Marseille Varini.jpg
A view of Varini taken from La Seine Shores.
Type City
Founder Huzi the Elder
Established 601
Country France France
Inhabitants Varinites (mainly French, British and German)
Population 4,290,000+
Primary LEA Varini Police Department
Key figures Jean-Marc Colloumb (Mayor)
Augustine Marchant (Chief of Police)
Appearance(s) Criminal Case

Varini is a city used as the main setting in the first season of the fanmade series of Criminal Case collaboration of Aldrianyf and CoolCCMystery.


Varini features a total of ten districts and sixty one cases, each with unique scenery and composition.

Fraise Residences

Fraise Residences is the first district featured in Varini. As the name suggests, it is a district developed for residential areas, which contains a French quarter for those who are French speaking. The district is ravaged by organized crime and gang activity.

Case # Case Name
#1 Murder Dies First
#2 A Home Full of Murder
#3 A Murder Carol
#4 Maniac Among the Bushes
#5 A Gang Hidden Away
#6 Leader of Nothing

Bois Centre

Bois Centre is the second district featured in Varini. It is the financial district of Varini and also serves as the world-class business and trade center. Since the district serves as a world class trade center, it is also the center of a wave of world gourmet food and entertainment.

Case # Case Name
#7 Coffee for a Coffin
#8 Murder's Latest Trend
#9 Kill Bill
#10 Hold All the Aces
#11 Down to Crash
#12 Paid for My Soul

Champ de Couleur

Champ de Couleur is the third district featured in Varini. It serves as the heart of Varini and is best known to hold Hollande Tower, a worldwide famous icon of love.

Case # Case Name
#13 Bienvenue à Champ de Couleur!
#14 From Varini with Love
#15 Kiss My Shoes
#16 Beat the Secret
#17 Don't Die for Me
#18 Faded dans L'Ombre

Le Seine Shores

La Seine Shores is the fourth district featured in Varini. It is a coastal region of Varini.

Case # Case Name
#19 Don't Jump in Seine
#20 A Swept Away Memory
#21 Rising Above Tragedy
#22 Along the Coast
#23 Shedding Tears
#24 From My Deepest Feelings

Sommet de Capital

Sommet de Capital is the fifth district of Varini. This features the district where the mayor of Varini lives as well runs the city from the town hall located there.

Case # Case Name
#25 Uncaged
#26 The Opposite of Progress
#27 The Peak of the City
#28 The Debate Against Crime
#29 The Tarnished Mayor
#30 The Final Vote

Fleur Campagne

Fleur Campagne is the sixth district featured in Varini. It is the countryside district of Varini.

Case # Case Name
#31 Into the Countryside
#32 Needle in the Haystack
#33 to be added
#34 to be added
#35 to be added
#36 to be added

Old Varini

Old Varini is the seventh district featured in Varini. It is an ancient town that used to be the origins of Varini's city.

Case # Case Name
#37 Ancient Times
#38 Killer of the Last
#39 to be added
#40 to be added
#41 to be added
#42 Unforgotten

Culture Ville

Culture Ville is the eighth district featured in Varini. It is a city containing a melting pot of cultures such as German, British, French-Canadian and Canadian.

Case # Case Name
#43 A Melted Pot
#44 to be added
#45 to be added
#46 to be added
#47 to be added
#48 Fall of the Maple Leaf

Varini University

Varini University is the ninth district featured in Varini. This covers the university's presidential campaign as well a strange plot behind the French President hiding out in the University.

Case # Case Name
#49 In the Line of the President
#50 to be added
#51 Congresses and Progresses
#52 to be added
#53 to be added
#54 Last Graduation Night

Frozen Wastelands

Frozen Wastelands is the tenth and final district featured in Varini. It features a cold case that was left and best left to be unsolved. However the Police Department investigates the district to solve the cold case no matter the cost.

Case # Case Name
#55 On the Edge
#56 to be added
#57 to be added
#58 to be added
#59 to be added
#60 to be added
#61 L'Amour Never Changes
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