept flirting with her now late, boyfriend, Hamad.

After the killer was arrested, the player and Greg went to her, asking for an advice in where Grrg can take Yoyo in for a date, to make up the fact he sent death threats to the victim. She said that Hamad won tickets for an amusement park for two, a few days before he died, Victoria kept them with her, and offered to give them to Greg to take Yoyo out, if he and the player found them.

Lust for Life

Vicky came to Mia and Hamida. She told them she heard of Ophelia, and that her mother has a friend from Italy who would be able to take care of Ophelia’s condition. However, Ophelia has to go to Italy.

Too Hot to Handle

At the end of the case, Vicky barged into the station, stating that a girl have died in her clubhouse.

Waste of Energy

Due to her reporting the murder, Vicky was made a suspect. When asked about the victim’s identity, Vicky told Hamilton and Hamida, that she doesn’t know her, as anyone is allowed to enter the clubhouse.

The duo then spoke to Vicky again, after her father revealed that Vicky used to date the victim’s boyfriend. However, Vicky have forgotten she had dated Armie, as he didn’t matter to her.

After Armie was arrested for the murder. Vicky came up to Hamilton and Mia, and told them that Chelsea was being stalked.

Accidents Can Happen

While searching the pond, the duo found some shoe prints, which were revealed to be from LightYourWay sneakers, which has a button on them that makes the bottom of the shoes, shine out light. Hamilton remembered that Kelemen wore these sneakers, and so the duo followed the shoe prints, which led to Vicky’s clubhouse. Hamida and Hamilton spoke to Vicky, and explained the situation, realizing how serious it is, she led them to Kelemen’s hiding place.

Cut me off your Life

Vicky came in the station, and reported that a woman got murdered in the basement of her father’s mansion. They decided to speak to Vicky after an unsympathetic comment she said about the victim, where she revealed that she hated her, because she was Chelsea’s mother, Vanellope Bloom, who she and her husband sent Chelsea to an asylum.

Vicky was talked again, after learning the victim wrote a scandal on her. Vicky revealed that Vanellope was petty that Vicky, broke Chelsea out of the asylum, decided to make a rumor that Vicky was an evil manipulator, who was the reason her father became a mobster, and that she seduced Armie into killing Bethany, all of which isn’t true. Vicky was revealed to be innocent, after Chelsea was incarcerated for the crime.

Hamilton and Mia went to speak to Hyrum, to see what’s wrong. Hyrum explained that after Chelsea’s arrest, Vicky went to Hyrum and begged him to release Chelsea out of prison. Unlike Julian, Chelsea was 18 during her arrest, making bail impossible, and that he has to hire a lawyer and hope that she wins the case, but seeing that she sent the leg to the husband and son, that would be unlikely, and so he refused. He and Vicky ended up arguing, unlike Vicky gave up and went to her room, and started crying. Hyrum felt bad for his daughter, and asked them to speak with her. The duo did what Hyrum asked them, and spoke to Vicky, and managed to calm her down. After she chilled out, she asked the duo for a favor, which is searching the basement for something that would remind her, of Chelsea’s friendship. The team investigated the basment, where they searched a box of old stuff, and found a photo of Vicky and Chelsea when they were 13. They gave Vicky the photo, and thanked them for their help.

What a Way to Start!

Due to her being the host being the party, Victoria was added to the suspect list. Instead of asking her questions concerning the murder, Mia yelled at Vicky for helping Hamida leave the team and demanded that she tells where she is, where Victoria claimed that Hamida hasn’t arrived, which was proven a lie later on.

Victoria was spoke to again, after Mia and Hamilton fixed a broken vase. Vicky thanked the two, and revealed that the victim, Adolfo, broke the vase whilst being drunk.

A Thousand Scars

Mia and Hamilton went to check on Cindy to see why was she freaking out, where she told them that she ordered a dress online and she received the package, she decided to show it to her friends at the plaza, but when she opened it, instead of an Egyptian-style dress, she received a black scandalous dress, that wasn’t even her size. Mia and Hamilton asked for the package, but Cindy told them that she left it at the plaza. The duo went to the plaza and found the package, which they send to Rozetta to find out who ordered the dress, which turned out to be Vicky Lopez. The duo went into Vicky’s and Hamida’s dorm, where Vicky answered the door and was confused when they gave her, her dress as she already received a package. She then opened the package and realized that the one she received was the wrong one and gave it to the duo. The duo gave Cindy her dress, who thanked them for their help.

Down with the Queen

Vicky became a suspect after her rhinestone earring was found on stage. When spoken to, she told the duo that she didn’t know the victim and was simply relieved that she didn’t win prom queen as she didn’t want to die. It was later discovered that Vicky was the real winner and the votes were sabotaged, which implies that either the real target was Vicky or the killer was the one who sabotaged the votes to make Alicia win so they could throw an anvil on her.

Exhale All You Can

After finding a dead body at her backyard, Mia and Diego decided to speak to Vicky, who told them the victim’s name and where she lives at.

Vicky was spoken to again, over a magazine Jacinta wrote over to brag about her mansion on Vicky’s face. Vicky revealed that back at her father’s crime years, he scammed the Linares into giving him money, he later on apologized but Jacinta haven’t forgiven him and so she gave that magazine to Vicky, expecting her to talk to her father about it. Vicky was found innocent of the murder.

Diego and Mia went to speak to Hamilton, who was still upset over Hamida. The duo started comforting him, where he broke down in tears telling them that he lost the necklace Hamida gifted him on his birthday. Mia started yelling at him for his carelessness, but when she realized how regretful he was, she touched his face sympathetically and assured him that she and Diego will find it. Mia decided that they should investigate the backyard, as it is the easiest area to lose your belongings, where they noticed a laundry basket. Mia thought that maybe Hamilton accidentally threw it with the laundry and so she and Diego searched the basket where they found Hamilton’s necklace. Vicky caught them throwing the clothes out of the basket and demanded an explanation, and after hearing it, she forgave them and took the necklace to give it to Hamilton.

His Last Case

Vicky became a suspect after her pearl necklace was found at the dairy. Diego and Hamilton caught her whilst getting a mud mask, where she offered to make this coffee but they turned down and gave her her necklace and then discussed Sheriff Loukas’ murder. Vicky was then spoken to again after the duo learned that the victim was spying at her, where Vicky revealed that he mistrusted her due to her father’s past.

Flight From Life

While recapping the case, Diego and Hamilton were approached by Bruno, who told them that he found Vicky and Hyrum at the airport. After finding them, the duo informed Vicky of the murder where she broke down to tears, telling them that she can’t think of anyone who’d kill her mother. Sooner enough, Diego and Hamilton discovered that the victim abused Vicky, after Rozetta revealed finding hurtful messages sent to her and she analyzed the victim’s phone.

Release Me From Death

Vicky became a suspect after a pie she gifted Chelsea was found. Vicky was surprised to see Diego and Hamilton at the prison and asked them if they were delivering a prisoner, and then broke down to tears after she learnt they were investigating a murder, her best friend, Chelsea’s murder.

Vicky was spoken to again after a message she written telling Chelsea to “focus on her family before criticizing hers”, was found on Chelsea’s notepad. Vicky told them that she wrote it out of anger after Chelsea told her she suspects Vicky’s father of still being afflicted with the Anoterous, and that she regrets sending such a hard statement to Chelsea.

Deadly Consequences

While Hamilton was with Mia and Diego in Mia’s house, he got a call from Vicky, who was crying and informed him of her father’s murder. Mia and Hamilton went to investigate the scene and added Vicky to the suspect list, who told them that she didn’t see anyone coming in the mansion except Steve Liveman who her father was already alive when he left, and that the only door that is left open is the backyards as it’s being surrounded walls with only an electronically-locked gate to get in.

Vicky was spoken to again after a photo of Chelsea Bloom was found, with a caption holding Hyrum responsible of her death. Vicky told Mia and Hamilton she sent the photo to her dad out of anger, which regretted and apologized to him for it, but she still thought that Chelsea’s murder could’ve been prevented if her father agreed to hire a lawyer to get her out of prison. During the investigation, Mia and Hamilton got a call from the Lopez’s maid, who informed them of Vicky’s attempted suicide, where the duo rushed to the mansion, finding Vicky lifeless, sending her to be looked at by Greg Gibbs.

Vicky was found innocent, however, Greg sent Yoyo to tell Hamilton he’d like to speak to him. Hamilton and Yoyo went to talk to Greg, who told them that he and the doctors managed to keep Vicky alive for now, but he’s afraid that they couldn’t determine what Vicky took, and the likelihood of her making it is small. Hamilton didn’t want to loose his best friend, and asked Greg if there’s anything he could do, where Greg told him that he and Yoyo could search Hyrum’s study to find out what Vicky dosed herself with. The two then went to the study, where they found a cup of flat whites, which they sent to Greg who revealed that Vicky have dosed the coffee with amlodipine, which mixed with caffeine can create something poisonous. Hamilton was then relieved when Greg told him that they managed to create an antidote for Vicky, and when he heard she was awake, he decided to speak with her privately, where he started comforting her and calming her down, before he gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Root of Immortality

2 months after the team disbanded, the summer holiday ended, and the team have to go back to being students. Before they go, Yoyo and Hamilton told Bruno and April to drive them to the hospital, so Yoyo can tell Greg about what happened, and for Hamilton to do the same with Vicky and also take her out of the hospital. After being done, Hamilton and Yoyo left the building along Vicky, where Bruno and April were waiting for them in the car.

Never Knew...

After finding her fingerprints on an origami kit, Vicky was added to the suspect list where she revealed that Hamilton told her of Julian’s death, before heading out to Hamilton’s office.

Vicky was spoken to again after Bruno and Mia found a photo of Hamad expressing how she’ll never forgive what happened to him, and since the victim was Hamad’s killer, they went to speak to her where she told them that she bailed Julian because she felt bad for him, but she never forgave him for Hamad’s death.

The killer turned out to be Victoria Lopez. Mia, Bruno and Yoyo were shocked when they learned that their friend was the killer, and knowing she can’t play with them, Vicky admitted to killing Julian straight away, but refused to share her reasons. Vicky was shown to Hamilton, who was heartbroken and begged Vicky to tell him why she did it, where she looked at the floor and then into his eyes telling him “He knows..”. Hamilton understood what she meant, and told the trio to leave his office to speak privately with Vicky, leaving them curious and confused.

Vicky is seen in Hamilton’s office, waiting for him to come and decide what her punishment will be, which she feared may be banishment. She then received a call from him telling her to see him in the exit, where she went to her room to pack some of her valuables and went there, as was shocked to see Hamilton wearing a backpack as if he was the one who’ll leave. Vicky asked him what he was doing, where he told her that he didn’t have the heart to kick her out and hold her accountable for the murder, and so he decided he’ll take the blame instead. Vicky started crying and begged him not go, but Hamilton told her that either she leaves or he and that he’d rather die than let the New Olympians take their hands on her. Hamilton then gave up his leadership for Vicky, and gave her a warm hug, when suddenly he heard the team calling his name. Knowing they must’ve discovered the truth and not wanting to face them, he told Vicky to distract them, while he runs away.

Vicky went to speak to the team, who told her they saw a footage of Clay telling Julian that Hamilton killer his father, and that they want to talk go him to know his reason, as they refused to believe that Hamilton’s a murderer. Vicky then explained that 8 years ago, at Saint Fredrick’s middle school rooftop, Hamilton, Hamad and Galinda were messing around, where Edward Ramis, who was supervising the school building caught them. Hamilton started speaking to Principal Ramis, telling him the reason why they were still in the school building, where Galinda blowed a strong wind at their direction making Hamilton push Edward off the rooftop, making him think he murdered Edward. Hamilton already figured out the truth when the team were at Old Valley, but that didn’t change the fact he felt guilty over what happened, since if he hadn’t allowed Hamad to lie to the police about Edward’s death and confessed to what he done, Hamad would have still been alive and Hamida’s death made Hamilton feel even guiltier as he believed if he hadn’t indirectly got her brother killed, his presence would have given her a reason to live. The team then asked Vicky where’s Hamilton, where she told them she was distracting them while he runs away.

Goodbye, Dear Leader

After the depressing visit at the hospital, Hamilton, Mia and Rozetta returned to Saint Teufel along the Jones’ family, Joe and the people at the penthouse. Bruno, Hasuro and Yoyo spotted Hamilton and rushed to greet him, and of course, scold him for leaving them in the first place. Yoyo then realized how sad Mia looked and asked Hamilton what had happened, and she along Hasuro and Bruno went tearful. Hamilton then spotted Vicky looked at them at his office and decided to pay her a visit.

Once Hamilton entered his office, Vicky immediately turned her head toward him and came to give him a hug. She then rushed to his desk, and pulled the chair to let him sit and then asked him what had happened. Hamilton explained to her everything, from the Xerdan adventure he had, to a discovery of Diego, David and Randall’s death, and watching Sploder’s burial. After he said everything that happened today, Hamilton realized that Vicky was sitting on his lap and asked her what she was doing. Vicky smiled and leaned her face to his, where she kisses him, and he kissed her back.

And I Oop-

During their search for the five runaway students of Saint Frederick Middle School, Zachary and Kaleb entered the studio and saw a room which had a sign that says “Makeup room”. The duo barged in the room, where they caught Rhett in drag, who stood mortified when he saw the them, with a boy who looked a lot like Hamida showing him dresses to wear and a girl whom the duo assumed must be Vicky, painting Rhett’s face. Kaleb and Zachary looked around for Hamilton and Tilly but couldn’t find them and so they started approaching the three they found, but suddenly Kaleb felt someone tapping his shoulder and when he turned his head, a black fist flew to his jaw and knocked him out.

Stringed Like A Puppet

Maylin and Kaleb went to talk to Pinocchio after he had asked to see them and asked what problems are he facing. Pinocchio pointed at his workshop and when the duo looked around they realized the whole are was in a mess and out of place. When they asked Pinocchio how that happened, he told them that he has no idea, but he suspects someone may have entered his store while he was outside and stole some of his toys, creating a mess in the process and he wants their help to figure out who did this. Kaleb and Maylin agreed to assist him and started looking around the store carefully and searched a pile of toys where they found a torn piece if fabric, which after piecing together, took the form of a tie. Kaleb looked closely at the tie and while his memory of the events were a little blurry thanks to Hamilton’s knockout, he remembered Victoria wearing that same time, and just at the moment he was about to speak, Victoria entered the workshop to look for her tie and was shocked when she saw Kaleb was there too. Victoria was about to escape, but Pinocchio blocked the door, which gave Kaleb and Maylin time to capture her and the two took her back to her class. After handing her over, the duo decided to talk to her and ask her about the whereabouts of the other 3 she had ran away with, which Victoria initially refused to tell, but Maylin then asked her that if it wasn’t for them would she have came to her class herself, where Victoria replied by saying that she doesn’t know the locations of the places in Mr Sparkles’ Land, and she was simply just running around and finding the places she wants to go to by luck. After hearing that, Maylin told Vicky that her school has a schedule and are supposed to go back to Grimsdale, at a certain day in a certain hour and that she should suppose that none of her friends know the direction either and there may be a chance they could get lost and would end up being left at Cambright and the police would have to search for them. Victoria thought of this and not wanting any of her friends to be in trouble, Victoria admitted that she has no idea where Hamilton or Tilly went, but she does remember Hamad asking her if she’s like to go to the “Web-guy” set with him by themselves, which had agreed to but went to fetch her tie first from Pinocchio’s workshop, where she was caught.

Case Appearances

Season 1: Grimsdale

Season 2: Cambright


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