General information
Season 8
Founder Giulietta Capecchi
Country U.S.A
City Venusville
Inhabitants American


Population 10+ million
Primary LEA Venusville Justice Fighters
Key city figures Vanya Bhakta - (chief of police)

Mandy Pregodich - (mayor)

No. of cases in season 60
No. of districts in season 10
Released 30.12.2019
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Venusville is the title of 2nd season made by K7U4i2X.It takes place after Laroy Bay and main police organization is Venusville Justice Fighters.City has 10 districts.


University (Cases #1 to #6)

University is first district of Venusville.It focuses mainly on students,professors and dissapearence of few students. Secret organization Order of Specters is rumored to be behind it.

Historical Town (Cases #7 to #12)

Historical Center is 2nd district of Venusville.It features old museums and buildings.A lot of senior citizens are here.There is also a secret project ''Operation Tsunami'' held by Order of Specters. Team needs to find out what is it and how to stop it.

White Mountains (Cases #13 to #18)

White Mountains is 3rd district of Venusville.White Mountains features snowy mountains and small snow villages.However, residents are not living in peace after Lucius, scary creature from local urban legend came alive thanks to OoS cloning experiments.

Summerhall City (Cases #19 to #24)

Sumerhall City is 4th district of Venusville.It features a lot of casinos,brothels and expensive hotels.However, citizens aren't sleeping peacefully after a serial killer starts killing people. It was later revealed that serial killer targets OoS senior agents.

Little Pheadmouth (Cases #25 to #30)

Little Pheadmouth is 5th district of Venusville.It's features a lot of residents for all parts from the city,however they are not living in peace since Order of Specters's male leader Demos arrived. It focuses on finding out their new plans after cloning experiments.

Fairland (Cases #31 to #36)

Fairland is 6th district of Venusville.Fairland is classic small district featuring small houses and small highschool. However, Fairland got badly damaged after the events of Brink of Disaster and tons of people are left homeless. This region also focuses on Calligo, OoS's co-leader.

The Swamps (Cases #37 to #42)

The Swamps is 7th district of Venusville.It features various swamps and voodoo obsessions.It focuses on finding out more about Order of Specters's enemy and finding more about the secret lab. It also focuses on finding out who is Order of Specters' enemy.

Capecchi Land (Cases #43 to #48)

Capecchi Land is 8th district of Venusville.It features only Capecchi family since they are founders of this city. This district focuses on finding the location of Plutonium, as well as revealing Madison's bacstory and beggining of OoS.

City Square (Cases #49 to #54)

City Square is 9th district of Venusville.The political heart of the city, the district focuses on catching Avery Miller and her accomplice after they've decided to assassinate Mayor Mandy Pregodich and Chief Vanya Bhakta.

V.A.S.A District (Cases #55 to #60)

V.A.S.A District is 10th and final district of Venusville. It focuses on catching Urania, third OoS leader who had troubles with Avery, and finally putting an end to OoS...

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