Veronica Hernandez was the killer of her daughter, divorcee Lorena Esposito in A Devastation Of Love (Case #3 of Toomeswood).


Veronica is the 76 year old mother of Lorena Esposito. She has long white hair underneath a navy blue veil and brown eyes.She also sports a long sleeved and high collar blouse with puffy sleeves underneath a light blue capelet as well as a high waisted navy blue skirt. She also sports a gold cross and is seen holding a bible. It is known that Veronica eats communion wafers, is allergic to seafood and is insomniac.

Height 5'3"
Age 76
Weight 112
Eyes Brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

A Devastation Of Love

Veronica became a suspect when she broke down hysterically over her daughter's demise, wondering why God decided to take her so soon before the victim could atone for her instability by doing good deeds in his name such as maid service in other peoples' homes. However she chastised the victim for being divorced and for her attire, which the pious woman felt was too flashy for her approval.

Veronica was spoken to again when the team found a chastity belt issued to the victim, by her. She also admitted she felt the need to be very controlling of Lorena's autonomy as she forced her to wear the belt before she got married and after she got divorced, in order to hold the victim to her commitment to God. She also admitted to paddling and caning Lorena for even so much as wanting to do "worldly" things such as going to the movies, wearing makeup, etc. She also caused Lorena to lose jobs in the past and even went as far as to seize any and all alimony she recieved from her ex-son-in-law.

Later on in the investigation, Veronica was involved in a scuffle with home economics teacher Brenda Reynolds as the religious woman tried to paddle a girl simply for wearing a short skirt and trying to spray her with holy water.

Ultimately, Veronica was found guilty of the murder. Veronica initially denied involvement at first but soon admitted to the crime. She discovered that her daughter had been trying to look for love in order to move on from her divorce from Miguel, much to the pious Catholic's disgust as she expected Lorena to stay celibate. She also was disgusted with her daughter seeing a therapist which she considered evil. Also Veronica found out that Lorena even became romantically involved with the therapist and threatened her with homelessness unless she broke off the relationship. However, when the victim became enraged at Miguel moving on with Darcy Keller and attacked the teacher all the while Lorena was left with nobody, Veronica was infuriated as she felt Lorena was supposed to be content with a life of celibacy and solitude, focusing her life on God and even give the new couple her blessing. She finally decided to murder her daughter after Lorena tried to take Elanna to Orcas Banks. She also admitted to attempting to murder Jordan, who was investigating her in order to throw the team off. An enraged Vanessa didn't hesitate to ship her off to trial. In court, Veronica tried to play for sympathy but the disgusted Judge Whiterock didn't mince words with the Catholic before sentencing her to life imprisonment without parole. Veronica blew up at the judge before Miguel snapped at her for almost killing Elanna.

The team and Father Cappelanio confronted Veronica about the murders she committed. However, she countered that she murdered her daughters to save their immortal souls. She also revealed that she killed Dr. Harry Betts because of being the therapist Lorena was romantically involved with, which Veronica of course found to be sinful and felt the romance would tempt Lorena away from God. Father Cappelanio didn't hesitate to share his disgust with Veronica and even went so far as to blame her for the actions that transpired after murdering the therapist.


  • Veronica is thus far the only domestic killer in Toomeswood as she turned out to be the killer of her daughter
  • Veronica is one of the killers to be interrogated in the Additional Investigation
  • At 76, Veronica is thus far the oldest killer in Toomeswood
  • At 5'3", Veronica is also the shortest killer in Toomeswood
  • At 112 lbs, Veronica is also the lightest killer in Toomeswood

Case Appearances

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