Victoria Findfold was one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville.


Victoria was a teenager who attended high school lessons at one of Townville's most expensive private schools. She was raised by her parents until she escaped her house to live with her boyfriend in the city's Countryside. She was killed by her best friend due to a fight between them.

Role in cases

Victoria lived with her boyfriend, Pablo Sount (who had already met the team), in Northwest Winds, a gated community in Townville's countryside. She was found dead by the security guard, David Hickets (who had met the team too), in the common swimming pool. The team investigated the case until they realised that the killer was Victoria's best friend, Holly Etrusk. They were arguing because of their boyfriends and unfortunately, Holly happened to have a gun in that moment, so driven mad by their discussion, she got upset and shot Victoria. Holly was sentenced to 6 years in jail with parole in 4 years.

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Victoria Findfold
Biographical information
Full name Victoria Findfold
Gender Female
Status Dead
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Townville)
Occupation High-school student
Partner(s) Pablo Sount (formerly, boyfriend)
Jeffer Ubber (formerly, lover)
Game information
First appearance Swimming Dead
Victim in Swimming Dead
Game stats
Height 5'8
Age 18
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-
Hair Red
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